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  1. L

    New to section: Want to get back into Smite and learn

    Hey all, I'm new to Fever Clan but not new to Smite. I've played a couple of years ago and have yet to get back into it, but I would like to! I was wondering if I would find anyone who's willing to play with a old player who forgot most of everything and teach while having some serious...
  2. darkset

    Looking to learn Latin

    Yes i do mean the Latin the Romans spoke my grasp of english is loose at best so i was wondering anyone know where is a good place for an adult learning english as a subject.
  3. O

    Trying to learn the game.

    If you guys can post characters that i can learn well with or some tips and tricks i might not find online that would be great also look forward to playing with any of you.
  4. R

    looking to learn

    I recently got back into pc gaming. I have some moba experience but not a lot on dota. it is something I have always wanted to learn but have stayed away from due to the reputation of dota players being more serious and not liking noobs, as well as hearing dota can get really in depth. that...
  5. Z

    Can someone help me learn Viktor please

    I have been trying to learn Viktor lately. I just don't fully understand his combos and the order I should build things.
  6. Brien

    Fastest/Best way to learn the game?

    Is there any particular mode or game I should play to learn the characters/game the fastest? I understand it is similar to a TF2 in a way but I would rather learn the game quickly so both I and my teammates don't suffer
  7. dicext

    im willing to learn help me plse

    i want to improve instead of being mad thinking that its not me. i know now that ive been improving but i don't wanna be improving in the wrong way i don't wanna go thru rank just with my excuses please im open minded and willing to learn im tired of being full hardy and not thinking before i...
  8. BigPun

    Rolling code for RP games - Learn how to

    Rolling code for RP games - Learn how to We now have a dice roll code for the forum games & rp games. This follows the AdX+B format, where A= number of dice, X= number of faces on the dice and B= modifier. E.g. if you want to roll two dice of 6 faces, and add 5 to it, you would...
  9. IgnisFray

    Playing to Win and Playing to Learn

    Playing to Win vs Playing to Learn Unfortunately, many players approach improving their game-play the wrong way. When working on getting better at League of Legends it is important to know the difference between playing to win and playing to learn. I'm not saying you should go into a game and...
  10. C

    Looking for people to play with and learn from!

    Hello men and women, I am FancyPants and I sort of returned to CS:GO and joined Fever recently. I like to become a better player, but I don't think I am making progress in the matchmaking games. I only shoot the guys but no one is helpful or willing to work together. I am only a level 5 so...
  11. FealtyGaming

    Guides: Ep. 5 KuKulKan Let's Learn Gods, Gear, & Meta Series

    Howdy all back again with another Youtube guide video. This one covers KuKulKan gearing. Hope you like and enjoy the video. If you do dig it please do Like, Comment, & Subscribe. I also livestream Mon-Friday 5-10PM EST on Twitch.TV/FealtyGaming come by hang and chat...
  12. Ralic

    Looking to learn group runs in D3 rifts and Grifts

    Evening, As the title states, I'm looking to get along in D3 with group play. I've solo'd all previous seasons. In fact, most of the gaming I partake in I solo. Group runs will be a learning experience for me so some kind soul(s) might be needed to guide me through a group run. If any...
  13. FealtyGaming

    Guides: Ep. 4 Lets Learn Gods, Gear, & Meta | Stacking Meta

    It is that time of the week again... The guide video time 'o' the week! Check out this episode of Let's Learn. I cover the Meta of Stacking in Smite. Hope ya like it and feel free to come by the livestream any time and chat about gear and stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssjsOO_z8cg
  14. LateMoon

    Was looking to learn how to code?????

    Was looking to learn how to code and was wondering if anyone in here had been programming in here for a while. Can't decide on what language I want to learn first and what would be most useful for me. I would really like to do some app development on android devices but don't know if that...
  15. LateMoon

    Looking to learn another jungler suggestions?

    I been playing Amumu for a while and have been getting pretty comfortable with him but was looking to just get a second pick just in case he gets banned. Does anyone have any suggestions for a low end players and not hard to learn character to jungle?
  16. J

    Best way to learn SC?

    Okay, I know YouTube and Twitch exist. And yes, I've heard of Google. I watch tournaments all the time, and the high-level play is incredible for learning the meta... I also have a core group of friends who play (but sadly, at a MUCH higher level than my decidedly Bronze-leauge Noobitude), and...
  17. Troncmaster

    KT chain bomb take-down explanation - learn it, use it, pwn all.....

  18. S

    News: Say Hello to ZENGAMING Best spot to learn how to aim

    Hello everyone and welcome to my post Today, I'm going to show you - Zengaming. Its a site where you can 1v1 people like arena and rank up in levels while competing random men. Registration link for zengaming: Zen Gaming When I'm about to do a MM I'm always doing a match or two in...
  19. ThomMerlin

    Starting NEW Ranked Team - Sign Up NOW!

    So far this is what I got. I am looking for someone to help out and lead the charge as well as people to fill the other roles. 1.) Team Name Ideas = Storm The Nexus, Eternal Flames, Tristram Madams, Khoral Raiders, 2.) I am PST (Practice times would be for my suggestion preference) 6pm-10pm...
  20. T

    Help me learn to play

    Hey every one! my entire life i have wanted to learn how to play dungeons and dragons but every time i have tried to sit down and read all the rules i feel over whelmed. So i was wondering if any one would be willing to sit down and take the time to help me learn the basics. Just message me if...
  21. Tuj

    Guides: The Tank meta is upon us, Learn how to peel .

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGEACUusvyA As a coach myself i cannot teach everyone on fever (Sadly i'm to lazy) But this guy did a very good job explaining the key to peeling, It's something everyone should learn , I can't say it enough but in a tank meta like this, "That cocky Ego fed Vayne...
  22. Cronofan

    Learn from the Pros 2 - Incontinentia (Support - Hinduman Commentary)

    Second in the series. Really good commentary on how pro supports play and maximize their efficiency. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83t7iDAiCAs&feature=youtu.be Great video by Hinduman. Worth the watch if you have an hour to learn suppport
  23. Cronofan

    Learn From the Pros - Zapman (Hinduman Commentary)

    Brilliant and in depth guide from the ADC perspective of Zapman and what it takes to be an efficient Hunter (ADC). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVidheFqb7A&feature=youtu.be
  24. Q

    Video: learn to play SURPRISE DRIVE

    Learn how To Play "SURPRISE DRIVE" With A Guitar By Everset's Tatsuo - JEFusion
  25. Lymbow

    Evolve - Today we learn how to dance with the monster