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  1. sparkis

    Solo Playtest Log - sparkis

    Record of play testing. Summary results and analysis posted/edited in OP. Turn-by-turn data in individual posts. Observations: With weapon damage of 5 and 0 armour, Warrior vs Ranger matches last around 11-12 rounds for each player. Haymaker stun effect expected on average 1 out of every 5...
  2. Sithis

    Discussion: Log Horizon

    Anyone seen this anime? Just started yesterday, currently on episode 5. I am enjoying it so far and my brother tells me it just keeps getting better. Why isn't this as hype as SAO was?!
  3. NobleLion

    Keeping a Sleep Log for your fitness

    I know this is the Fitness section, but I'm adding a quick post here to mention the importance of including a good rest in being your best for all activities, including your fitness efforts. I've started my own Sleep log where I keep track of what time I entered bed, my general rating for the...
  4. BigPun

    DotA 2: Summer Tournament 29/08/2015 log

    We had a tournament this saturday so here are the results! The format was 5v5 Random teams - Captains Mode. We had 4 teams of 5 poeple: Team 1 kimenu -captain gamerhellborn shanil rookie pokoj Team 2 shmeezy -captain ------- why tykenn pinkman Team 3 daddy -captain bonolemon luzian bigpun...
  5. humandragon

    Should I log in now?

    should I just log in now and stay on until 8 tonight that way i can play right away?
  6. Boo

    Barrows/Slayer Log ~ Lavacape has been done.

    Mizu 0yme0 Pheonix Can I has cookie? Salt Warning Barrows Log
  7. toki

    battle log august 2015

    8.8 hyunni bottomset Sona Bot ninjavanish Dierith
  8. Ryuk

    Ryuk's Update Log For Ark v222.3

    Current Version: v222.3 Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed erroneous Inventory keypress closures. Fixed crash some people were getting with an old TheIsland_Seasonal sublevel hanging around. - Approx 15-20% gpu perf gain in heavily foliaged areas in most cases. (Latest NVIDIA driver is recommended!) -...
  9. efgodlike

    Biweekly: Fever Get away Log

    Please record all get away's here, *( ) means fill in the information use this format: Get away for (date) (NA/EU) # of members in attendance: competition name: Contest winners: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: how long did it last: observations: (this is where you put how you felt it went and if you...
  10. Kunezite

    #LoveWins - Log in before June 28th 2015 for Rainbow Skin selector!

    #LoveWins Today the United States Government Supreme Court’s historic ruling guaranteeing a right to same-sex marriage. Reloaded has always supported the diversity of our players and employees. #lovewins To celebrate this historic ruling, any player that logs in today through Sunday, June...
  11. Bizbone3

    Update Log

    Upcoming Version: 181.0 (ETA: Tuesday 9:30AM EST -- STATUS: IN LIVE TESTING) * Re-enabled Official ARK Server item uploads to Steam Inventory: had disabled it due to a dupe bug which is now fixed ;) * Official Servers are now upgraded to the equivalent of "2.0" difficulty, rather than 1.0 *...
  12. Fox

    Log in this weekend for a FREE HERO

    Marvel Heroes 2015 is running a promotion right now that if you log in, you can get a FREE HERO (anyone except Dr. Doom). Definitely take the time to log in this weekend to collect your gift
  13. Ncola


    Log events here: Clan wars (win / loss) Successful practices Things that need to be improved.
  14. Sura

    04/20/15 - Special Events

    04/20/15 Birthdays: Fishy Xander Spectre
  15. Fox

    Greeting Team Spreadsheet Log

    Date: 4/19/2015 Current Activity: Recorded the greeting activity for all of the new Fever members who joined through 4/15/2015 Observations: Activity picked up a bit from last week. Efgodlike is still the MVP of the department. Removed a couple of inactive members, and sent PMs to the other...
  16. Fox

    Special Event Recognition Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  17. Mizu

    Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  18. I

    Weekly: Forum Games log

    Organize a team/clan job to do Forums Games on a regular basis to keep forums activity up and make it fun
  19. Mizu

    Tournament Log

    Log events here: - Upcoming Tournaments - Results of Tournaments - Awards/Coins to be given out
  20. 0yme0

    Introduction Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  21. Ralpin

    Spreadsheet Log

    This is just so i can keep track of when i work on the spread sheet for you guys Fox TheBossGuy
  22. darkshiverzs

    Discussion: Log Horizon

    any other fans of it here i love it
  23. 0yme0

    Biweekly: Member Spotlight Log

    Please record all created spotlights here, Include this format: Spotlight # Person Interviewed/highlighted: Date: Link
  24. Fleas

    WildStar-Beating the Log in Boss

    Last night after the WOW raid I went to take a nap before launch. We had a large storm that power surged the house resulting in my alarm clock losing power. So I woke up at 6:30am this morning. No late night partying for this old man. I know that many people are enjoying playing WildStar...
  25. DrinkingWhiskey

    cant log into server

    to play the open beta weekend