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  1. CrushinKill

    Diablo Immortal

    Woohoo first post! Not entirely sure if this is the right place to start this so I apologise if it's not. Just looking to get an idea who else is planning to play Diablo Immortal for mobile when it comes out? Still a few months away but I'm anxious for it and plan on going full tilt when it...
  2. Gizmo256

    Immortal Kings Set Dungeon Mastery

    For you overachievers that want to work on your achievements, I wanted to share a really good site that shows mastering the Immortal Kings set dungeon. The build guide provided works well and there's a good layout of the dungeon provided so you know what you're getting into. The explanation of...
  3. MagiczZ

    Guides: The Immortal Garen Guide - Get out of bronze-

    Hi guys, sorry for the lack of formatting because I am new to the website. Now I see so many people playing squishy champions and instantly dying to the newest meta chaser, but fear not motherfucker! because IM ABOUT TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD! With This: Garen The Might Of...
  4. J

    News: Dota 2 | Immortal Treasure II

    Dota 2 | Immortal Treasure II Immortal Treasure II is now available, and includes items for Windranger, Undying, Riki, Morphling, Lich, Earthshaker, Mirana, and Invoker. All Battle Pass owners can find their unlocked treasure ready to open in the Armory. This treasure features escalating...
  5. DaveQ

    Immortal King's Build question. And a couple of odd questions

    Okay I am almost certainly going to make myself look stupid. But, I want, and need to get this right first time. As this is my Immortal Kings build set. Now, I am going from the Icy Veins page for the Immortal Kings Hero of the Ancients Fire Build. Now, right at the bottom of the page section 8...
  6. DaveQ

    Immortal Kings or other combat-based set?

    I currently have a full set of Might of the Earth. Which seems okay. Though it just doesn't seem to do any real damage. So far I can jump like once which stuns them. I am having to Whirlwind to finish them off. Yeah, I know WW isn't part of it, but it's the only way I can actually get some XP...
  7. Aphex

    Favourite Immortal in the game?

    Considering over the past 2 years we've gained a huge amount of immortal items, which one is your favorite? My favorite is probably the Enigma Bracers (although I dont own a pair! :C )
  8. M

    Immortal III's

    They're here!!!! And boy do they look amazing. I personally really want the Zeus one, but of course, i didnt get it. (If anyone's willing to trade me something for it, PM me) As usual, vote whose the best in show!
  9. M

    Immortal Treasure II

    Well guys, the second batch of immortals have been released, and boy are they nice. Though I'm not too excited that tinker got a second one (because I feel they need to give prioty to heros who have none), they certainly were worth the wait. My personal favorite so far is Sven's and Leshrac's...
  10. StmdP3ngu1n

    One Base Immortal Push Defense [ZvP]

    So, I'm suuuuper bad at this game, but I'm really enjoying watching games, reading strats, and playing, in general. I've just been playing a lot against AI opponents just to get more solid in macroing as well as basic skills (injects, spending, scouting) in order to boost my confidence before...
  11. EternalVale

    TOME: Immortal Arena Just figured I would show you guys, its pretty basic, but fairly fun, its 3v3, I have 2 keys if anyone wants to try it and play with me.
  12. wongshehvun

    Immortal for Sales

    Selling new bundle of immortals item due to duplicated and with good gem, currently i have ES, Razor and Rhasta Selling in market for 6 key Members i sell 5key
  13. C

    immortal kunka blade

    lookin to trade i love support sets. couriers, wards
  14. MrRainbow

    [H] Pudge immortal [W] Vengeful spirit immortal

    1:1 trade and I'll play support for the rest of my life^^
  15. Booyah

    same as kalbrick, pudge immortal for kunkka immortal

    no sweets, no extra rares and blah blah, just 1:1
  16. K

    [H] Pudge Immortal [W] kunkka immortal

  17. AznFaiL

    [H] Lone Druid Immortal item [W] either Kunkka or Pudge Immortal item

  18. Karma.Logic

    Abaddon immortal for kunnka or venge immortal

    nm traded
  19. hornfaust

    You guys go down faster than I do on date night. (Immortal)

  20. YoungDragon

    Immortal Night

    Does anyone else in fever play this game?
  21. C

    Video: My immortal Accoustic.

    I found this accoustic version of my immortal by evanescence , which i thought whas excellent so i figured i ought to share it