1. News Bot

    ELEAGUE Names Twitch Exclusive Streaming Partner

    Turner and IMG's ELEAGUE esports venture has entered a new year and with a new year come some new partnerships. ELEAGUE's biggest announcement on Wednesday involves one of its streaming partners, which will now become its exclusive streaming partner. While ELEAGUE has previously streamed on...
  2. Sithis

    eSports: New NA LCS Partners - Familiar names
  3. News Bot

    Fallout 4's Codsworth adds more than 300 new voiced names

    Fallout 4's robotic manservent Codsworth already had a fairly impressive repetoire of voiced names in its data bank, but it appears that more than 300 more have been added to the game. In the latest 1.6 patch for the game, Bethesda's dev team added such names as Bort, Cenk, Rihanna, Nicola...
  4. Raiiken

    Guild names

    We had a conversation last night about guild names. As we know I suggested Skadoosh but I want to hear everyone's opinion and maybe we can do a vote the night before the 4 days headstart. Feel free to make suggestions till then and we will do a vote eventually. less than a week left guys we can...
  5. RancePrease

    Two Big Changes for two of Hi-Rez's biggest names

    HiRezBart and HiRezKelly seem to be heading out. Farewell from Kelly and Bart : Smite
  6. M

    My Names Chef's Application

    Games you play: Rust, Gmod, TF2 Main Game: Nintendo Console Gaming Age: 17 Gender: Male Country: United Kingdom FPS Username: League of Legends or other Moba Username: tag: MMO Username: Steam Username: liamwrighty1 xFire Username: Other Usernames: PSN...
  7. RedHill

    EoS In Game Names

    Please everyone that are playing Echo of Soul, post your IGN, server, class... Example: IGN: Region Server: Class: Name IGN Region Server Class @RedHill RedHill Europe Requiem Sorceress @HolicAlco HolicAlco Europe Requiem Assassin @gamerhellborn SaVi0uR...
  8. News Bot

    Guitar Hero Live names over two dozen new tracks

    Now that the music game wars are starting anew, Guitar Hero Live is firing the first shot on the track list front. Activision and Freestyle Games previously revealed a handful of the GH reboot's soundtrack and today, they're revealing a few more. The new tracks are heavy on the rock classics...
  9. amoretpax199

    Info Official RuneScape Roster

    RuneScape In-Game Name List Please reply to this thread stating your Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3 in-game name. Also, make sure to mention @Worggy so that I can get a notification in order to update the list and invite you to RuneScape 3 in-game clan. FEVER CLAN NAME OSRS...
  10. MuscleBeach

    Team League Names

    Does anyone have cool names they would like to share regarding team league (if we have the opportunity to name our teams)?
  11. H

    IGN names and Looking for people to play with.

    Hello names Hazard. looking for people to play with Just got the beta like today. Low lvl but working on skill mostly IGN DeskinFrost Add me anytime.. Im on now and will be for a few hours O and and here is Vegeta signing a Bingo song
  12. zeetos

    Movie: Star Wars The Force Awakens character names

    Official names of some of the star wars characters. And a very cool way to announce some of the names. Come meet some of the new characters of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS in a very cool way!!! - Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.
  13. kaseibp

    Origin/PS4/Xbox names list

    Is there a content creator for this section(I am SO not volunteering...) ? Could we get a list of names and what platforms people on? I'd love to play some multiplayer with Feverites. Or Fevorians? Feverites sounds better. Kaseibp on Origin, on PC!
  14. L names lucryth...

    so....just started slightly trolling around the place here at fever, nothing really too serious yet ;) but i can already begin to pick and point some of you out of the crowd and i do understand most people are shy about it given its current legal status, HOWEVER...for those of your brave enough...
  15. xSagaRx

    EU- Guild Allies and Enemies.

    So since the game has been up for some time now, and the heat is rolling up i gues its time for us to start getting allies and get moving, so i had talk with few good people around and proud to announce we have some alliances already :D i will hereby update this post when we have any new...
  16. News Bot

    World of Warcraft to recycle idled character names

    Blizzard’s World of Warcraft will soon be receiving the Warlords of Draenor 6.0.2 pre-patch to prepare players for the upcoming expansion pack. It will also be the point at which those of us who may not have logged in for a while could be losing our precious character names. If you...
  17. Pathogen

    NFL Team Names

    To all of you NFL fans out there, I am sure you all know of the controversy and crying over the Washington Redskins name and how certain groups want the name changed because they think it's racist and demeaning to the Native American Culture and acting all Politically correct over about it. I...
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    Xbox One June update adds external storage, real names, and more

    Fresh off its May update, Microsoft has detailed a few common requests coming in the June update. Specifically, it will enable external storage support, and let you identify your friends by their real names. More...
  19. MustangPunk

    Infestation: Survivor Stories Roster

    Hey all you Zombie / Newbie Killa's :pwned: , MustangPunk here and gonna try to revamp this forum and game. I have played it recently after a long break and there are all new things in the game. Feels like I'm starting over :dunce: . But I still have inventory heehee I would like to know who...
  20. Fox

    Memorable/Funny/Creative guild names

    What are some of the most Memorable/Funny/Creative guild names you've seems through your WoW adventures? Gasp! I am away from my computer
  21. MustangPunk

    Looking 4 cbd strain names

    I'm looking for a great cbd % weed that is available in the south. I've watched some shows and seen some websites with names. I just don't know how current they are... White Rhino ... Romulus ... Scythian (sp?). Any ideas are appreciated :salute: CO of 1-1-2 :shoot: MOD of Call of Duty :salute...
  22. doc holiday

    New puppy! I need ideas for names (pics)

    Well my wife got a dog, were getting mine soon and she got a small chihuahua/rat terrier mix (girl dog lol). He is cute that's for sure, we need ideas for a name. So far its between Bandit and Loki cause he is such a trouble maker but he already has gotten the puppy dog eyes down so he gets out...
  23. Cronofan

    Fever Clan SMITE Roster

    Please can you mention The Rev if you want to be added/removed in the in-game clan. This is a members only roster. No guests please. SMITE IN-GAME LEADER Forum Name SMITE Name Neondevil...
  24. K

    Asiana Flight 214 Pilots' Names

    Seriously, I can not believe that the news anchor read those names without figuring out that it was a prank. Asiana Pilots names from KTVU News - YouTube KingCrabMan
  25. draconis

    Does Fever use their real names or avatars in voicechat?

    I'm in a guild on WoW and because we have so many alts we use our real names, what does Fever do for StarCraft games?