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  1. RealZae

    The Legion PvP system! (Blue News Post)

    The Honor System In Legion, Honor and Conquest will no longer be currencies that you use to buy gear from vendors. Instead, characters who have reached maximum level will earn Honor Points from competing in Battlegrounds or Arenas, similar to how lower-level players earn Experience Points. As...
  2. Sithis

    E3 from News Bot

    It's never too early to start your E3 planning. At least, that's got to be how Bethesda views things. The Maryland-based game company has officially announced when it will be holding its E3 briefing. It's gonna pop off on Sunday, June 12, at 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST. That's about all Bethesda has...
  3. T

    News Feed For Dota 2

    Dota 2 News & Coverage | GosuGamers
  4. F

    News from my somewhat afk week

    Hmm where should I start Well Leblanc's name now begins with two **'s and is now spelled "**Leblanc" And were making short work of all the bugs on the new draft mode so you guys don't get kicked in the banning phase I also found out there is infact a browser called waterfox and...
  5. Upirlikhyi

    Sad news again

    from my family. My stepmother of 30+ years lost her mother this morning. My stepmother lives in Bama while her mother resideded in Iowa. As you know weather has been bad here. Please (I am not religious but will not say or refuse prayers) keep my father, stepmother and 4 little brothers and...
  6. CanidSerpent

    Harvest Bounty

    I'm a little late, but the Harvest Bounty holiday is going on now, so now's a good time as ever to level your cooking if you haven't already. As far as I know there are no new holiday items, so nothing to worry about if you're just worried about seasonal collectibles. Harvest Bounty also...
  7. CanidSerpent

    News: Terky Now Available Outside Taiwan!

    Just wanted to put it out there for anybody that might've missed the news. A murloc battle pet named Terky is now available! Terky was previously only obtainable in Taiwan through a promotional event, but now you can find him in an undersea cave in the Borean Tundra in Northrend. There will be a...
  8. Gyorn

    News: TES 6 - no upcoming news for a "very long time"

    It Will Be a “Very Long Time” Before we Hear About the Next Elder Scrolls Game; Team 100% Focused on Fallout 4 | DualShockers
  9. P

    Important 2.3 news from the forums

    There is a ton of noise on the PTR feedback forum, but some of the info is critical for 2.3 planning. The way things stand now (last update 8/25/15), here are some important tips you might not know: All classes * ASPD is capped at 5.0 (especially important for monks and wizards) -...
  10. jbo96

    Diablo 3 2.3 Patch Notes - Cube Recipes, News Sets, Season 4, and more! (PTR Datamined) in video

    Pretty decent video.
  11. noctemdracone

    News on the Diablo front

    Blizzard is hiring a designer for an "unannounced" Diablo project. Will it be a new expansion or Diablo 4? You decide.
  12. RedHill

    EoS News

    Here I'll post official news from game website or forum or some other gaming portal! NEWS: #1-5th June 2015 EoS team wants to know whats people impressions after CBT and first week of OBT, so if you want, you can do this survey: Echo of Soul - Free MMORPG at Aeria Games #2-5th June...
  13. Gyorn

    TES 6 - News, Rumors and other things

    Elder Scrolls 6: [Argonia or Redguard] Release Dates, News, and Updates: Elder Scrolls 6 to be Called 'Redguard' and Not Argonia, The Argument is Pretty Convincing - Crossmap Christian News | Entertainment
  14. Rimeraz

    Good News Bad News

    Post good news and bad news. It is that simple. Good News: Found a decent puzzle site. Bad News: It is too hard.
  15. T

    Tequad still playing runescape?

    i am playing runescape here and there i have also been playing RSPS but i am back to keep you guys updated on the OSRS but i might need some help with it so if your interested give us a yell we are always looking for more helpers in the clan
  16. Brathra

    News: Breaking News

    AbcSam takes a dirt nap more at ten! Just can't handle the crusader!
  17. OberonOne

    News: Blog Post: Some important news as we move into May

    Hello Citizens, This blog post will be a quick one with a few announcements from myself to you all. Last week ended the Easter Event 2015 and a new month is just around the corner. With the upcoming month of May, I will be providing the next batch of answers to your inquires and posting...
  18. T

    Content Creator

    We need more content creators for runescape forum if your interested please give us a yell
  19. S

    Melkor in the News

    Play Heroes of the Storm Like Pros - PC Gamer Was happy and proud to see Melkor at the top of the article! I'd love to read a full Hero Guide to ETC written by him.
  20. A

    Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 News

    The first trailer is already published Whe dont know anything we can just do some thoughts I think that this something about black technology from the trailer and from the snaps we have gotten some signs of alex mason returning and some robot surgery so they can think faster or have super human...
  21. Snailey

    Announcement and News

    List of assigments from the Assigments thread: Casper - Go through applications section and get a list of names of people who have applied and never showed up to get their interview (Pending applications) and Movie Night Legality research for Fever Movie Night Jokerlolz - Movie Night...
  22. T

    tequad is kind of back

    i am back guys and post on here now and again but there is something wrong with my laptop so i may be inactive for a couple of days or even a week ill try get on here as much as i can
  23. B

    News: Latest News On Hackers

    Hello everyone, I wanted to lay out some things for you regarding our progress on cheaters. We recognize this is a top priority and we're acting like it. We've put people on this bigtime and it's paying big dividends. We've banned over 5k people. so far for cheating. You may think the system...
  24. J

    Questival is Here

    Look into this link to learn more about the new RS3 Questival! Questival is Here! - News - RuneScape
  25. J

    OSRS Content Poll #31: Easter Holiday Event

    mod_ronan March 13 2015 Content Poll #31: Easter Holiday Event With Easter just around the corner we are putting our proposed Easter 2015 event to the poll. We've also included some additional quality of life questions. Since the developer blog went live on Wednesday we have made some...