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  1. Sithis

    Music: For your listening enjoyment

    Little thread in which I'll post what i'm listening to. I think this is the highest non-spam solo post count thread on the forums. My Audio Devices: Desktop speakers - Audioengine A2's Headphones - FX-Audio DAC/Amp, ATH A1000Z's, AT MX50's Car audio - 2 12" American Bass XFL's / Custom box / MB...
  2. Pudge Nubbins

    Your choice of listening material?

    For me? Music, usually some sort of machine generated stuff. Like trance and that stuff. Nightcore is there too, sometimes Rock/light Metal. Then every great once in awhile (maybe a couple times a year) rap/hip hop. R and B is somewhere in there as well. However I was thinking about listening...
  3. Miz Redavni

    Music: What are you listening to right now?

    Simple enough post a link or embed what you're listening right this moment. Right now I have 3 songs stuck in my head, so I'm cycling through all 3. Not one for most rap but I find these amusing...
  4. DrinkingWhiskey

    Jokes: funny ass video, bro caught dancing to bubble pop on camera
  5. crimsonfate

    Music: What music are you listening to?

    Well, I saw that there was no thread about what sort of music members are currently listening to and decided to make one. Just post the name of the bands and the names or covers of the albums that you are currently listening to. This becomes helpful in discovering new music too [and I...
  6. ErikPel

    Music: What have you been listening this month?

    Lets see what other members are listening. Take screenshot from your facebook, link your last fm profile or just list some bands. Heres mine: