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  1. Monkeyworm

    CSGO Patch Notes - 8/31/2018

    [ PANORAMA ] – Added support for overtime stats and round outcomes in the Scoreboard for the Major. – Improved team logos presentation in round win panels. – Fixed spectator panels for dead players sometimes not showing any data. [ GOTV ] – Added tv_broadcast_url1 and...
  2. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 8/28/2018

    Following D.VA’s animated short and the Busan map reveal at Gamescom 2018, Blizzard has released Overwatch’s version patch notes in full on August 28. Overwatch's August update includes a new challenge to win exclusive D.VA + Nano Cola content, as well as a few bug fixes in regards to...
  3. Monkeyworm

    CSGO Patch Notes - 8/29/2018

    [LONDON 2018] – Added tournament items for the FACEIT 2018 London CS:GO Major Championship and the London 2018 Pick’Em Challenge. – Later today, CS:GO will be freely available for offline play and GOTV viewing by installing “CS:GO – Free” from the Steam Store. [PANORAMA] – Added better...
  4. Winterrose

    Patch: 8.16 Patch Notes

    Access denied | used Cloudflare to restrict access Patch 8.16 Notes BY AETHER, GENTLEMAN GUSTAF Welcome to Patch 8.16, the one where we buff up a few tanks, and some champions who have been terrorizing the Rift get taken down a peg. First, we've noticed that tanks...
  5. Bogo

    Gaming Sections -- Patch Notes

    We haven't been touching on this point in the past little while. So just to cover the bases; All the gaming sections should be posting the patch notes for their games. There are some sections that do, don't, and/or won't post the patches. So we have tasked the MOTF section with starting to...
  6. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 8/9/18

    GENERAL Changed the name of Junkrat’s Buccaneer skin to Bilgerat Added under attack voice lines for Zenyatta, Lúcio, and Moria All Overwatch League skins now include the name of the team’s city or state LOOKING FOR GROUP Settings will be saved after changing filters on the Looking for...
  7. Chronubis

    Patch Notes 7/24/2018

    Overwatch Update 1.26 Patch Notes Explained: Patch Highlights New Hero: Wrecking Ball (Tank): Wrecking Ball’s tinkering capabilities and iron-clad mech make him a formidable tank hero, capable of bowling through the front line of the opposition and causing mayhem in the back line. His...
  8. Flux

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018 Hero Changes Azmodan Murky Sgt. Hammer Alarak Fenix Genji Kael'thas Hanzo Raynor Tracer Deckard Malfurion Artanis Blaze Cho Diablo Yrel Heroes of the Storm: Patch Notes — July 25, 2018
  9. Shiny

    Live Patch Notes - July 10, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – July 10, 2018 - Heroes of the Storm
  10. Monkeyworm

    Pre-Release Notes for 5/17/2018

    The following changes are available in the CS:GO Beta depot. [GAMEPLAY] – General adjustments to ambient sounds: — Increased resolution and character of reverb effects to better reflect surrounding map geometry — Small mix adjustments – Improved vent destruction sounds and...
  11. Monkeyworm

    Release Notes for 5/4/2018

    [ MISC ] – Fixed stability issue for physics collision detection against displacement surfaces. – Fixed some situations in which stickers would not appear properly on weapons in-game. – Fixed an issue where MP3’s embedded in maps wouldn’t work. (Thanks to Steam user MajesticCatDog for help in...
  12. Monkeyworm

    Release Notes for 4/30/2018

    AUDIO] – Enabled streaming audio by default, making use of the ‘sound cache’ unnecessary. The sound cache can be forced back on by setting snd_disable_legacy_audio_cache 0 if any issues are found. – Weapon reload sounds now follow the reloading players as they move around. – Fixed sound...
  13. Monkeyworm

    Release Notes for 4/20/2018

    [MAPS] – Added Dust II to the Active Duty map pool. – Removed Cobblestone from the Active Duty map pool. – Added support for Nuke in Wingman. – Moved Austria and Shipped into Defusal Group Sigma casual map group. – Moved Cobblestone into Defusal Group Delta casual map group. [MISC] –...
  14. Stagray

    PTR Patch notes, April 16, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – April 16, 2018 Stay a while... and listen! Deckard Cain is making his way into the nexus!
  15. Stagray

    Live notes for 11 April 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes – April 11, 2018
  16. Monkeyworm

    Updates: Release Notes for 3/29/2018

    – Fixed quad surround sound so it works again. – Fixed a bug that could cause looping sounds, such as the hostage breathing sound, to be stuck on in some situations. – Fixed a rare bug that caused spectators to sometimes hear water footsteps coming from players on dry ground. – CS:GO items...
  17. Monkeyworm

    Updates: Pre-Release Notes for 3/20/2018

    The following changes are available in the CS:GO Beta depot. [GAMEPLAY] – Adjustments to the Negev: — Improved accuracy while firing in bursts — Slightly reduced time until significant accuracy recovery — Price lowered to $1700 — Reduced armor penetration — Movement speed...
  18. Linessah

    Latest Patch Notes

    Patch Notes - 03/21/2018 - AI Spawning & Tame Desync Fixes Hello, Wizards of Ignus: It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for a weekly patch! We’re back at it patching up some serious bugs, many of which were fixed with the help of your feedback and support. Let’s get right to it! AI...
  19. Shiny

    PTR Patch Notes - February 26, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes – February 26, 2018
  20. BruC0Ndr

    Updates: GWENT Public PTR is live, here are the patch notes for the upcoming update!

    New patch is up in PTR right now here are the current changes in the PTR. None of these are final yet. General: Tooltips are fixed and more precise Lots of name changes - Clans are back Silver Spies have new category, which is currently bugged – probably regarding card advantage...
  21. Shiny

    PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm PTR Patch Notes - January 29, 2018
  22. Shiny

    Balance patch notes - January 24, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes - January 24, 2018
  23. D

    7.3.5 Patch Notes

    New Features A SCALING WORLD Every zone in Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, and Draenor now use the level scaling system introduced in Legion. This new scaling system greatly increases the amount of options you have when deciding where to quest and when to move on to...
  24. D

    7.3.2 Patch Notes

    Patch 7.3.2 includes: General bug fixes and minor class balance changes. Additional currency support in Additional tuning in preparation for Antorus, the Burning Throne raid dungeon’s release. While this minor patch adds in additional tuning for Antorus, this raid won’t be...
  25. Shiny

    Live Patch Notes - January 9, 2018

    Heroes of the Storm Patch Notes — January 9, 2018