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  1. Booyah

    Where'd that Dota 2 Music Come From?
  2. FlutterShy

    Music: My Youtube Music

    Being An Amature @ Producing music.. I Dont have alot of experience:uncomfortableness:, So You Might Not Like What i Post here. But please Dont Hate On Me Feel Free To Check Out Some Of My Music (Main Genres "HardStyle / Techno" Some dubstep...:afro:) Youtube Channel - DVolt Z <- LINK Some Of...
  3. elxipolis

    Resolved: Teamspeak Music Bot.need some Help

    Hey guys , so i tried to install the Music Bot so i can Play Music on Teamspeak.I must have done smth wrong cause the only thing i hear after confuguring is Trial. Can somebody Help me? - dont sent me the links in internet i have them. Thank you.
  4. O

    open for vote to put me on raide music

    well people im oscar maldonado and if u dont know im very passionetteabout music i would like to try and make a station for u alll i would accept all request but also i will be playin my own music......... please p[eople i aint stressing how much i need you if u ask i will be able to put music...
  5. M

    Music: mantuka's music mania

    just thought id start posting sum links to sum songs for little heard songs that dont rlly get radio time wether that be becuase of age or language heres the first link: Hollywood Undead "Dead Bite" (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube
  6. Adreus

    Video: Reason I Love Japan Music
  7. Riotswitch

    Video: lol wut? music vidio with an 8 bit beard

    a friend i went to college with plays the saphire goddess in the music thing lol umm enjoy? --------------------------------------------------------- edit...not really an edit just rewatched this ...DA FUQ?
  8. Toneeh

    DotA 2 Music

    Discuss. Dota 2 recording session - YouTube
  9. Trubiano

    Video: Dancing with music

    Watch image with this playing in the background, its a very productive thing to do that a buddy of mine showed me at calc last night.
  10. crimsonfate

    Music: What music are you listening to?

    Well, I saw that there was no thread about what sort of music members are currently listening to and decided to make one. Just post the name of the bands and the names or covers of the albums that you are currently listening to. This becomes helpful in discovering new music too [and I...
  11. EMOChicken

    Weird News: NH woman arrested 4 times in 26 hours for loud music, assault

    Joyce Coffey of Epping, N.H., just didn't seem to get it -- or care -- when she was arrested four times in 26 hours earlier this week. The police run-ins stemmed from loud AC/DC and Guns N' Roses music police said could be heard blasting from her house as well as Coffey allegedly throwing a...
  12. S

    Music While Playing

    Hey guys! So I started listening to music while playing about a year back, and ever since I've been experimenting with different genres and their effect on my play. Normally I'd say my musical taste consists mostly of Punk and all things around it, but lately I've realized that listening to...
  13. SycoMage

    Music: Favorite Music Videos

    I don't know why but I had the urge to watch this today, which got me wondering what your guys' favorite music videos might be. I can't say why, the song isn't great and the video isn't anything crazy but for whatever reason here is mine:
  14. M

    Video: AMAZING 0ld music video thread!!!

    either awesome songs or awesome video clips!!! post here!
  15. D

    Music: Cool music cover

    well i found this guy a few months back(before i was in the clan) and i started to listen to him again lately. he does "metal" covers of songs now a days the reason for the "" is that to me it doesn't seem to be metal. my fav of his cover is a try between the daftpunk or the skyrim. here is...
  16. Roxin

    White-ra's Stream Music

    So Iv'e come across all of his epic music that he plays when he streams. They're all in youtube playlists. Playlist1: White-Ra Excellent Dance Party - DJ Amoureaux - YouTube Playlist2: White-Ra Mega Dance Party - DJ Amoureaux - YouTube Playlist3: White-Ra Hot Winter Dance - DJ Amoureux -...
  17. Toby

    Anime music thread

    So I'm starting this off cause there was alot of basses intros, endings, or anything related to anime like AMVs. You may also post the full songs related. Like Chain by Back-on which was the intro to Air Gear. Sent from...
  18. Kirbz

    New Linkin Park Album out.... thoughts?

    if you want a copy let me know i uploaded it to a server and can share. just pm me. as a fan since the band was called hybrid theory . i miss their older music by far. i feel this album is a step back in that direction but not quite.
  19. Kreps

    Music: Favorite Genre of Music

    As the title says, what's your favorite music? It can be a Genre, a group, artist or even a song if you want to get that specific. As for me, I like Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Metal, Groove Metal, Rock, Heavy Rock, R & B, and a little bit of Jazz. Pantera [email protected] (m) Chimaira Bullet For My...