1. NormsAlterEgo

    Miscellaneous: Rock Band Rivals Crew Recruiting (Xbox One)

    So, rivals has been out for a month and there are around 9000 crews that have been created. My crew of three has managed to climb to the top 100, but we're in need of more crew members to help with the weekly EXP grind. If you own the game on Xbox One and are interested in joining, simply leave...
  2. S

    Miscellaneous: Rocket leauge Tournament

    Hello everyone I'm going to host a Rocket league tournament this weekend It's going to be double teams so each time will have 2 members The winner team will get 10 $ for each player It's going to be a Double Elimination Tournament so each team will have two chances of Wining , after...
  3. S

    Hearthstone: hearthstone weekly tournament 7

    Hello everybody :salute: This is the Tavern Brawl weekly tournament 7 we are going to have a weekly tournament for the Tavern Brawl each week when It opens There is a prize for the winner a game :read: so join us and have some fun :wave2: next tournament will be at...
  4. Lavender

    Miscellaneous: New Heroes Squad : Pyrexia

    Pyrexia (PREX) CO - Lavender XO - bloodrunner Member - Recovery Member - BadCompany Member - Ozzy0 Member - arramayne Member - BamBiGamer Member - sophiaherron Practice - 8pm-10pm EST Everyday (with players rotating for days off) Instructional squad teaching newer...
  5. Badger

    Miscellaneous: New Heroes Squad : Fat Kid Eats Cake

    Fat Kid Eats Cake (FKEC) CO: Badger XO: Gaudkiller member: Jessica Rae member: tiltedslim member: Raiiken Sub:@LuckxR not actively recruiting. practice times tentatively weekdays. Fun Squad open to scrimmages.
  6. MuscleBeach

    Miscellaneous: New team for HOTS question

    What are your thoughts Fireylaw27, that in the future, I could donate "X" amount of money for my own sticky thread in the squad section for heroes of the storm?
  7. Ncola

    Miscellaneous: Heroes Squad: Quack Like a Duck

    Quack Like a Duck (QLaD) CO: Ncola XO: Regamis member: lokela member: Hazazer member: Shozen member: nitroyoshi9 member: Viizion alt/coach: Maverick not actively recruiting. practice times tentatively set 8-10 pm est weekdays. roles and starters will be set later...