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  1. T

    Looking for more people and teams to join our league

  2. DurandaL

    Overwatch League Finals

    So the Overwatch League Finals will be in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclay Center (home to the NBA's Nets) July 27th and 28th !! Curious to see the set up and if they fill the arena The Overwatch League Has anyone gone to the Burbank Studio to see OWL and anyone planning on going to the finals?
  3. Hastyb

    NA Silver 3 support/top

    IGN: Hastyb Mains: Top- Darius, maoki, heimer Supp- Blitz, Thresh, naut Region: North America Been playing since Beta and never got much into tryharding as i never had a good team to work with. I ranked last season and got silver just to prove someone wrong but i didnt dedicate more than that.
  4. S

    Notice: Interest in league team

    I was making this thread to see what the interest would be in starting a ranked league team. I would like to see how many people are interested in doing this. Please below post the following Summoner Name: Level: Rank: Primary Role: Secondary Role: Top 3 champs: After this please get ahold of me...
  5. pressurd

    League of Legends Game Night 1/19/17!!!

    Have not seen a League of Legends game night in a while so I am deciding to hold one myself. The first one I will be doing would be on the 19th, this Friday. Of course it would probably not be my first seeing I have been around since 2013. If you have any questions just add my IGN = Xaiv. I am...
  6. ShmeeZZy

    eSports: RD2L Dota League Draft kicks off next week

    RD2L is kicking off its 13th Season! This season runs from late the start of January until the end of March, signups end on January 5th. What is RD2L? The Redditors' Dota 2 League (RD2L) is a casual and competitive league for individual players of all skill levels. It's a great way to...
  7. KingCatNip

    Team League

    Anyone interested in getting a group together for some Team league if so send me your info. I would like to arrange a team where ewe play at least one night a week.
  8. Batman

    Thoughts on League of Legends game night?

    Hey I'm hosting game nights for League of Legends on Sundays at 9 PM EST wanted to get a feel for what people wanted to play this Sunday? If we have enough players I would like to set up a custom game and play against each other what would you guys/gals like to do?
  9. Niine

    Rocket League 1v1 Tournament!

    Rocket League 1v1 Tournament Hello there everyone! Think you have what it takes to compete with neighbouring communities and to represent Feverclan in a 1v1 tournament? Well, our partners at GCC are hosting a 1v1 Event and we need you to take part! Details below: Rocket League 1v1 - Upcoming...
  10. R

    New Member looking for Team League Hots

    Hello everyone. New Member RageM0nster. I just wanted to say hi and let people know I am looking for other players for Team League. I usually try to get on in the evenings (east coast NA). I play around high plat - Low Diamond skill level. Please feel free to message me or add me on...
  11. DurandaL

    Overwatch League

    So Overwatch league is coming soon and I expect we'll learn a lot more in the coming days and weeks but there are quite a few details we already know. There will be 12 teams in the inital season The league will follow a more traditional sports format Blizzard has createdd 600 skins for the...
  12. NightWolf

    Hey league peoples.

    Hey, im a returning member some of you may know me and most of you dont lol. Im here to make and reconnect with some old friends. Feel free to add me on my current main league account Lightxwolf currently silver 3 was gold 4 last season but was gone for a year so bare with me. im on NA
  13. ArtemisofHT

    Notice: Oct 15 Tournament League of Legends

    6pm 15 Oct. tournament set date. Only teams that are premade will be participating, There is still time to join and get into a team. You have to be able to make the practices for your team, and the tournament date. If your interested and would like to be on a team contact JNG Fifty in game. Fifty
  14. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Meeting to Reschedule Tournament 7PM Monday

    This is to announce that everyone from the two teams for the Fever Tournament be present at 7PM EST so we can decided on a time and date for the tournament that appeases everyone.
  15. E

    NA LFG Team League

    I'm a melee dps main looking for a group of people to start a 5 man for Team League. Anyone interested can friend me on Discord as ExoGrimlocke#6605 or on Bnet as AstralExoGir#1136
  16. S

    BWCL - Starcraft Remastered League going online soon

    Dear friends, it has been 17 years since the Brood War Clan League, BWCL for short, was been launched for the first time. In its long lasting history, the German fan league could provide clans such as the Templars of Twilight, Deutschlands kranke Horde, aeterna societas honoris, Excello and...
  17. S

    BWCL - Starcraft Remastered League going online soon

    Dear friends, it has been 17 years since the Brood War Clan League, BWCL for short, was been launched for the first time. In its long lasting history, the German fan league could provide clans such as the Templars of Twilight, Deutschlands kranke Horde, aeterna societas honoris, Excello and...
  18. ArtemisofHT

    League Tournament Pushed to 9/23

    Many of the players in the tournament could not be in the tournament today so we will reschedule it for September 23, 2017. Same time of 1200 Noon Est. Best of 3s
  19. Sixxed17

    New to section: League of Legends Staff Roster/Jobs

    League of Legends Company Commander, XO Aisper Deputy Company Commander Shenanoska Administrator Sixxed17 Content Creator Available Coach Truth Game Night Host Ballbuster Shenanoska Sixxed17 SilverDuke310 Recruiter Ballbuster In hopes of...
  20. ArtemisofHT

    Incoming League Tournament

    Hello everyone, the date of the tournament has been decided for 09/16/2017. I hope team making is going well. If you would like to be placed in a team please put in the comments your IGN and what your top two roles are (do not put champions because that information could potentially be used...
  21. Winterrose

    Late Summer League of Legends Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!! (Rescheduled)

    Announcing the next LoL Tournament! Late Summer League of Legends Tournament When? August 12th, 2017 (Saturday) What time? 8pm EST to conclusion of the event Where? League of Legends Client For the NA LoL Only. (If you're from Europe and have an NA account, you can still play.) There will...
  22. Sixxed17

    NEW! League of Legends Champion to be released soon

    Riot have confirmed that they will be releasing a new champion soon. They have stated it will be a "jungle who can carry." It is a champ who can transform (like Gnar). Upcoming League of Legends champion teased with mysterious eye - The Rift Herald There's a link to an article relating to...
  23. Y

    EU Team League - Anyone want to go semi try hard?

    Hi I have just been playing some games with DrDuck and he mentioned that he is keen on playing some more TL. I got to Diamond 5 last season and im keen to push up a bit higher. I was wondering if there was interest on the EU server from people to get some semi try hard TL games in. i...
  24. DreadKnight

    Team League Squad Game Starting Tonight at 6:00PM EST

    Good Evening All ! Just throwing this out there to all HOTS members interested in Team League. Tonight I will be starting a squad game around 6:00PM EST (before the game night) to take a run at a few Team League ranked matches. Anyone who is interested just find me in one of the HOTS channels...
  25. N

    Adventurer's League

    Do you guys run the Adventurer's League stuff at all?