1. Bogo

    Discord Music bot - Rythm

    We've added a music bot to the discord, you'll notice there is now a Fever Blues and a Fever Beats within Discord. They can be used, right now, in any of the voice channels on discord. You can summon then with the commands below. These commands are to be used in the #music-request channel to...
  2. News Bot

    Expect Final Fantasy 7 Remake Before 2023 With Music From Composer Nobuo Uematsu

    While Final Fantasy VII Remake is rumored to make an appearance at E3 this year, the full release of the game in flux. A recent job listing made it seem like the game wasn't as far as long as fans would have hoped, but a new bit of information alludes to the development team also not having a...
  3. News Bot

    The Best Headphones, DACs, and Amplifiers For The Desktop Music Lover

    How To Build The Best Gaming PC Guide Hub While gaming is often the primary motivator, people build or buy PCs because of the versatility they offer. Unlike dedicated consoles, gaming PCs also function as top notch web browsers, content creation stations, and media consumption devices. There...
  4. D

    What type of music do you like to listen to?

    please specify a artist/artists. I like to listen to Rap, Country and Metal. The specific type of artists I like to listen to are "NF, Tech n9ne , Lil wayn, Wiz Kalifa, Snow The Product, Speaker Knockers." For country I love to listen to "Adel,Florida Georgia Line, Bantley Glbert, Carey...
  5. News Bot

    The Release of YouTube Remix Could Spell the End of Google Play Music

    If you haven't already heard, Google is looking to launch a new music platform service in the form of the rumored YouTube Remix later this year. According to a source via Droid-Life, the new service will end up replacing Google Play Music, forcing users to swap platforms by the end of 2018. If...
  6. News Bot

    Riot Games Joins Forces With MTV to Debut Hyperplay Esports and Music Festival

    Riot Games is working on a new endeavor that you may not have expected – a collaboration with MTV on a music and esports festival. It's called Hyperplay, and it's based in Singapore. Perhaps it's not too surprising, given Riot's past work with bands like Imagine Dragons and the formation...
  7. XxLiveeviLxX

    Discussion: Should your Music awards become a political platform?

    Last Nights Grammy awards felt less like a awards ceremony and more of a (..insert your political opinion here..) rally. What do you think?
  8. News Bot

    CES 2018: Change Up Your Music Experience With AfterShokz

    Looking for a new way to listen to your favorite music? AfterShokz’ bone conducting headphones is quite the intriguing way to change up how you hear your beloved tracks. Greg Burke was on hand during CES 2018 to chat with AfterShokz about their bone conduction technology and how it’s...
  9. C

    Prozak (Strange Music Artist)

    Huge fan of this guy. A lot of his music actually has a meaning behind it.
  10. B

    NA Music Licenses and Streaming

    After reading this post, Music and your stream | Mixer - Forum I have come to a point of confusion. While you did not mention Pandora explicitly, I feel it very obvious, since it is a similar service as Pandora. However, I recently contacted Pandora Support in order to gain permission to use...
  11. News Bot

    Sony Music Forms Indie Gaming Publisher, For Some Reason

    Seemingly out of nowhere, Sony Music Entertainment is jumping into the video gaming world with a new indie gaming label called Unties. Not only that, this particular branch of Sony will be publishing titles on the Nintendo Switch in addition to PS4 and PC. "Recent progress in the game...
  12. News Bot

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm devs on Chloe, Rachel, Ashly Burch, music, and more

    It's almost time to make the trip back to Arcadia Bay. Fans of Life is Strange are set to travel back in time, albeit without the actual time travel mechanic, when they begin Life is Strange: Before the Storm. This is the story of Chloe Price during one of the darkest periods in her life. It's a...
  13. News Bot

    Spotify Will Bring Streaming Music to Xbox One

    There’s no official announcement just yet, but a Spotify app is on its way to Xbox One. Now you’ll be able to stream your favorite Taylor Swift songs in your living room, through those sweet television speakers. As noted on Reddit, Xbox brand ambassador Larry Hryb (better known to...
  14. News Bot

    Blizzard Lays Off Composer Who Created Iconic World of Warcraft Music

    Music is usually an underappreciated aspect of games, sitting in the background to give ambiance to your play. But in some cases, great music can enhance it immeasurably. Blizzard has had some iconic themes in its games, from World of Warcraft to Diablo 3, StarCraft 2 to Overwatch...
  15. M

    Music for seasonal lvling

    OT: Music for seasonal lvling Hi folks. For some people, good music is key for those long, lonely moments of seasonal grinding. With that in mind, I introduce you my soundcloud page, in which I offer what I call the r+e+d mixes (a mixture of tech-synthpop-rock) and a selection of crazy...
  16. News Bot

    WWDC: Apple HomePod 'Will Reinvent Music in Our Homes'

    Apple hopes to do to home speakers what the iPod did to music via the HomePod, a speaker that has "incredible acoustic properties" per the Apple impresarios who debuted it at today's WWDC. Developing... More...
  17. Linessah

    Music Challenge: Video Game Style!

    I thought it would be fun for all you music section posters to post songs that you feel fit a character/boss/lore from a game! If you can find any wiki links to lore - that would be awesome, too! I will start out. Tal'Rasha (boss from Diablo 2) Lore: Tal Rasha | Diablo Wiki | Fandom...
  18. O

    Music genre

    What kind of music yall enjoy listening to? I personally like Anything with a good bass.
  19. News Bot

    Dropmix is a Music Card Game Coming From Harmonix in September

    From the "really cool, but really weird" department, Hasbro and Harmonix have announced Dropmix, a new music game that uses cards to create various mixes and sounds. Oh, and throw in a free app from the App Store. The game starts with a board that has five card slots. Placing a card in the...
  20. VileKnight

    Music: VileKnight's music

    Alright, so I see a few others are posting some playlists and musical interests. I'd like to get in on this. I'll kick this off with a throwback from The Beatles, but covered by Godsmack. Enjoy!
  21. pressurd

    I Like to make my own Music / Rate please!

    Hello, fellow |Fever| members I am here to express and show my love for music that I make. I have a youtube channel that has a few songs on it under therealveracity. Here is a direct link to my latest song! : Xaiv - High Beams - YouTube I will post when I make a new song on |Fever| forums...
  22. sasabo

    music night.

    so i come to invite everyoen to come listen to me sing kareoke on nights that i work. from about 7-10pm. i sit in the kareoke channel and sing to my hearts content. lol. some sing with, laugh at. or jsut lsiten. hell i dont care if you even record me to laugh later.
  23. News Bot

    Resident Evil 7 Biohazard collector's edition offers music box and more for $180

    Collector's Editions are the aimed at true fans, the ones who have to have all the extras associated with their favorite franchise. We aren;t talking about the extra price that just includes a season pass. These are editions created by evil marketing folks that reach deep into your pocketbook...
  24. KittyMae

    Movie: Rules Don’t Apply - Official Music Trailer
  25. T

    Approved: The Music Meister's Application

    Games you play: LoL, HoTS, DotA2, WoW, D3, Overwatch, HS Main Game: League of Legends Age: 26 Gender: Male Country: United States FPS Username: The Music Meister League of Legends or other Moba Username: Music Meister tag: MusicMeister#1912 MMO Username: Steam Username: The...