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  1. Callandor


    Hi, Callandor here I'm new in FeverClan and this will be my 1st post. I consider a Noob to be someone, like myself, new to the game and unfamiliar with the mechanics and other intricacies of PoE even though you may be an experienced gamer otherwise. I have recently given up playing D3, may...
  2. S

    I guess an introduction is in order!?

    Just wanted to make a quick post saying hello, and introduce myself for those of you who don't meet up with me on discord, or who are on holiday right now. I'm sharat, and as of now, the plan is i'll be healing on my mistweaver during progression of Antorus. Started playing back in Wrath...
  3. Salty

    Introduction to...myself!

    Hello Diablo 3 friends! My name is Bryan (Salty) and I will be playing the upcoming season as a Demon Hunter. I will be at all of your disposal as a game coach. You can ask me for anything whether it be class specific advice, general strategy, or the simple "which item is better". I am also...
  4. B


    Good morning. Just wanted to make a quick post and thank the guys from last night for an awesome set of matches for the remainder of my play time. Was really tilted and just happened along to a group of 4 from the clan who invited me to party and Discord and well now I'm here. Been playing...
  5. Y

    Introduction post to get my 2 week post out of the way.

    Well let me try this again since my last post got eaten or something. My name is Rodney, Yendor#11165 in game. I am 45yrs old, old I know, and have been playing HotS for close to a year now. I have all but 14 heroes level 9 or beyond before patch 2.0. I think I am pretty decent at the...
  6. V

    The Story Behind League of Legends Episode 1: Introduction about Runeterra

    The Story Behind League of Legends Episode 1: Introduction about Runeterra
  7. K

    Small Introduction - KappaOfAllTrades

    Heyo Fever Clan, my name is Chad or Kappa, whichever is fine. I just joined that clan a couple days ago and I am enjoying myself quite well. There are a lot of great people here and the discussions that happen are really fun. If ya wanna know more about me just pm me here, or from my steam...
  8. H

    Introduction (Hero#14161)

    Hello, A little background: I've been in the FPS community for a few years (Mid 2000s-Present), and I'm anticipating playing Overwatch with a good group of folks. I'm employed full time US Navy (enlisted), so I'll be available on the weekends. I try to do my best during the weekdays...
  9. R


    I just want to say hi and to let you know that I'm a Bronze 5 (i don't think I can go lower than that... can I? ^^) player... But like every bronze player I play with, I dezerve to be at least high gold haha... jk... i actually think i deserve my place ^^ Cheers and see you in game
  10. F

    NA New Fever Member looking for an introduction to the League of Legends Teams and members

    Hello, I'm Frygod and I'm a Diamond IV Gragas main. I am new to the Fever Clan and I would to have an introuduction to the ranked teams and members that are part of this clan. I have some youtube montages that I have linked in this post that shows who I am! I would be willing to play with...
  11. J


    Hello all My name is Jdogg42 I play a wide variety of games currently my main is GW2 but I am also very regular on Heroes of the Storm and D3 as well as DDO if you see me on TS feel free to pop in and say hi I am always willing to meet new people.
  12. Whienks


    Hey Guys Lilzhaze here , just wanted to introduce myself. I play smite(ps4) on tthe regular. I hope to have many fun games and discussions with all of you. Great to be here.
  13. Makk

    Makk introduction, inhouse games, coaching etc.

    First off, hello everyone. i am Makk from Finland and i have recently joined Fever solely because of the DOTA 2 section. I've been running my own TS3 server for a while now for the purpose of playing good Dota with friends. I had an up-and-running Inhouse League for quite a while during the...
  14. Stormeey


    Hi all Stormeey here. Long time WoW & D3 player. Currently taking a mini break from wow and playing some d3. Always looking for group to hang out with run some rifts grifts bounties etc. Currently para 1008 non seasonal 683 seasonal. Main is UE6 DH with a very decently geared ET wiz as...
  15. P

    Just a little introduction

    Delete pls Delete pls was actually on wrong profile.....
  16. J

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm Introduction

    Paladins: Champions of the Realm Paladins: Champions of the Realm Introduction Paladins: Champions of the Realm is developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. The FPS (First-Person Shooter) is currently in closed beta and will be for the next coming weeks. The Closed Beta started on...
  17. P

    league of legends introduction ^_^

    okay, so I'm not sure if this belongs here or not, but anyway I'm looking to find like minded league of legends players. I love to play as Jinx. I'm only level 13, I've not been on in a few days due to college and catching up on sleep, but when I'm on I'd like to play with people. I'm ADC...
  18. Houyami

    Introduction to Wildstar Addons - WIP

    Hey all, since Wildstar has gone free to play it has seen a huge influx of players, most of whom include some members from Fever. What is an addon? An addon is something written with the games API, in this case it can provide more information, easier management of bags, a change of UI or even...
  19. J

    WildStar Introduction / The Game

    WildStar Introduction / The Game In Depth Introduction To WildStar WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game set on the planet Nexus. The game is developed by Carbine Studios and published by NCSOFT, the game was unveiled at Gamescom in August...
  20. Mossyoak

    Introduction 9/28/15

    Got a little tied up with a friends bday party and was too tired to get on to post this, my apologies. But we have 2 new introductions that require your attention! We also have two new members to the team, so if they need any help please show them the way we do things around here! Gamblz...
  21. Mossyoak

    Introduction 9/26/15

    Hello team, we have another introduction that could use your attention. *whispers* It's a girl! So go give it your all :P Miiko Your Awesome Manager, Mossyoak ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn JSTFY Ladykayden Lepi Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming Shadowborne Sixth Spectre...
  22. CanidSerpent

    New-ish, WoD-less WoW Player

    Hello everyone, I started playing WoW in I think late July, I had to take a little break due to some money issues, but I'm back now and thought it would be good to introduce myself to Fever's WoW community. I've been at it a little while, with my main character at level 79, but there's still...
  23. ThomMerlin

    Introduction 9/13/15

    Greetings everyone, just helping Mossyoak out here. We have a couple introductions: Scarlett sillyaus ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn Ladykayden Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming RedHill Shadowborne Tipherion ThomMerlin PerfectEnigma efgodlike
  24. ThomMerlin

    Introduction 9/12/15

    Greetings everyone, just helping Mossyoak out here. We have an introduction: EachAbyss ChaosKnightI Firefighter4ISU gamerhellborn Ladykayden Lockus Luzian MorbidLemming RedHill Shadowborne Tipherion ThomMerlin PerfectEnigma efgodlike
  25. S

    silly introduction post

    Hello everyone I joined your wonderful community yesterday and figured I should introduce myself. I'm not sure whether I should be posting this in general discussion or in hearthstone but since I currently only play hearthstone I figured I'll post here and one of the kind moderators can move...