1. Winterrose

    Notice: Thanks to those that came to my game night last night!

    Last night was the first LoL game night in probably quite some time. We had a couple people show up and we even had a guest play with us! The next game night will be on the 28th of August as I have to skip next Monday because I work a 12 hour shift that day. I hope to see more people at the next...
  2. Sidonis

    Game Night | 8-12-18 | Hellfire Necks

    I have enough uber keys for each boss to craft 60 necks (full inventory) even if the drops are stingy, if you have need of rolling a hellfire neck I'll be hosting a group for that during game night tonight.
  3. Winterrose

    Notice: Game Night Announcement!!

    Hi there fellow Fever members! Game nights for League of Legends will be coming back on the 13th (Monday) of August! We'll start with an hour of game play and then as the game night becomes more popular and more people start showing up, I'll extend it to an hour and a half and then to two...
  4. Violet

    Game Night Suggestions/Ideas

    Hi Everyone! We always welcome suggestions and new ideas for game nights and events. If you think of something, please post it here. If you'd like to try at being a game night host, please contact Entropian1960 or Diligaff Thanks and Happy Gaming!
  5. MemeQueen

    New Game Night

    Hey all, I've decided to move my game night from Thursday 10PM to Tuesday at 10PM EST. I'd love to host earlier, however my work schedule does not allow this. If 10PM is inconvenient, PLEASE make it known. Also, if anyone is interested in hosting an earlier game night either Monday or...
  6. trep

    Trep's Game Night for EU players

    Trep is hosting a game night Friday 12pm US EDT Join in on the fun on Discord :)
  7. Violet

    Qzuar's Game Night

    Friends, Qzuar will be hosting game nights this season on Fridays 9pm EST. Join us on discord for goblins, funs, and mayhem!
  8. D

    Paladins Game Night Tonight!

  9. News Bot

    Saturday Night Live Comes to Twitch For 16-Hour Digital Marathon

    You already hit up Twitch for gaming, cooking, art streams, and other fun stuff. Now you can add comedy to that list, as Twitch and NBC have announced its first-ever digital marathon of new and old Saturday Night Live sketches. There's a chunk of 16 hours of SNL's all-time popular sketches...
  10. D

    Paladins Game Night

    So I will be hosting a game night on Sunday at 8:00 pm EST! Looking forward to seeing you there! #GrindTime! BrittianDutch JackedMonkey SebyReaver2099 Shadowpuppy Snagiloohpb Thornfish mirkosterchi gorbachef Monkeyworm Eatmochicken
  11. D

    Paladins First Game Night

    Paladins First Game Night Hello guys the time has arrived I will be hosting a game night tonight at 5PM EST Would love to see who can make it in. I hope to see some of you tonight. See ya tonight
  12. Q

    Diablo 3 Game Night

    Lets Get another D3 Game Night going! :D Groups Rifts Greater Rifts Bounties ECT.. WHEN? - May 12th 6:00pm PST ( 9:00pm EST) HOST: Qzuar
  13. D

    Paladins First Game Night

    Hello guys the time has arrived I will be hosting a game night tonight at 5PM EST Would love to see who can make it in. I hope to see some of you tonight. :) See ya tonight :)
  14. News Bot

    Watch Out Behind You, Night Trap 25th Anniversary Edition is Headed to Switch

    If you're anything like me, you love kitschy classic FMV games. Night Trap is one of those. In fact, it's one of the "best" in that it's one of the worst out there. That's what makes it so awesome, though. The cheesy songs, terrible acting, and overall awfulness makes it such an attractive...
  15. J

    Monday Night Game Night Hosted by Jander AKA Cmd Shepard

    Hey everyone, I will be hosting Diablo 3 Game night every Monday noght at 9:30 est. This can start arlier on days that I get out of class earliers. Cheers Jander aka Cmd Shepard
  16. Aussietye

    Game night nights?

    What nights would you guys like to see game nights take place on? I was having issues making a poll on here so I just edited in a strawpoll. Game night night - Straw Poll __Reign aebeloee Aervenor AGenomeSoldier Aisper @Andy angevashes angryBeard Antideam ArchaicLord Aronath...
  17. Aussietye

    Game night nights?

    What nights would you guys like to see game nights take place on? __Reign aebeloee Aervenor AGenomeSoldier Aisper @Andy angevashes angryBeard Antideam ArchaicLord Aronath Ataerus Atomic Philosopher bab5 Battlecanuck bdaniel Beat Knuckle BestBakerNA Bhuego Bob_o BooBoo Brathra...
  18. Aussietye

    Game night hosts needed!

    I am looking for a couple people that would not mind hosting a game night once a week. If this is something that interests you please send me a message here or dm me in Discord. __Reign aebeloee Aervenor AGenomeSoldier Aisper @Andy angevashes angryBeard Antideam ArchaicLord...
  19. MrCruz

    Game night Team Roster

    Current Roster of the Game night Team Leader's - @Thundernut @Kimenu Department coordinator - @MrCruz If the following roster is outdate or incorrect contact department coordinator Game Member LoL Dota 2 SMITE HoTS Diablo 3 PoE WoW Hearthstone...
  20. Aussietye

    Saturday game night

    I will be hosting a Game night every Saturday at 8pm est starting 3/17/18. The game mode will be players choice.
  21. KingCatNip

    Game Night Is Back

    Hello Everyone, Game Nights are coming back. Game Nights will be every Thursday starting at 6:00 pm Pacific. The first Game Night will be Thursday March 1st, 2018. These Game Nights will be more casual. If you are looking for something more competitive we have a squad that is gearing up...
  22. News Bot

    The Cartridge Family 026 - Night In The Woods, Are Current-Gen Consoles Old, Impromptu Magoo-Mini

    Edit: This didn’t make the cut for the show, but … Breakfast cereals are certainly no stranger to advertising schemes targeted at children. So, when Nintendo announced Super Mario Cereal last year, we were all naturally very excited to stock our pantry, but not necessarily surprised...
  23. Pa1n

    Team night

    Hey guys! So I know we've all talked about forming the team and there is some interest. I was wondering if everyone would wanna get together and play some soon and start to talk about the team and what not. When would everyone be free to play?
  24. pressurd

    League of Legends Game Night 1/19/17!!!

    Have not seen a League of Legends game night in a while so I am deciding to hold one myself. The first one I will be doing would be on the 19th, this Friday. Of course it would probably not be my first seeing I have been around since 2013. If you have any questions just add my IGN = Xaiv. I am...
  25. C

    Wednesday Game Night

    Well hello there, nice to meet you. I am one of your newly made cs:go game hoster. I will be holding a regular game night every Wednesday. The game modes however are subject to change. This Wednesday at 7 pm est, that's 6 pm cst for the rest of your central folk like me, I will be having a...