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  1. JedHartmann

    [HELP] Facing Random Crashing In Minecraft

    Hello, gamers. I was having one strange issue while playing Minecraft on my Windows 10 PC. The Disk usage and RAM usage were automatically getting increased while gaming. But I solved this issue with the help of this article. But now I am having random crashing in Minecraft. Can anyone help me...

    Minecraft Architecture!

    Hey all, Post your minecraft architecture here! I am looking forward to seeing them all!
  3. B

    Shameless Plug

    Whats up everybody, I recently started producing some minecraft lets play videos on my Youtube Channel Wodden Bukkit. I would highly appreciate it if you have the time to check out the channel maybe watch a video or two and see if you like it. I am planning to continue the series regularly, and...
  4. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    P3rf3ctXZer0's Workshop Project Releases

    So today I would like to announce that I have 7 days to die server and a Minecraft server both up and running. __**MINECRAFT**__ In order to connect you can either import the Minecraft instance in the Multimc Launcher or you can manually google how to make a modded Minecraft instance in...
  5. Lan27

    Minecraft Modded Server

    Hai everyone, I'm Lan! I don't know if we have people that play Modded minecraft but I'll post it here anyways. I am currently playing on a server for FTB Revelations. I am a trusted member (basically a mod) so if you apply you will most likely get accepted. Here're the details for the...
  6. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Minecraft - A journey of creativity - Fever Dream

    DUE TO FORUM LIMITATIONS I AM HOSTING A GOOGLE DOC - Please Still comment here on the forums though. Thank you for understanding. Minecraft - Project Fever Dream - Google Docs SIDE NOTE - I will copy pasting all things from the document here; fair warning they will not be very pretty so...
  7. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Minecraft - A journey of creativity - Fever Dream WIP

  8. D

    Official Fever Minecraft Server (survival and Modded)

    Survival ip: FeverClan.mcworlds.pro Modded ip:bloodycraft.apexmc.co (Whitelisted) Lightbayne FTB Ultimate ip:FeverClan1.mcworlds.pro Hopefully in the summer when I'm finished college ill be able to setup a hub and we can do some game nights, I can setup the walls, spleef, parkour races and...
  9. D

    Official Fever Minecraft Server and fresh start

    I was thinking about getting a server again and making it the official fever server where you can play vanilla or modded and also have game night were we do a custom map of your choosing. But before i try to do that i would like to restart this forum because if you look at the dates on the...
  10. Bloodlotus

    Just got Minecraft on PC

    So I just got the game on PC, who wants to play with a noob :D I am Bloodlotus13.
  11. H

    Minecraft Jobs

    Minecraft The Recruiting Team We are always looking for people to help us recruit for Fever Clan. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so Fever Clan is the...
  12. Kimenu

    WTB - Minecraft - name your prize

    I want to buy Minecraft for my friend, so I figured Ill try buying it with Fevercoins first. Just name how much coins you want for it and you'll get it (as long as its within my current amount of coins)
  13. Tilairgan

    Anyone want to join me in a Vanilla Survival LP Series?

    Does anyone want to join me in a Let's Play series for Vanilla? Requirements are to have a Discord, Teamspeak, or Skype. If you have Skype, add Tilairgan.
  14. aquarat108

    Infinity Evolved Skyblock Discussion!

    Infinity Evolved Expert Skyblock has been out a while now, and I thought it would be a good idea to open up a thread for people to share their progress, their goals, and the things they have achieved and are proud of. So post away! I'm struggling to make machine frames because I don't have...
  15. R

    Interested in playing Minecraft Any 1 playing actively

    Would love to play minecraft again been a while only really ever played vanilla but found the game very enjoyable open to most things.
  16. T

    Looking for Minecraft player to join me in CIVCRAFT!

    Civcraft is a minecraft version of civilization series games. It is very in depth and somewhat complicated but dont let that turn you away. There is one public server for the entire mod which is server side so only vanilla minecraft needed. If your interested in joining the FeverClan Civ on the...
  17. Hastyb

    Recruitment run for my server

    Minecraft server Valantis.us Rp, Elf, Dwarf and Human races. Each gets a perk. No griefing and plenty of PVP and war style fighting. Im currently dwarf and member of the dwarf main town Kraghammer. IF you start up let me know and i can get you into a town quickly as well as gear you well. Has...
  18. Hitoshi

    BASIC in Minecraft

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4e7PjRygt0 Very interesting...
  19. R

    if you wanna play minecraft FTB infinity evolved come here

    hey guys i have found a verry nice open server thats been taken care of verry nicely to join here this is what you do : first what you need to do is go to www.enjin.com and see if you got an acc there if not , make an account and link youre minecraft acc to enjin this step is inportant you...
  20. C

    so much minecraft

    me and a buddy we have a server we have been playing so much infinity for the last few days. but its so much fun we started on expert but that only lasted a few days its so hard but we made alot of stuff.
  21. D

    If anyone wants to join a vanilla minecraft server

    I recently made a minecraft server for about 5 people but since then I upgraded it to 25 so if anyone wants to join the ip is:
  22. Pudge Nubbins

    Happy holidays from the minecraft team!

    May not be the best tree..... but we tried lol
  23. D

    Minecraft server

    So i have setup the server the ip is .The server can hold 25 people
  24. P

    Vanilla minecraft server hosting?

    Has anyone got a vanilla server, no mods, just for fun. Survival. my internet is too bad to host privately for a few friends, otherwise I would, but if anyone wants to team up and play minecraft survival I'd like to. I'm bored of playing solo.
  25. Hekigarus

    I See Dead People In Minecraft Ultima

    Many believe that there ghosts in the mod pack And that they look curiously like Squids.