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  1. Target

    Free Stuff for Twitch Prime Members

    You have until May 4th to grab your loot. This time around you'll get the following: -USS Texas, a premium Tier 5 Battleship and port slot (If you have the Texas already you will likely receive the equivalent value in doubloons. This is how they typically handle duplicate premiums.) -15...
  2. N

    WeekendWarriors Looking For Squad Members

    WeekendWarriors is actively seeking three members to add for a metagroup squad. Group work is primarily Friday evenings, and Saturday afternoon/evenings. Prior experience is not a requirement, just a desire to progress. We need people to have both a primary meta role, as well as an alternate...
  3. B

    Looking for more Fever Members for World of Tanks

    I am the new clan commander, and we are looking for people to fill key positions, like Recruiters. We also need to get a core group of players with Tier 6 Cromwell Tanks for Skirmishes. Playing now in December there are a lot of free awards available through the end of December as well. Get...
  4. aNger

    Fortnite | Late Night God Squad | LF NA | 18+ | Playing for the W | Squads Members

    Currently Looking for some more individuals on around 11pm CST - 4am CST several nights a week. I already have several team members available different nights so there will always be a team or two available for everyone. Just need to get us all on a list in one place with our availability...
  5. zeiki

    Fever Clan 2 Members

    Hey folks, I was looking at our clan roster and noticed that 36% of our members have been offline longer than 40 days. The remaining 64% have been online-ish every now and then, but there's hardly ever anyone online to form groups. Can we have any officer look through the roster and conduct some...
  6. J

    New t o HoTS how do I find clan members

    Hi, I have not played HoTS much (level 9 as os 3/11/17). Is there a clan or guild to join in game?
  7. opokalipse

    Opening PVE Server to Fever Members

    Been tryin to recruit for my PVE Server Exiles Oasis. Its currently a 30 man as the map size is only about 7-8km. Its a premium server with no wipes, with zero mods, and weekend events such as gathering and xp increases mainly around holidays. We currently have about 15 people playing...
  8. Paranoia Origins

    NA Team - LoL Syndicate - Recruting Members

    LoL Syndicate We're a Bronze V to Sliver Team so that we can rank climb together. Made this team cause not just me but we're all sick of all the overly toxic mother ****ers blaming everyone for their own mistakes. We're Determined to prove we're better than them and don't have to lower...
  9. Paranoia Origins

    NA LoL Syndicate LF> Members to Join Our Team (Bronze through Sliver Please )

    LoLS I'm a support main and been having nothing but harssing teammates blaming me for them fucking up. I've been trying for months since S5 trying many different gaming communites on discord, online, gamurs, etc. No Luck Seems no one wants to play with people who are in bronze from what...
  10. Paranoia Origins

    Hydalyn Society is Recruting Members to join our Roleplaying Group on (Balmung Server)

    History of the Hydaelyn Society! The story of Hydaelyn Society is an original concept meant to be set within the lore of FFXIV's world, Hydaelyn. Eras ago, a powerful primal nine-tailed wolf "Kuji" came into the world and created a home to which his people can live their lives in...
  11. Danthemanvan

    D3 Members Game Night/Get Together!

    D3 Game Night/Get Together! Hey guys! Thought I'd do a little thing! on 11/20/2016 I'll be hosting a little get together! Come chat it up about the new class coming out for D3 (Necro Hype!), form up some parties and get some leveling done, or just goof around and make some lame jokes! Think...
  12. F

    Any clan members want to team up on infinite warfare xb1

  13. Strae112

    Salute to all the service members here

    I am extending a warm thank you to all prior and current service members in the D3 world. As one myself, I know some of the rigors we have had to endure. Everyone who can sit down and enjoy a fun game online should know that somewhere out there is a service member standing their post...
  14. Bob_o

    Calling all EU D3 Members

    Attention EU D3 members! This topic has fallen off the radar once again but I still want to promote Fever Clan in the EU. I am looking for Fever Members that play Diablo 3 on the EU servers. More specific, I need in-game officers over there. Since there isn't a huge player base on the EU yet...
  15. OGJosh

    Looking for Members to Join Civ 5 Game Night

    Me and a could friends are just finishing up our last Civ 5 game and now want to start again with a lot more people, and seeing as there is is great clan right here, I thought why not ask! :3 If you are interested in joining our little game night then feel free to reply to this thread, pm me or...
  16. F

    NA New Fever Member looking for an introduction to the League of Legends Teams and members

    Hello, I'm Frygod and I'm a Diamond IV Gragas main. I am new to the Fever Clan and I would to have an introuduction to the ranked teams and members that are part of this clan. I have some youtube montages that I have linked in this post that shows who I am! I would be willing to play with...
  17. D

    Needing more clan members for teams

    Add me so we can get some team play going. Steam ID Dot.Zero / |Fever| Dot.Zero
  18. UntoldTruth

    Did fever members get hit in the ban wave?

    About a week ago I considered switching to fever clan from fever clan 2 because feverclan 2 didnt seem that active and when I did that both clans have 140+ members and now fever clan is at 128 and fever clan 2 is at 131 which is about 20-30 people missing. So did a crap ton of people get...
  19. L

    Fever members VS fever members

    The other night a group of us went up against other fever members it was a blast and we had a heck of a good time i just wish we could get more quick matchs like it
  20. Skeptic

    Any active members on Coeurl?

    Title is self explanatory. FFXIV is my secondary game but i lack people do to things. So do we have any FC on Coeurl? And if possible would like to know everyone who plays FFXIV since after i finish the main story it will probably be boring.
  21. Bob_o

    Need active EU Members

    Everyone, Many of you may not know that we have a Fever in-game clan on the EU side. Right now there aren't to many people over there but I am looking for a few EU members that would be willing to help recruit and build the community for EU players. I will do what I can to help you with...
  22. TheLoveMachine

    We Showed Up - Clash Royale Clan looking for members

    I'm looking for active clash Royale players to join my clan. We're generally looking for people with over 800 trophies but we will accept lower if you are willing to take advice and work hard to improve your trophy count. We currently have 25 members who all enjoy playing the game. I'm hoping...
  23. zefirus

    LF Recruiting members for FPS

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan, specifically in our FPS area. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those...
  24. H

    Looking for Members either want to do casual hots or Ranked!

    I am currently a 28 ranked and am looking to move up the rank ladder. If anyone wants to join for duo queue or just a fun quick match add me on HOTS: HivePuppy#1407 Thanks, for checking this out and feel free to join me in the HOTS chatroom on teamspeak under HOTS. Have a great rest of the day.
  25. T

    players and members

    I love this clan it has so many cool people however there a some players (not naming anyone) that are a bit toxic dose anybody other then me see this?