1. S

    NA New Member

    Hi, I just joined Fever.I mainly play Heroes of the Storm so feel free to add me SmoresDude#1435 :^)
  2. G

    How-To: New member looking to join private steam group

    Hello. Gorskorr/Jacob here. I'm wondering if its at all possible to get added to the private clan member group on steam? My steam profile link : Steam Community :: JuicyPotato If not any information regarding the process would be very much welcome and appreciated <3 Gor
  3. Grant

    SMITE: Member Roster

    Main Game[Click to get added] #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1adrianbrodynose2018-08-010PFC27 2aipsylon2018-06-1052PFC4 3Cronofan2018-07-311VO1575 4Grant2018-05-2766VM516 5gtr8112018-06-2834PVT1 6HardcoRGS2018-07-311PVT2 7Loyalbdog2018-07-3111LT72...
  4. O

    Just a new member saying hello.

    As the title said . I'm new here and I just wanted to say hi. Would also like to post my ign here : Kajgana , so any1 can add me so we can play together. Im pretty new to the game , I play it for like 2 weeks. Thats all :D
  5. R

    New Member looking for Team League Hots

    Hello everyone. New Member RageM0nster. I just wanted to say hi and let people know I am looking for other players for Team League. I usually try to get on in the evenings (east coast NA). I play around high plat - Low Diamond skill level. Please feel free to message me or add me on...
  6. F

    Hi all!! New member here :D!!

    Hi all fellow Diablo community memebers. My name is Michael and i just joined fever last night with D3 as my main game :D Looking for ward to see you server side and when EU clan is formed in joining you all there. Feel free to say hi anytime and drop in for a chat :D
  7. Sithis

    Updates: Looking for a motivated EUW Member to become the LOL EU Coordinator

    As the title proclaims the LOL section is looking to make a push into Europe by season 8. We're in search of someone who can help manage and run the EUW club and section for Fever. Here are the FAQ's. Who: Any Europe based Fever member in good standing. When: ASAP, preferably before the...
  8. R

    How-To: returning member ( help )

    I havent been able to be active in Fever for quite some time due to IRL issues and would like to come back Used to be an officer and have been a member of Fever for years. Im not looking to come back as an officer ( at least no time soon ) because I wouldnt have the time to do my duties, I have...
  9. D

    New Player and New member

    Hello, I'm Doughby and I just joined and started playing HotS a few days ago. If you want to play just hit me up on battlenet. My tag is Doughby#1689. I also play Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends and Rainbow Six siege. If you want to play any of those hit me up.
  10. SunKenRock

    GW2 Member List & In-Game Guild Request

    Hello to all Fever members! This section is for tracking the Guild Wars 2 player base within Fever. If you would like to be added to this list, please post to this thread with your ign(in game name), your current world and whether you are on the EU or NA servers. You can also request to be...
  11. D

    New member - looking for Fortnite players

    Currently level 43 looking for dedicated players to play with. Epic username = DinoRoger (add me). Looking forward to the new Survive The Storm event.
  12. News Bot

    World of Warcraft Guild Turns To Tinder To Find Perfect Member Matches

    Much like dating, finding the right match for your guild is a hit or miss proposition. They can look good on paper, but when you meet them and see them in action, they don't always come as advertised. But that hasn't stopped a World of Warcraft group from turning to Tinder to bolster their ranks...
  13. H

    New Member

    ValMorghulis [email protected] Not in clan yet. NA region. Opps. posted to wrong section. I cannot delete this post, pls help to move to correct section. Thanks.
  14. BrockSamson

    Longtime NA HotS Player, New Clan Member

    Hey Clan. I’m Brock. Been playing Heroes of the Storm since beta. Just recently signed up for the clan. My battlenet tag is BrockSamson#1458. Looking forward to playing some HotS with you guys. Peace
  15. Gotama

    Yet another NA hots member

    Played this off and on since beta. Reformed LOL player that left that game due to the toxic community. I mostly play Overwatch but I like to play a bit of hots now and then. Add me Gotama#1105. I mostly play around 10 PM PST.
  16. A

    Yet Another HotS new Member

    Hi everyone! I'm glad to have joined the clan today. I'm a new HotS player, playing mainly supports for the moment (Lucio, Auriel & Rheghar, being my favorites) looking for friends to enjoy the game. I know there is a lot of HotS player here, and I don't know a better place to say hi to...
  17. Nurdpie

    New(ish) member & HoTS player

    Hello, everyone. :) I joined within the past week or so and am finally getting a chance to introduce myself. I've played HoTS since Alpha but still consider myself to be pretty casual. I'm hoping that being a member of such a supportive and active community will help give me a push on...
  18. K

    New Hots member

    Hey I'm Kalle! I have played hots since beta and i try to play atleast 4-5 days a week. I play just about any role and I am currently working my way up the ladder in ranked feel free to ask any questions in pm! :) Oh and i'm on EU btw
  19. Meowskers

    New hots member

    Hey i'm Ike, Not really new to fever but it's been a couple years since I last did anything due to real life stuff. I started playing hots again and wanted to get my food in the door with the community. I play just about any role and i'm looking foward to the 2.0 update. If you have any...
  20. Y

    New Member Yimek

    Hi All Yimek #2133 new to tha clan and really addicted to Hots so on most evenings. 3455 games played and currently sat in Plat 1 for team league although part of me joining this clan is because im wanting to push that rank up. im normally hanging out in QM playing any hero but love...
  21. B

    EU New member looking for bf1 players to play with

    If you play bf1 and like to work together as a team, pls add me on origin, ImmortalWarr1or
  22. Sky-J

    New member

    Hey, I just started playing Heroes a few days ago, but I have a good amount of experience with LoL so it's not completely new. I do like Heroes a lot better though, and I love the nostalgia that comes with all the hero choices, scenery, and music. I'm looking forward to playing with you guys and...
  23. D

    Whazup From Deadstick - OLD BF2 Member

    Hey fellows! Long time no see! :) Any of you old players still here from BF2 when I played here?
  24. Miss Joker

    Outstanding Fever Weekly Member Award

    Log here all Outstanding Fever Weekly Member awards that were awarded.
  25. xXGuardianXx

    how do i post a gif on a member profile?¿?

    every time i try to post the gif it just shows up as a link, can someone help with step by step instructions, maybe screenshots since im obviously not very bright this is a test link: