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    Apple Watch Heart Monitor Saves Life of Teen Suffering From Kidney Disease

    If you wear an Apple Watch or other wrist-based device that tracks your heart rate, you probably don't give it much thought. You see your heart rate recorded, and you write it off, right? Not if you have higher numbers than usual, which is exactly what happened to 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald...
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    The Best Monitor Speakers to Bring Your PC Audio To Life

    Building The Best Gaming PC Hub There are loads of PC users who won’t blink any eye at spending $300+ on a new GPU or even $1000+ on a new ultrawide monitor, but settle for the limp sound from a cheap set of computer speakers. There are countless speaker systems available from the usual PC...
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    Selecting The Best Monitor For Your Gaming PC

    How To Build The Best Gaming PC Guide Hub Your display is the one part of your gaming PC that you interact with 100% of the time. It is literally the window into the world of your games. Sure, you can hook up any old display that you find in the dumpster behind McDonald’s, but pairing...
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    CES 2018: Examining the MSI PC, Laptop, and Monitor Lineup

    This year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas proved to be a strong one for MSI, who brought some of their top PCs and laptops to the show. Our own Greg Burke had a chance to take a look at some of the top gaming machines that MSI will be bringing out. This includes an updated version of...
  5. PaNeK

    Buying a new monitor looking for some recommendations/ opinions

    Hello everyone I am in the market for a new monitor. I have been debating on getting an ultra-wide or 4k. I currently would not be able to run the 4k too efficiently in game atm but plan to upgrade after i get my tax return but gpu prices are just dumb right now. I have a 1060 atm. LG has a lot...
  6. M

    Looking for new Gaming Monitor

    Hello folks, I'm Michael a game lover, gaming is my passion and I want to upgrade my gaming monitor. My budget is $250 not more than this. and I want gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. Can anybody suggest me some options?
  7. Nanbu

    Pending: Looking to buy new monitor

    I will be moving soon and was looking to buy a new gaming monitor. I am not exactly sure what to look for in one, but so far I've been debating with the following models: ViewSonic XG2701 27" Samsung LS27E330HZX/ZA 27-Inch ASUS VG278HV 27 inch There were a couple of other models I...
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    Samsung Unveils 49-Inch Curved Screen Monitor for Gamers

    If you've been looking to get more visual bang for your buck while you're gaming, Samsung has come up with some new QLED monitors that offer 1.07 billion colors, including one that is a massive 49" wide screen. Samsung introduced the new line, with all three offering a one millisecond refresh...
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    Acer Predator Z35P Curved Screen Monitor Can Now Be Pre-Ordered

    Looking for a new monitor to go with your new kick-ass gaming rig that has a high-end video card? Maybe one with a curved 35-inch display and 3440 x 1440 resolution? Throw in a 100-120 Hz refresh rate and Acer may have just what you are looking for. The new Acer Predator Z35P is a major upgrade...
  10. S

    Pending: New Gaming Monitor

    Getting a new gaming monitor and leaning towards a 34 in ultrawide 3440x1440 monitor. Was just curious if anyone had one and could tell me how well the resolution is supported and what happens when it isn't. Still looking up various 1440p 27in monitors and some 4k as well but 4k really tanks in...
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    Dell To Ship 32-Inch 8K Monitor This Year

    If 4K wasn't taxing enough for your computer, Dell has an 8K monitor coming soon that will shame the best graphics cards. The UP3218K will be releasing in March or April for $4,999 and is a beast of a display. The Dell UP3218K is a 32-inch 280 ppi monitor that can output 7680x4320 at 60Hz. It...
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    CES 2017: Dell unveils 8K monitor for a mere $4,999

    CES is always a fun time for computer geeks to dream. Be it new processors, video cards, monitors or components, there are a;ways a ton of things to add to one's "when I have the money" wish list. We can now add a new monitor to that list. Dell unveiled its new UP3218K, a 32-inch 8K monitor with...
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    CES 2017: ASUS Announces ROG Swift 4K HDR Monitor

