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  1. Gizmo256

    Immortal Kings Set Dungeon Mastery

    For you overachievers that want to work on your achievements, I wanted to share a really good site that shows mastering the Immortal Kings set dungeon. The build guide provided works well and there's a good layout of the dungeon provided so you know what you're getting into. The explanation of...
  2. Requ1em

    Mastery Bug?

    Is anyone currently leveling Gods and not getting Mastery Points?
  3. Bob_o

    Season 8 Hardcore Mastery Race

    Season 8 Mastery : Hardcore For Season 8 we are going to try to bring a few more Hardcore related events. Most of us play Seasonal (Non-Hardcore) but it's fun to level up a hardcore character every once and a while. This challenge is meant to last for a few days to a week depending on how...
  4. H

    PBE: Patch Notes: 6.22

    Since these are pretty big patch changes for the preseason u can find the Assassin rework right here Assassin Rework Jungle changes can be found here Jungle changes preseason Balance Changes General Homeguard / Speed Bonus has been removed from start of game. Lethality - Flat armor pen has...
  5. RGN

    Vayne mastery 6 achieved in last 3 games - feels good now that I started playing adcs again

    Next up: Caitlyn :victorious: How about you guys?
  6. Muldred

    Set Dungeon Mastery Completed!!!!!!

    Thanks to jbo96, TMOE, LethalBacon, gandouf, XxReaperxX and any others that I cannot remember atm!!!
  7. Muldred

    Mastery of Set Dungeons (quick guide)

    This will be a short guide to getting the completed set dungeons mastered for the pennants. Get someone to join your party. Both of you go into the Set Dungeon. YOU Do All The Objectives! They clean up any mobs behind you that you missed. Tip: Once objectives are done, BOTH KILL...
  8. Caity

    Champion Mastery is live!

    Two days ago Riot Mirross announced that the Champion Master system would be reaching live soon! Today, it is officially live! You can read more about it here: Champion Mastery coming to live soon! | League of Legends Edit: I understand that some people feel that there will be negative...
  9. caLmdown

    Mastery Guide

    Complete mastery guide! Medic Val MedGun Bonus: capacity Heal 16,000 health Revive 6 teammates Prevent teammates from getting incapacitated 28 times Tranquilizer Gun Bonus: duration Tranquilize the Monster 14 times Tranquilize the Monster for 400 seconds Tranquilize the Monster 60 times...
  10. Hunter88

    Mastery Grinding

    Hey guys! I've played with a lot of you and maybe you havent played with me yet but i wanted to put out there that i will be grinding some mastery I's on some a lot of the champions. Anyone is welcome to join me just give me a holler in game same as my forum name. Ill see you all in there!
  11. R

    Thoughts on double-edged sword? (Mastery)

    I'm trying to think if there's any good situation to put a point in that mastery? My thoughts are that even if you are increasing you damge done by 2% and received by 1% (or 1.5/1.5 for ranged) you are on the losing end since you are taking damge from 5 potential sources. Thoughts?
  12. S

    Mastery help for top lane champs

    As the new mastery page released in season 3, I had a hard time to play some of my favorite top laners like Darius, Jayce, Renekon. I play my top lane as ad melee most of the time. The new mastery I set up have a pure ad dmg 24/6/0 and a pure tank 0/30/0. I tried both of them, first one turns...
  13. P

    Season 3 Info Post (jungle times, item sim, mastery sim)

    Item Simulator Mastery Simulator ^^Sometimes buggy^^ Season 3 Jungle Timers/Paths/Thoughts by Stonewall008 Season 3 Jungle Tier List by Stonewall008 Thoughts? anything here could be changed at any time by riot, but will most likely stay about the same.
  14. S

    Question about Hybrid Champions mastery

    Lately, I been really struggle to determine how to put mastery points for hybrid champions like; teemo, jax, akali, Kayle, and some other ones. I tried to put all 30 points in offense tree with both AD and AP boost. In game, this build is really weak early game. Then later, I either go pure...