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  1. Pudge Nubbins

    Anyone peeved at their PTRs now?

    I am quite peeved they don't used the 2k% legendary drop rate anymore. While I test the PTR I also test my builds revolved around said patch in question. Otherwise there kind of is no point. The armory they could have tested in house. The primal ancients dont need testing as they are just...
  2. Dratera

    faking an air dribble is actually a play now? edit: wait where did the time stamp go edit2: 10:22
  3. KittyMae

    Movie: Kevin Hart: What Now? - Official Trailer #2
  4. FealtyGaming

    Are the Smite servers down right now?

    Trying to log in and start working towards the 5 daily wins. Step by step -Open program goes to normal pre-login window. -Play button lights up (No personal info for my account displays at top such as game and favor amounts) -Click play game starts loading... splash screens... goes to old...
  5. humandragon

    Should I log in now?

    should I just log in now and stay on until 8 tonight that way i can play right away?
  6. Miz Redavni

    Music: What are you listening to right now?

    Simple enough post a link or embed what you're listening right this moment. Right now I have 3 songs stuck in my head, so I'm cycling through all 3. Not one for most rap but I find these amusing...
  7. S

    I got my lower wisdom tooth pulled three weeks ago. What now?

    So it looks like a hole in my gum compared to before my tooth erupted. Also there's like a wall folded over to form a slit. So will my gum grow back so the hole and slit disappear? When will I eat like normal without worrying about mashing food against the gum?
  8. Demolisher

    How toxic is smite actually becoming now?

    I cannot play conquest without having a toxic player, It doesn't matter if were winning. We still have that one person who aims for highest KDR and when they go negative they just are so damn toxic. I also play arena's and when we beat them to the point its GG at 10:02 they get into lobby and...
  9. Rivius

    So what do we do now?

    Since several core high level people have now left...what are we going to do?
  10. Boba

    How many of you play BF4 on PC right now?

    I was wondering if most of our BF4 players were playing on PC or on the consoles. I have it on my xbox but playing alone is not that cool. Waddup?
  11. silverdaggerfan

    Farewell for now?

    Hey guys it's me silver... A lot of you guys have Probally seen me around the forums cuz i got so much swag but sadly times have changed. My computers internet is not working no matter how hard I try. So I must send it away for god knows how long. I was wondering if in the mean time I can go VM...
  12. X


    I try to connect i can connect for about 2 minutes then i disconnect again... I only see about 8 channels and no body is in them..
  13. Lil_Nora

    What was with DD now?

    Irish how are things looking? Will it happen? Can I applecat ahm applicate for it? Is there a waiting list till some1 dies. I'm curious and exieted(or how the duck you spell that)
  14. Meridiuz

    Best Solo Top Champion now?

    Im planning to get a new champ for soloing top, but there are many chances, could you give me a heads up who should i buy next? Or the best or most dominant solo tops? Thanks in advance
  15. Stickz

    Who's in charge here now?

    Since shock and Lore retired
  16. Lil_Nora

    What to do right now?

    So I'm basicly at the point where I have to go to either venus or this other planet but I can't do them solo and there are none other players available. I'm lvl 12 Excalibur with standart rifle lvl13 and pistol lvl7 but with cronos blade lvl3 and I got a 160% vita boost I guess it was should I...
  17. Oswin22

    Level 80 :: The interesting twist of what do I do now? [WDIDN]

    So I have: Level 80 Asura Engineer Level 80 Norn Guardian Level 35 Sylvari Ranger Level 16 Human Elementalist What do I do now?: World vs World vs World - Engineer [aka the trap master with 7 CC skills] - Guardian [aka the boon to win master with 7 boons ~16 seconds] - Ranger [aka the...
  18. LuckxR

    Is guildwars 2 dead now?

    i don't see anymore people playing. and i feel more into playing with someone than by myself i've played up until like level 36? around there which i'm currently at and I stopped.
  19. Booyah

    Dota 2 Night...lame now?

    So I need to know and i'm adding a poll, if people still enjoy and want to attend Dota 2 Night? Cause if not, we can stop putting extra effort into it.
  20. CptKirk

    What Would You Love to Have Now?

    I'm not talking about the "givens" that everybody wants - i.e. a new car, a new house, a new spouse, better credit, so on and so forth... Just the small simple things. Possibly something that is simple yet rare? I dunno ... for example: I would LOVE to have a large bag of blueberry flavored...