1. wataphuk

    guys i got HOTS BETA^_^

    Does anyone have a IGN for hots? lets play ^_^
  2. Lore

    HOTS Tournament?

    Hey guys, I was thinking about putting together a little HOTS tourney for fever and I wanted to get a headcount of who all would be interested. Also, should we use the blizzard HOTS maps, or new FSL HOTS maps?
  3. C

    HOTS friend code/name page

    Havnt seen to many friend codes around for hots on the forums :/ Or any for that matter Write down your code below for a fun time
  4. C

    HOTS clan (chippedstick 714)

    Hey guys, hots clan support came out today, so I decided to use the clan system option and make one :D, I did this since I didnt see anyone post anything about creating it before hand. The clan will be called Fever and the tag will be FVR *Disclaimer I am not an admin, or am I trying to be an...
  5. P

    Clan support in HOTS

    Need to post more so here we go lolol So this was just released First Look: Clans Coming in Heart of the Swarm - StarCraft II There is an awesome looking clan system for Heart of the Swarm coming up posting it here for you all to see. We'll get a little clan tag and a private channel and...
  6. Shock

    HotS UI Changes

    Check it out. Heart of the Swarm UI Update - StarCraft II I think I just peed myself a little.
  7. Ping

    HOTS Suggested changes to the widow mine

    So since I don't have a HOTS account and cannot post this to the HOTS forums but, I had a few thoughts while talking with a work buddy. Widow mines unable to load into a medevac; This would end drop harrass. Second, to have the widow mine, instead of burrow, to fly (with no...
  8. Patwan

    Race switch for HOTS?

    With new units like widow mine or swarm host and changes like hydra speed will change you're race on HOTS? I will switch from zerg to terran because the widow is what needed terran to be soooo funny to play :D
  9. Ping

    HOTS Nydus Could this be real?
  10. Shock

    ESL HotS Beta Key Giveaway

    Here's another. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESL: 1,000 Heart of the Swarm Beta Invitations - for you! - News - StarCraft II - Europe - ESL - The eSports League
  11. Lore

    HOTS Discussion:

    HOTS Discussion Tentative Roster for HoTS Beta: Fever members who have received keys. Black Shock Nordis ERoday Sanchen CptKirk Ancestor Zbigniew Post anything about HOTS Below this line! (Saves some thread clutter :)) _______________________________________________...
  12. Ping

    New HOTS /dance moves
  13. Shock

    Team Liquid HotS Beta Key Giveaway

    Heart of the Swarm Beta Giveaway and Hoodie Sale Rules: Your account must have been created before today (As in Sept. 23... 3 days ago) You must have 500 posts OR had an account for over one year GLHF!!!
  14. Z


    "Beta key received" hahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahe hahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahe hahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahe hahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahehahe
  15. Shock

    HotS Beta Key Sweepstakes from Twitch

    Enter to win one of 1000 beta keys for HotS! Heart of the Swarm Beta Sweeps on Facebook | Facebook
  16. A

    HotS build Ideas

    Hello All Asu here I have HotS and am having some fun playing it but i thought i would post on here if there is any questions/ build ideas you would like me to check out for you? be it random for fun plays or serious build order ideas Just let me know and ill reply here when I do it, i...
  17. Shock

    HotS Beta Key Giveaways

    The first two methods of obtaining beta keys is to be at the WCS and state on Facebook or Twitter WHY you will be there. The final way to get one is to watch out for special giveaways on Facebook or Twitter. WE HAVE 1500 StarCraft II: HEART OF THE SWARM PUBLIC BETA KEYS Dreamhack DreamHack...
  18. Grandpa

    Day 9 vs Sheth HOTS Beta

    I thought these were pretty fun to watch - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  19. Lore

    HotS BETA!!!!

    Heart of the Swarm beta is out! Did anyone get a key?????
  20. Ping

    HOTS Gameplay: by Day9

    PvZ HOTS Gameplay: by Day9 (Pt1) hope no one else posted this already