1. sparkis

    Solo Playtest Log - sparkis

    Record of play testing. Summary results and analysis posted/edited in OP. Turn-by-turn data in individual posts. Observations: With weapon damage of 5 and 0 armour, Warrior vs Ranger matches last around 11-12 rounds for each player. Haymaker stun effect expected on average 1 out of every 5...
  2. Karas

    Resolved: Member struggling to log in

    One of our members posted on the Fever FaceBook that he was struggling to log in and was worried he would lose his member status. Other than posting here I don't really know how else to help him. Any known issues with logging in? Any advice for him? His username I believe is Drake.
  3. News Bot

    Xbox Live gamertags expire unless you log in at least once every five years

    A recent change in Xbox Live's Terms of Use dictates that you have to log in to Xbox Live at least once every five years if you want to keep your gamertag. The report comes from editors over at WCCF Tech (via GameSpot), who discuss the language used in the new clause. "You must sign into Xbox...
  4. Sithis

    Discussion: Log Horizon

    Anyone seen this anime? Just started yesterday, currently on episode 5. I am enjoying it so far and my brother tells me it just keeps getting better. Why isn't this as hype as SAO was?!
  5. Bogo

    Leader's Change Log

    Please log all leader changes here. Such as: -Leader Retirement -Leader Reinstatement -Leader Job title changes
  6. NobleLion

    Keeping a Sleep Log for your fitness

    I know this is the Fitness section, but I'm adding a quick post here to mention the importance of including a good rest in being your best for all activities, including your fitness efforts. I've started my own Sleep log where I keep track of what time I entered bed, my general rating for the...
  7. BigPun

    DotA 2: Summer Tournament 29/08/2015 log

    We had a tournament this saturday so here are the results! The format was 5v5 Random teams - Captains Mode. We had 4 teams of 5 poeple: Team 1 kimenu -captain gamerhellborn shanil rookie pokoj Team 2 shmeezy -captain ------- why tykenn pinkman Team 3 daddy -captain bonolemon luzian bigpun...
  8. humandragon

    Should I log in now?

    should I just log in now and stay on until 8 tonight that way i can play right away?
  9. Boo

    Barrows/Slayer Log ~ Lavacape has been done.

    Mizu 0yme0 Pheonix Can I has cookie? Salt Warning Barrows Log
  10. toki

    battle log august 2015

    8.8 hyunni bottomset Sona Bot ninjavanish Dierith
  11. Ryuk

    Ryuk's Update Log For Ark v222.3

    Current Version: v222.3 Unversioned Hotfix: Fixed erroneous Inventory keypress closures. Fixed crash some people were getting with an old TheIsland_Seasonal sublevel hanging around. - Approx 15-20% gpu perf gain in heavily foliaged areas in most cases. (Latest NVIDIA driver is recommended!) -...
  12. Aug

    Donations Log

    All logs for updating Donations will go here.
  13. efgodlike

    Biweekly: Fever Get away Log

    Please record all get away's here, *( ) means fill in the information use this format: Get away for (date) (NA/EU) # of members in attendance: competition name: Contest winners: 1st: 2nd: 3rd: how long did it last: observations: (this is where you put how you felt it went and if you...
  14. Kunezite

    #LoveWins - Log in before June 28th 2015 for Rainbow Skin selector!

    #LoveWins Today the United States Government Supreme Court’s historic ruling guaranteeing a right to same-sex marriage. Reloaded has always supported the diversity of our players and employees. #lovewins To celebrate this historic ruling, any player that logs in today through Sunday, June...
  15. Bizbone3

    Update Log

    Upcoming Version: 181.0 (ETA: Tuesday 9:30AM EST -- STATUS: IN LIVE TESTING) * Re-enabled Official ARK Server item uploads to Steam Inventory: had disabled it due to a dupe bug which is now fixed ;) * Official Servers are now upgraded to the equivalent of "2.0" difficulty, rather than 1.0 *...
  16. Fox

    Log in this weekend for a FREE HERO

    Marvel Heroes 2015 is running a promotion right now that if you log in, you can get a FREE HERO (anyone except Dr. Doom). Definitely take the time to log in this weekend to collect your gift
  17. Ncola


    Log events here: Clan wars (win / loss) Successful practices Things that need to be improved.
  18. Sura

    04/20/15 - Special Events

    04/20/15 Birthdays: Fishy Xander Spectre
  19. Fox

    Greeting Team Spreadsheet Log

    Date: 4/19/2015 Current Activity: Recorded the greeting activity for all of the new Fever members who joined through 4/15/2015 Observations: Activity picked up a bit from last week. Efgodlike is still the MVP of the department. Removed a couple of inactive members, and sent PMs to the other...
  20. Fox

    Special Event Recognition Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  21. Mizu

    Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  22. I

    Weekly: Forum Games log

    Organize a team/clan job to do Forums Games on a regular basis to keep forums activity up and make it fun
  23. Mizu

    Tournament Log

    Log events here: - Upcoming Tournaments - Results of Tournaments - Awards/Coins to be given out
  24. 0yme0

    Introduction Team Spreadsheet Log

    Current Date: Dates Updated: Activity Summary: Notes:
  25. Ralpin

    Spreadsheet Log

    This is just so i can keep track of when i work on the spread sheet for you guys Fox TheBossGuy