    ASUS has announced a new 4K monitor with game enthusiasts in mind. The ROG Swift PG27UQ 27-inch 4K HDR monitor features G-Sync and a high refresh rate of 144Hz. One of the major issues with 4K gaming, other than the massive overhead needed to run games at that resolution, is that 4K HDR screens...
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    LG has Announced They Will Announce a 32-Inch 4K HDR Monitor With USB-C at CES

    Televisions with 4K HDR capabilities are becoming relatively commonplace, but the monitor world is still catching up. LG's new 32UD99 UHD 4K HDR 32-inch monitor looks to be a great product for those wishing to upgrade to the latest in display technology. The LG 32UD99 supports the HDR10 standard...
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    NVIDIA's telemetry monitor isn't sharing your personal data

    Over the weekend, a Reddit post accused the latest version of NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software of gathering personal data and sharing it for all the world to see. GeForce Experience delved pretty deep, going so far as to grab email addresses. It turns out there's nothing illicit going on. A...
  16. S


    hi guys/girls new pc comes next week and looking for a new monitor. For awhile now had my heart set on the ASUS PG279Q but been totally side swiped by the new ASUS PG328Q ULTRA WIDE seen some reviews on this but not sure on its 100hz refresh rate compared to the 144hz on the pg279q although ive...
  17. Deltascourge

    Resolved: Looking for a new monitor, any recommendations?

    I've been using an old TV for the longest time, and its honestly just not the kind of screen I want to be using anymore. So I'm looking for a new screen. Prefferable around 150 euros, but if necessery, I can spend up to 200-250
  18. HolicAlco

    Closed: Getting new monitor, need some help

    I really need a new monitor for my pc since I am using a quite old tv screen instead of a monitor and its tearing the screen on most of the games... I will be buying AMD Radeon 400 series gpu this summer so I thought why not go with a monitor to support that. This is the specs that I would like...
  19. TurtleStrong

    Resolved: Sound Coming through monitor

    So, for some reason, my sound keeps trying to come through one of my monitors. My monitor doesn't produce sound. At all. How do I disable it as a choice for my soundcard to use? Computer manufacturer and model (if the system is prebuilt) Self Built. Processor AMD FX 8350 8 core...
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    Killer Instinct PC port has a major bug linked to your monitor refresh rate

    Killer Instinct launched on PC yesterday, but it looks like the game’s framerate is tied to the user’s monitor refresh, making the game difficult to play if your monitor refreshes anywhere outside of 60hz. A YouTube user uploaded a video showing his Windows 10 copy of Killer Instinct...
  21. zefirus

    How-To: Choosing the right monitor for what you need

    Choose your monitor wisely! So you may be looking for that next gaming monitor or perhaps a monitor for the family room and general use. However, there are so many different types and sizes of monitors that it can all get overwhelming very quickly for those of us who look beyond the...
  22. Idolator

    Resolved: Multi Monitor Management

    So yay I got my 2nd monitor, after a lot of discussing it with you guys @Gyorn @zefirus and I ended up going for the Acer. Now that brought about a new problem, I've never really had more than 1 monitor so this is something completely new to me. The constant Win+Shift+Arrow Key is getting...
  23. Y

    finally dual monitor starting tomorrow!

    Question for yall, friend is giving his old monitor to me and was wondering what do you have in your other monitor; to keep you entertained while playing?
  24. Idolator

    Resolved: Picking a 2nd Monitor

    So I finally put some money together for a new monitor. I'm tired of having to alt+tab through applications, specially while ingame. My current monitor is a Dell UltraSharp 24'' Monitor UP2414Q, 60.5cm. This is a 4k Monitor, unfortunately I cannot run the most demanding games on 4k (stuff like...
  25. Rage487

    Resolved: Looking for new monitor

    I always find it a bit difficult to pick out a good monitor since there are so many out there so if anybody could give me some tips that would be great. Preferably, I would like to get one with AMD Freesync at 2560x1440 resolution, but since I also do a lot of video game design work on my PC, I...