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  1. N

    Logs from Antorus Normal 11/29/17

    Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
  2. Sithis

    Coaching Logs

    Please log coaching sessions completed here. Coach name: Student(s) name(s): Session duration: Session outcome (How did it go):
  3. Hoyy

    List of logs from raid nights.

    Here is a list of the logs when we raid. Tuesday 06/20/2017: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft Wednesday 06/21/2017: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/kwJLyg6MT3DvZ2Br Thursday 06/22/2017: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/GqkA3PjrZXzTdMVh Tuesday 06/27/2017...
  4. PapaRussia

    News: Patch Note Logs

    All patch notes that are released can be found here with the date and all information pertaining to said update. *Please don't post in this thread if it's not patch notes for PUBG*
  5. Lustrum


    Game Logs Game: Dungeons and Dragons Date and Time: 11/14/2016 12:00am - 2:00 am Host: MikVaTarius Members in attendance: Stigmaoftherose; Dovin100 ; 1 guest Success of game night: Things went splendid, lots of laughing and a bit of progress on the story plus one combat encounter made for a...
  6. B

    Breaking the Logs of HotS

    So I went to HotS Logs today to look at some stuff. And they deleted all information regarding the account known as Arimil.If you search Arimil you will not find my account. If you search my battletag Arimil#1551 you will get nothing. Now no one will ever know where I stand. Which is a good...
  7. efgodlike

    Event Night Logs

    Use this log to ensure we have all the information needed for the event you have hosted. (keeping a notepad up during Event night to keep the data needed and transferring it to this might be helpful.) Type N/A for any you do not have an answer to. Event Night for: (Enter the event hosted)...
  8. Stickz

    Resolved: Modem logs following connection dropping

    Hi again. I've had two techs come out and tell me that my signals are fine, and all cables are good(inside and outside). They replaced the modem as well, but the issue is still persisting. I looked in my logs today and noticed this; Also this; This has mostly persisted for the entire...
  9. News Bot

    The Witness Complete Puzzle Walkthrough and Guide: Audio Logs, Briefcases

    This guide will feature the solutions for each and every puzzle in The Witness. Since the game does feature a pretty complex amount of puzzles, we will be including several images for the solutions to help guide you along the way. Also, since the main point of this game is to solve the puzzles...
  10. V

    Biweekly: Meet the staff logs

    Please record all created Meet the staff spotlights here. Include this format: Spotlight # Person Interviewed/highlighted: Date: Link efgodlike Kesem Kodexx Rimeraz Croatoan Spowart Deltascourge NobleLion GamerKnoob SimplyPam
  11. tiltedslim

    HotS Logs Team Draft Helper

    I know, I know, I talk shit about HotS logs all the time. This tool is a drag and drop that lets you test compatibility of teams. Can toggle map and League. Link Link -> https://www.hotslogs.com/Sitewide/TeamDraft Explanation thread from reddit ->...
  12. efgodlike

    Weekly: Fever Video night logs

    Please record all Video nights here, *( ) means fill in the information use this format: Video night for (date) # of members in attendance: observations: (this is where you put how it went and if you think of any improvements for the nights) Spowart
  13. Bogo

    Discord Change Logs

    post channel changes and deletions here (no need to post game name channel renames)
  14. diamondclaw

    Tues/Weds Team World of Logs Reports

    Dashboard - 09/02/2014 - The Fever - World of Logs Congrats to those that ranked on bosses!
  15. diamondclaw

    T/W Team 9/2/2014 World of Logs Report

    Tues/Weds Team World of Logs Reports Dashboard - 09/02/2014 - The Fever - World of Logs Congrats to those that ranked on bosses!
  16. Hunter88

    Latest Logs for DPS and HPS Classes

    Hey guys don't forget to keep up with your logs for each class with the upcoming changes! I for one and excited for esper and medic! Take a quick look at the new logs here!
  17. Fleas


    Good Afternoon, Many top raiding guilds will use logs to track the performance of many members. We currently have two main choices available for tracking logs: World Of Logs and Warcraftlogs.com. Both log programs have advantages and disadvantages and can be found to be amazing at reviewing...
  18. Fleas

    World of Logs

    Greetings, I know that Lazy has been running logs on the raids. I am a pretty bad player and need to review them so I can retain my spot in raid. Do we have an officer currently running logs or do we do this ourselves? If we run can we post the link on the site or what are my marching...
  19. I

    Arteezy Skype Logs with EG Owner Leaked

    Arteezy Skype Logs with EG Owner Leaked Below are Skype logs between Canadian professional Dota 2 player Artour Arteezy Babaev and the owner of team Evil Geniuses, Alexander Garfield. Arteezy Skype Logs with EG Owner Leaked | Esports Express Enjoy!
  20. Kreps

    Squad Roster Log

    Squad Roster Log Description The squad roster log is a thread designed for all squad leaders (both CO and XO) to post information regarding activity, achievements and overall progression of the squad. Even though contacting has been accomplished and actions have taken place for the CO's...
  21. Black

    World of logs

  22. Jerks


    Please log your game nights on the following link - Game Night Log
  23. Aragos

    Combat Logs

    Great place to post your Logs. Can even merg logs of people that were in that group to compare DPS and what not.
  24. Bogo

    Discord Ban Logs

    Post all teamspeak/discord bans here. Username: Reason: Warning: Authorizing officer: