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  1. sparkis

    Are men really not that complicated?

    There is the age-old view, particularly from the male perspective, that in terms of relationships women are complicated. There are a minefield of differences to negotiate. Situations that were previously alien to men when women say they're "fine" but it's as clear as day that they're not but...
  2. KittyMae

    Movie: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage - Official Trailer #2
  3. KittyMae

    Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales - Official Teaser Trailer
  4. Bogo

    Photo: Sexy Beautiful Men! (pics)

  5. KittyMae

    Movie: USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage - Official Trailer
  6. Requ1em

    Of Mice and Men - By John Steinbeck

    Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
  7. K

    Shout Out to all the Veterans the men and womeen who served our Nation with courage and strength

    Thanks for your service !!1 Welcome Home!!! Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven - YouTube
  8. RedHill

    Men of War - Complete Pack

    I got on my email this: Excalibur Games | Men of War Collectors Pack Everyone that loves RTS games, I think this is a cheap way to get so many hours of gameplay :D
  9. Masao

    Do you agree? Men see the forest and Women see the trees.

    Do you agree with the following statement? "Men see the forest for the trees and women see the trees for the forest". I believe there are cognitive neurological differences between men. Where men exhibit better spatial awareness and women better precision orientation.
  10. Cronofan

    5 Angry Men (FAM) Pickedup by Denial E-Sports

    Looks like Denial is back into the Smite game! Looks like TheBest is going solo lane with MacetodaFace in mid. Explains why I faced Mace in ranked the other day and why best wasn't in mid (they were duo queued). Hope he plays better in that team than he did vs me that game (Match Info)...
  11. TurtleStrong

    Why women leave men they love What every man needs to know

    This article is brought to us by a man named Justice Schanfarber. You can find his page and the original article, by following the link at the end of this post. Why women leave or cheat - What every man should know
  12. toki

    Porn Actress Heidi Van Horny Will Have Sex With 23 Men On Her 23rd Birthday

    source: Porn Star Heidi Van Horny Will Have Sex With 23 Men On Her Birthday The Toronto Sun reported that the 22-year old actress might be looking to substantially increase the number of men that shes had sex with on camera from 10 to 33 in just one days work, as she has been weighing an...
  13. Cronofan

    I need a few good men (or women)...

    ...who are interested in helping me revive the SMITE Weekly Newsletter. Let me know if you are available to write 1 article a week (200 words, more if you are able) on any of the following topics related to the game; Patch Notes Updates; a summary, and short analysis of one aspect of the...
  14. F

    Looking for a few good Men and Ladies

    Need a few people to be on our 3v3 squad in LOL. Reply or just find me in TS to apply.
  15. A

    How real men play hardcore? haha

  16. Aug

    Women and Men finally understanding each other!

  17. Jerks

    Video: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

    College Humor: Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends (VIDEO) Love this haha.
  18. Sineth

    Debate and discussion : 5 men team. Pros and Cons. Theoretical and PRACTICAL.

    Hello everyone , if you have a little patience I will propose a project to you . But firstly I want to apologize if anyone else already made this Thread , secondly this is just an idea so far , we will see if it's a good or bad one but please participate . And now let's begin : Phase 1. We could...
  19. Shock

    Rally Call to Men (Daddies)

    Another really cool pod cast/webcast from our friend Trey.!
  20. Cogrum

    Military Men and Women

    So, I saw picture today of a military man who was struggling to say good-bye to his newborn daughter and I got to thinking. I thought about all those men and women overseas today who are putting their lives at risk to protect us. And of the many family members of those great men and women who...