Minecraft Architecture!

    Hey all, Post your minecraft architecture here! I am looking forward to seeing them all!
  2. B

    Shameless Plug

    Whats up everybody, I recently started producing some minecraft lets play videos on my Youtube Channel Wodden Bukkit. I would highly appreciate it if you have the time to check out the channel maybe watch a video or two and see if you like it. I am planning to continue the series regularly, and...
  3. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    P3rf3ctXZer0's Workshop Project Releases

    So today I would like to announce that I have 7 days to die server and a Minecraft server both up and running. __**MINECRAFT**__ In order to connect you can either import the Minecraft instance in the Multimc Launcher or you can manually google how to make a modded Minecraft instance in...
  4. Lan27

    Minecraft Modded Server

    Hai everyone, I'm Lan! I don't know if we have people that play Modded minecraft but I'll post it here anyways. I am currently playing on a server for FTB Revelations. I am a trusted member (basically a mod) so if you apply you will most likely get accepted. Here're the details for the...
  5. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Minecraft - A journey of creativity - Fever Dream

    DUE TO FORUM LIMITATIONS I AM HOSTING A GOOGLE DOC - Please Still comment here on the forums though. Thank you for understanding. Minecraft - Project Fever Dream - Google Docs SIDE NOTE - I will copy pasting all things from the document here; fair warning they will not be very pretty so...
  6. P3rf3ct_Zer0

    Minecraft - A journey of creativity - Fever Dream WIP

  7. News Bot

    Minecraft on Nintendo Switch Gets Cross-Platform Play and Physical Release This Summer

    If you play a lot of Minecraft on the go with your Nintendo Switch, but wish you could play with others on the platforms they use a lot, then get ready to be excited. This June, the Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition will welcome the Minecraft Bedrock Engine onto the platform, and you'l be able...
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    Outfit Your Minecraft Characters With Sharp-Looking Final Fantasy XV Skins

    Thinking your Minecraft journeys are lacking a little something fantastical? Need to inject some of Final Fantasy's best boys into your game? You can now pick up the Final Fantasy XV Skin Pack, which features your favorite four Final Fantasy XV dudes: Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus, along...
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    Gamevice Introduces Minecraft Edition Bundle

    Gamevice, manufacturer of popular tactile mobile controllers, just launched a brand new Minecraft-centric bundle for fans of the franchise. The Gamevice Minecraft Bundle is available for $89.95 on Amazon and certain retailers across North America today, and if you're a fan of the sandbox title...
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    Minecraft Skin Pack 1 Brings Master Chief & Banjo to Nintendo Platforms

    Back in September, Shacknews asked about some of the ramifications of Minecraft's Better Together update, in which Minecraft players from across different platforms will be able to play with one another and access all of their content. We made sure to ask about platform-specific content...
  11. News Bot

    Minecraft Goes Under the Sea with 'The Update Aquatic'

    The annual MINECON kicked off on Saturday morning, celebrating all things Minecraft. As one would expect, viewers of the MINECON Earth livestream were treated to details about the world-builder's next update. And for that update, everyone's going under the sea. Titled 'The Update Aquatic,'...
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    Minecraft 'Better Together' Update Live on Most Platforms

    It's time for Minecraft players to come together, as Microsoft and Mojang have deployed the game's Better Together Update. This is the long-awaited update first announced at E3 2017, which will not only introduce 4K resolution for the first time, but also allow cross-play across a majority of...
  13. News Bot

    Minecraft 'Better Together' Update Brings Halo Content to Other Platforms

    Minecraft has been looking to unite more and more players, despite their differences in platform choices. Thanks to the upcoming Better Together update, Minecraft players across different consoles, handheld devices, and other platforms will soon be able to play together. But what does that mean...
  14. News Bot

    Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition Assembles Today

    There are very platforms that wield Minecraft these days. Wednesday's Nintnedo Direct continued with a look at one of the last holdouts, which is a holdout no more. The New Nintendo 3DS will now carry an edition of Mojang's world builder, called Minecraft New Nintendo 3DS Edition. The New...
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    Microsoft Makes Minecraft, Halo and More a Mixed Reality

    Microsoft has entered the virtual reality battlefield in a big way with their announcement of new headsets coming this October. While the affordability of the headsets and their ease of use are certainly appealing, the people want to know about the games. Rejoice, people, because VR Halo is...
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    Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle: What's in It and How to Pre-Order

    Are you interested in Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One X console but more interested in putting that extra $100 toward games? Check out the Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle, a package that includes a slimmer Xbox One complete with a 1TB hard drive as well as Minecraft, everyone's...
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    Minecraft Cross-Play Conversation Continues Between Microsoft and Sony

    Can’t we all just get along? That question has been the general consensus when it comes to the various gaming communities desiring cross-play for their favorite multiplayer titles. Minecraft is one of the prime collaborative experiences to be had in gaming and, when Microsoft acquired...
  18. News Bot

    DayZ Map Recreated in Minecraft

    For those who have a poor sense of awareness or simply don’t get out much, we are living in the year 2017. Hearing about some thing or place being recreated in Minecraft is certainly not the novelty that it was in 2012 (or 2010 for that matter), so to make waves with a project in in 2017...
  19. News Bot

    E3 2017: Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Interview With Job Stauffer

    Telltale Games Story Mode concluded its first season when Episode 8 came out in September. Season 2, which was announced last week, will begin with the release of Episode 1 on July 11. Job Stauffer, PR manager for developer Telltale, came by the Shacknews E3 booth to talk about how Season 1 and...
  20. News Bot

    E3 2017: Better Together Update Brings 4K And Cross-Play To Minecraft

    Minecraft has made its showing at Microsoft's E3 2017 presentation, dropping two huge features that fans have been clamoring for: 4K resolution and cross-platform play. The former feature is not too big of a surprise: we all knew the Xbox One X was coming -- although we did expect it to be...
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    Tips to Win the Game Modes of Super League's City Champs - Minecraft

    In each Super League’s Minecraft City Champs gaming session, players compete against other City Clubs in seven different Minecraft game modes on the big screen. To emerge as one of the top City Clubs, players in each City Club will need to work together and devise thoughtful strategies to...
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    Both Vanilla Minecraft and Minecraft: Story Mode Will Be Available On Nintendo Switch

    If you’re a Minecraft fan looking to bring home a Nintendo Switch, you’ve got a few options for when the console finally touches down. While you’ll have to wait a little longer than the Switch’s planned March 3 debut, you’ll be able to play vanilla Minecraft as well...
  23. D

    Official Fever Minecraft Server (survival and Modded)

    Survival ip: FeverClan.mcworlds.pro Modded ip:bloodycraft.apexmc.co (Whitelisted) Lightbayne FTB Ultimate ip:FeverClan1.mcworlds.pro Hopefully in the summer when I'm finished college ill be able to setup a hub and we can do some game nights, I can setup the walls, spleef, parkour races and...
  24. D

    Official Fever Minecraft Server and fresh start

    I was thinking about getting a server again and making it the official fever server where you can play vanilla or modded and also have game night were we do a custom map of your choosing. But before i try to do that i would like to restart this forum because if you look at the dates on the...
  25. Bloodlotus

    Just got Minecraft on PC

    So I just got the game on PC, who wants to play with a noob :D I am Bloodlotus13.