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  1. Sithis

  2. KittyMae

    Movie: A United Kingdom - Official 'Independence' Trailer
  3. Kunezite

    4th of July Independence Day Login and Win!

    July 4th Login and Win Hello Citizens, As was mentioned in this weeks blog post, we are happy too provide you with rewards over the Independence Long Weekend event. Login into APB Reloaded on each of the following days and earn yourself a free clothing item for you to use. Login times...
  4. KittyMae

    Movie: Independence Day: Resurgence - Official Trailers 1, 2, & 3
  5. J

    SMITE: Independence Chest (One Day Only)

    SMITE: Independence Chest (One Day Only) Celebrate the right to choose with the Independence Chest, available today only! 400 Gems per roll! Independence Chest Content Ra'merica Ra, Uncle Zeus, Liberte Athena, Diamond Sword Ares, Wrangler Artemis, Olympian Anhur
  6. noctemdracone

    Movie: Independence Day: Resurgence

    Fox is taking it down from the internet so watch it quick. I will try and keep up with it if it gets taken down and a new one pops up. EDIT: The official trailer
  7. Assassin

    4th July....

    Happy 4th July everyone, hope you all have a great day