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  1. Winterrose

    News: Life is Strange 2 (The Sequel)

    So to those who have played the first Life is Strange game, there is a sequel to that on its way to various gaming platforms. This sequel is expected to return with a new story and characters so unfortunately, we may not get to see Chloe or Max again. But all will be revealed on the 20th of...
  2. D

    Just a little rant about my life

    Just delete the post plz.
  3. Ralic

    Thankfully Life Day is done......

    Morning, Life Day is done at last. No more avoiding Fleet to escape being buried in snowballs. Just, roughly, 340 days til the next one. Good hunting and speedy rifts, Ralic
  4. W

    Black Desert Online - Mini Guide - The Life of Life Skiller Path

    Black Desert Online - Mini Guide - The Life of Life Skiller Path - YouTube
  5. Aussietye

    Extra Life Goals

    Once again I will be participating in Extra Life. This will be my fifth year raising money for the event. My goal will be 1k as I came close 2 years ago ($980). If I do end up raising $1,500 I will get the Extra Life logo tattooed on my arm. With all that said does anyone have any suggestion on...
  6. ArtemisofHT

    Extra Life within Fever?

    Would anyone like to help kids and Childrens Hospitals? I am looking to make a community inside of Fever to heal kids by gaming. Anyone intersted? I just joined a Guild in Dayton, OH and would like to encourage you to seek out your Extra Life guild in your community. Every major city has an...
  7. C

    Life change

    I am currently in the process of a career change as some of you know. I just got my CDL reinstated but i have to goto a driving school with the company i am driving for for 3 weeks. I have ordered my labtop to play over the road BUT the catch sadly is d3 is not doing it for me or my buddy. I...
  8. KittyMae

    Movie: Life - Trailer #2
  9. SilentTheBro

    ArmA 3 Altis Life Game Night!

    Hey guys, So as most of you know, we have our own Altis Life server and it's been getting worked on continuously. Let's get it populated yeah? Altis Life Game Night 01/22/2017 8:30pm EST Server Direct IP: or Type in |Fever| Altis-Life Server Come on folks, let's...
  10. Bizbone3

    Well Unofficial Fever Clan Altis Life Server

    I set one up and since its "RPG" mod on shooter lol I was told to slap this in here instead. |Fever| Altislife Server : |Fever| Altislife Server [arma3] ARMA 3 there you go and enjoy if you want any specific addons let me know. Provide you give me a link to where I can download it at...
  11. Brian Z

    Strengthen your real life INT level in teamspeak

    I was thinking of having computer discussions. Have a group of people together asking each other questions, picking each other's brains, studying together to get some computer certifications. I'm currently studying Security+ then afterwords maybe A+ or maybe some Python. I'll be on most days...
  12. Pudge Nubbins

    No Man's Sky comes back to life with 1.1 update.

    No Man's Sky So the Foundation update seems pretty good. But mostly what weve learned from this is them disproving all these "they gave up", "they ran off with the money" rumors. Aside from that they won their false advertisement thing going on. So with this you get Frieghters - apparently...
  13. C

    Bronze Life

    Bronze 3 slowly moving up! silver staus here i come baha
  14. Requ1em

    Dogshit Saved My Life - By Karl Wiggins

    Dogshit Saved My Life by Karl Wiggins — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
  15. Flux

    Life is Strange - Episode 1 Free on Steam

    As the thread title says you can currently get Life is Strange - Episode 1 for free on steam. Not sure when this ends but the rest of the game is 75% off too. Absolutely fantastic story and game if people enjoy telltale style games. Having the first episode free is a great way to try and see if...
  16. H

    Janna is love , Janna is life

    Janna is love, Janna is life. OH NO! They picked Janna before you. Time to counter Janna. Pick Sona. OH NO! They picked Sona. Don't pick Janna into that. Pick Soraka. OH NO! Your ADC picked Lucian, Ezreal or Kalista. DODGE DODGE DODGE. OH NO! You didn't listen to me and now not only...
  17. y0y0ninja

    Extra Life Charity Streaming!

    Hey guys! It's been a while since I have really been around, but I wanted to share you guys a link to my stream for the Extra Life streaming event for charity. Alll donations go to Children's Miracle Network hospitals, helping kids who really need it! I got 4 friends I'm playing with so it...
  18. KittyMae

    Movie: Life - Official Trailer
  19. KittyMae

    Movie: Life on the Line - Official Trailer
  20. Darakai

    Total Life Change

    So... a little back story. I've been a hardcore gamer since i was 5 when i got my first videogame, from there on i would live to play, and play only to win, having fun was dependent on winning against other players. This kept going until very recently, on the end of 2015, begining of 2016 i...
  21. KittyMae

    Movie: Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life - Official Trailer
  22. Requ1em

    Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life - By Bryan Lee O'Malley

    Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life (Scott Pilgrim, #1) by Bryan Lee O'Malley — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
  23. Thaumius

    How hearthstone ruined my life

    I'm very addicted to hearthstone. but my addictions go off ridiculously. I spend evety single dime I have on cards. my dreams are me playing hearthstone. When I attempt a game I have the mind of I am going to get so destroyed and yet i always do. I just want legend but I suck so bad. I don't...
  24. digitalblade


    Check out the latest and best of one of the leading game coverage giants. I am sick and tired of big websites trash talking about Esports and not understanding anything at all. This is the most hilarious read I read in a while have some giggles. WHY PRIZE POOLS DON'T MATTER IN ESPORTS ANYMORE...
  25. Flux

    Life Experiences

    So we all go through very different paths through life and we all take something different away from it. What words of advice might any of you have that you think others may benefit from? Mine is definitely that I learned that you dont need to settle on who is around you. There are always...