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  1. billy_da_bob

    Music: lofi track of mine ay

    (me--->) COLORS // good morning. me. COLORS // good morning. me. by COLORS | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  2. Sithis

    Music: How good are your ears?

    This is a test to see how you are able to detect the highest quality audio file. I got 3/6. Tip use headphones and turn your volume up. How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? : The Record : NPR Post your results below :)
  3. billy_da_bob

    Music: Some lofi Tracks I Made (:

    All tracks by me. Lots of samples were used in each track (: My SoundCloud: COLORS | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  4. Winterrose

    Music: Icon For Hire

    Is anyone else here into Icon for Hire as well? Icon For Hire ~ The Grey ~ Lyrics - YouTube I really like their lyrics and how each of the songs just seem to hit me just right. The lyrics are beautiful and bittersweet at times.
  5. Linessah

    Music: Linessah's Faves, Current Listenings, and Radio Earworms

  6. Linessah

    Music: Unplug (Linessah's Favorite Acoustic Tracks)
  7. SLIPX

    Music: Inside The PIT w SLIPX

    Going to start a new thing for me today, where I post one of my favorite songs that I could listen to on a daily basis. Songs NSFW potentially
  8. Requ1em

    Music: Requ1em's "Music To Die For"
  9. VileKnight

    Music: VileKnight's music

    Alright, so I see a few others are posting some playlists and musical interests. I'd like to get in on this. I'll kick this off with a throwback from The Beatles, but covered by Godsmack. Enjoy!
  10. Linessah

    Music: Under the Covers with Linessah

    Here I will post covers I particularly enjoy, live or recorded. Enjoy! We will start off with a great Don Henley cover by The Ataris: Boys of Summer
  11. Pudge Nubbins

    Music: Lightbayne's Kpop/hiphop Song of the day + Playlist

    Hello! This will be my Kpop and Khiphop song of the day thread, and to go along with it, a playlist for spotify. (Maybe youtube too). Before I begin, I understand that there is a Song of the day thread, but I wanted one for these genres alone. Secondly, I wanted to make a playlist, and I found...
  12. Beats

    Music: Like Electronic music? Check out Digitally Imported!

    I've only been using this site for a while but they have very many genres and so far every song I've heard has been good in Vocal Trance. The best way to look for new music are radios like these where much more underrated songs are brought up that may be more appealing. Site Link - Digitally...
  13. Vengy

    Music: What hip-hop label is doing the best, currently?

    General discussion, there is no right or wrong answer. The only stipulation is, it had to be created within the last decade and still have artist creating music under it. Personally, nobody is doing it better than Top Dawg Ent. With a line-up of Jay Rock, Kendrick, Q, Soul, Isaiah Rashad...
  14. Turt

    Music: Rap

    Sup all, It has been a while since I have posted anything. What kinda rap are you guys currently listening to? I need some new music bad! If your into rap and don't know about teambackpack cyphers you will want to check out their channel. For example this just came out 5 days ago...
  15. FlutterShy

    Music: Dubastep: Dubstep Aug 2016 Mix
  16. Sithis

    Music: ATH-M40x Review

    ATH-M40x Professional Monitor Headphones || Audio-Technica US I've been using these headphones for around 6 months and have really enjoyed them. These being my first pair of "real" headphones, the M40x's have opened me up to a nice world of quality audio for when i'm listening to music (if...
  17. W

    Music: Hey guys/gals

    Hey Guys, I have a good Buddy of mine whos album just came out recently so if yall could check him out it would be great on spotify his name is Kid Phix the better ones include Cups up, Wavy, Round and Round.
  18. fare

    Music: These mix are very cool!

    A new opened channel making very good mixes maybe u can try too Link: Chill-Out & Deep Relax Mode [Reupload on Today] - YouTube I'm listening this when im playing GTA V and its for real game roads :D
  19. Hot

    Music: Almost as good as a cold Q-Tip in your Ear

    Just a list of music i will occasionally post of what i am listening to or what i would like to share. :quagmire: I hope you guys like it ;)
  20. niko

    Music: No Adds No Kidding

    So recently a friend of mine turned on to this site where you can listen to a que that is endless for various genres of music. I have not heard a single ad and I've been listening to the music on the same channel for several days now. The different channels are modded so no troll songs are...
  21. Chaves

    Music: April fool's joke goes right

    This song hella slaps and its made by Hamburger Helper :rofl::rofl: Feed The Streets
  22. Sithis

    Music: For your listening enjoyment

    Little thread in which I'll post what i'm listening to. I think this is the highest non-spam solo post count thread on the forums. My Audio Devices: Desktop speakers - Audioengine A2's Headphones - FX-Audio DAC/Amp, ATH A1000Z's, AT MX50's Car audio - 2 12" American Bass XFL's / Custom box / MB...
  23. Supguy123

    Music: Undertale Theme Remix

    Hi everyone! I absolutely adored Undertale and it's in my opinion the best game in existence, as well as one of the greatest soundtrack. So I decided to create my own remix of the Undertale theme. Other than the music software I have I made this completely from scratch. Enjoy :)...
  24. H

    Music: Progressive Metal/Rock band Mandroid Echostar. New album Coral Throne. (clean vocals) Saw these guys perform a while back and just love it. They do have some resemblance to Coheed and Cambria. They released this new album last week and it blew me away. If you also enjoy it, consider buying on iTunes or whatever streaming service you...
  25. Gyorn

    Music: Lemmy Kilmister - Motorhead - RIP

    Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead Singer and Heavy Metal Legend, Dead at 70 | Rolling Stone Goodbye my friend...