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  1. ErikPel

    Know any good sc2 news websites?

    So i woke up 10pm today when my friends girlfriend was laughing loudly at the other room. Not big deal, got up and made some coffee and talked some with my friends. So i got my cup of coffee and sit at the computer which was still on since ive fallen asleep watching destinys stream. Then i went...
  2. Welshchick

    News about alpha and wipe

    Here's a link u guys need 2 read...tells u all about the wipe and that we are still in here are 2 links for u 2 read The War Z Forums The War Z Forums Much Love Welshy xxx
  3. Isomet

    Tournament News

    We are now planning to have 2 tournaments a month as a standard for the Dota 2 section. It will be important to stay up to date with the tournament section if you have been wanting to sign up for these events. In the middle of every month, we will have a large tournament, either a Captain's Mode...
  4. 6

    News FromThe East!

    just thought id quote a recent broadcast because its such a huge deal...i think i shed a tear for FAIL alliance :cry: note: put in some ()'s to make it an easier read for yall, i guess lol This mail was sent out by FAIL before the fighting today: The Final Stand Station and final...
  5. Hedd

    Anime and Manga news

    Not bad to note and discuss changes and announcements. Starting off with the announcement of a Mouretsu Pirates full length theatrical movie. Mmmm movie quality space physics.......