1. News Bot

    Quake Champions Footage Shows Id's Esports Boss Destroying the Arena

    There are FPS gamers, particularly the eSports experts, who make a game look so absurdly easy. It's a double whammy when one of those experts works for the developer. In this case, id Software's eSports Manager John "ZeRo4" Hill makes the Quake Champions' Blood Covenant arena his own personal...
  2. Myke

    Fever Real ID's

    EDIT: Never mind can a mod delete this thread I searched for RealID's and got nothing but flipping around here some more i found the thread "battletags" my error
  3. .mpm.7.

    Steam In-Game ID's

    So I decided to create a list of steam accounts so people can easylly find people and add them as a friend and play together. Please include a link to the steam account so I can link it! Grom vG.Grom |Fever| TheChainBoy TheChainBoy |Fever| Shiftie Shiftie Tingle TINGLE Karma.Logic...
  4. J

    [Wii U] Network ID'S

    Hey, So it's about time we have a list going for this, I don't think there are too many of us with the Wii U yet but it'll grow. I don't know about you but I need some people on my friends list! So post here what your ID is and also what games you have/play. I'll keep it updated! Let's get the...
  5. MustangPunk

    List of Origin ID's

    If you play Battlefield BC2, 1,3 or 4 and would like to play with other clan members, please post your Origin ID and mention The Rev. Thank you Fever Name Origin ID .mpm.7. GromFever Aervenor RARussell1993 Agbourke agbourke Assassin...
  6. .mpm.7.

    Post here your ID's

    Ok guys this thread will get edited with all the nicknames of players so we can group up and play ;) I have selled my original account so I will use a free one :P 1. QiViN7LoCt 2. Fuckyoucunt 3. LikeA_Boss 4. Sanchen 5. Xempt 6. bdmotherfker 7. HeroEnix 8. OpCloud 9.Maniacaxe 10.CptFlowers or...