1. Wooot

    Season 21 Group Meta Speed and Push LFG List

    Rather than have set teams for grouping, I think we should list all of the member with builds and interest in running speed leveling runs and/or greater rift pushing. If that concept is something everyone agrees to do, I can update this thread to list members and their builds for grouping...
  2. Silent_Storm

    LFG Group

    I am looking for a group of teammates to help me get to gold nova. I placed silver 3 with preliminaries. I currently work 3rd shift so I'm mostly on in the morning GTM. about 7 am. PM me if you can help. This is a bit of an SOS. Need to place regardless of hackers and smurfs. I meant I'm looking...
  3. S

    Season 12 - LFG

    Hey all... Looking for a casual group for S12, can get online 2 - 3 times per week, living on the west coast of NA. Cheers!
  4. E

    NA LFG Team League

    I'm a melee dps main looking for a group of people to start a 5 man for Team League. Anyone interested can friend me on Discord as ExoGrimlocke#6605 or on Bnet as AstralExoGir#1136
  5. Salty

    LFG Pushing High GR

    I'm still looking for a group to push higher GRs with. Hopefully a 4 man. I run an Impale DH. Message me on here, discord, or in game!
  6. dtown

    NA Newer player looking for guild

    Hey everyone. I joined the clan recently for HotS and have found some really great folks in the clan. I just started taking BDO seriously and wondering if there is a Fever Guild? Any info would be awesome EDIT: I just found the clan list.
  7. GamerKnoob

    LFG for Leveling Heroes for 2.0

    Hey looking for a group of 4 other people to play QM or whatever with so we can level up some of our lower levels heroes and get that progression started before 2.0 is released so we can get all those sexy goodies. If you want in add me on battlenet, GamerKnoob#1536, or mention me on here...
  8. T

    LFG Ranked (Bronze)

    Bronze ADC/TOP main player looking for group, would love to do some decent climbing in a team and climb the ladder as much out of bronze as i can before season ends :)
  9. N

    LFG 5E Friday or Sunday nights

    Hey guys, me and a nonclannie IRL friend of mine are looking to play some D&D 5th edition. I'm a complete noob while he has a lot of experience. We'd like to play on the roll20 platform and get to know it more so we can possibly DM events in the future. Thanks, Nagrom
  10. Paranoia Origins

    NA S7 Rank Climb - LFG

    I was silver 3 but due to so many trolls, intentional feeders, flamers, and just overall toxic to the team. I've been placed all the way back to Bronze V, so now i'm trying to find people who are sliver who are good at their roles and know how to play them. So we all can clime up the ranks as a...
  11. Clever

    Help me add the Fever Clan to my Blizzard Friends list :)

    Hello all! My name is Clever, and I'm a relatively new addition to the Fever Clan community. I pretty much only play HotS at this point, and I'm looking for people to play with. In pursuit of this goal, I have attended one or two of the game nights, and I had a lot of fun doing so. That said...
  12. T


    Hey there. I've been running into some trouble finding people at my current level in the clan who are on and want to play together, plus I don't really know anyone in the clan since I'm new. I usually play after I get home from work, around 3:45-5 CST, and possibly at night 7-8 till 9-10...
  13. M

    LFG MMORPG / MOBA / Shooter / Misc

    Any teams forming? Wife is busy with some work stuff, so getting more free time then usual. Curious what groups we got in something I can sink some time into. I pretty much play every genre, just curious what we have that's pretty active. Kinda getting burned out on the moba arena games, but...
  14. Korvise


    Hey Everyone, Just stopping in to introduce myself and say HI! I'm Korvise. I very much enjoy playing Overwatch, even if I am pretty bad. No matter, I still LOVE IT! I'm looking for some people to play with in quickplay and hopefully someday competetive. I can play any role relatively...
  15. S

    NA Hi! I'm new, I'm looking for a group to play ranked with in Overwatch. Sarnix#1831

    Hey guys I just joined the community 1 day ago and I am having trouble finding anyone on teamspeak to play with... It feels like everyone already has established groups the play in with no room for moi :dispirited: So I thought maybe if I came to the forums and posted an LFG I would have more...
  16. T

    July 15,16,17 - LFG

    Hello fellow Fever members! Anyone interested in grouping this weekend? My top priority is completing another conquest for two - T10 2min + Curses Followed by a push on GRs... Tentative schedule: 7/15 8-12PM EDT 7/16 1-4PM EDT Cheers! Talahans#1690
  17. tripl3m486

    LFG RWBY: Grimm Eclipse

    Hi, Im looking for people to play RWBY with this weekend most likey saturday after 5 p.m. central or Sunday afternoon. The game had been full released since July 5 and ive only played through once,and I want to level up chars and get some acheivements. If your are interested reply here or PM me.
  18. ArtificialV


    IF anybody is ever playing some D3 let me know. I play Wiz atm. Maybe I started a WD (not geared though).
  19. welcrom

    News: LFG Competitive

    Just a heads up since almost everyone I've spoken to hasn't noticed. The Overwatch TeamSpeak section now has a 'LFG Competitive' room near the bottom. I was sat in it for quite a bit until I spoke to someone in the normal LFG channel. They said they hadn't even known it existed!
  20. L

    competative LFG

    Would be nice to have a competative LFG in Teamspeak so if any competative channels need a new peep they can juist look there for someone interested in joining but at the same time not disturbing groups in DND rooms...
  21. C

    NA LFG for Rated Battlegrounds in Legion

    Does anyone from Fever run a Rated Battleground team? I'll probably be maining my resto druid again. I'm looking for a team, in case the old one doesn't regroup, however, there will likely be four or five of us from my guild looking to join up. Please PM me if I don't respond to this post...
  22. Evincaar

    Lfg this weekend

    Going to try and put some work into farming paragons this weekend. Got an archon wiz, et wiz and zdoc I can bring. Who wants in?
  23. K

    Inroduction and LFG

    Hello everyone, my name is Kris and I am new to the clan. To get things started, I am obsessed with Overwatch right now and have been solo queueing/having my soul drained since launch. I'm getting quite tired of it and am looking for a group. Hopefully within this group, we will be able to...
  24. Stormeey

    LFG to push a bit in GR

    I built up a VERY decent zDH and am looking for a group to run with to try and push a little bit into GRs. I also have a zDH on NS which i tested in a 3s group with a non-ancient, non-augmented semi geared wizard and a very nice support monk. First time out we pushed to GR 84 very fast...
  25. T

    LFG for 80-90+ Grifts.

    Hey, guys. I was thinking about getting a group together for pushing higher than level 80 Greater Rifts. I can currently solo Greater Rift 82 as a Firebird/Archon Wizard. Btag: Badger#1198