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  1. KhaleesiRae

    Caught on Camera!

    Have a funny picture you took in game? Maybe a silly selfie or a SICK ghost photo? POST IT HERE! 👻 I'll start! Here we see a ghost filming his very own vlog with the video camera lol Next we have a great pic of me a lil baby ghost having a dance party lol i forget who took this. I also have...
  2. Emrilia

    TV: Rockey Horror Picture remake

    Rocky Horror Picture remake The remake airs in 30 minutes! Seriously I am so excited been waiting for months!!! Anyone else going be watching this?!?!?!? I'm shivering with Antici................ .....pation!!!
  3. Emrilia

    TV: Ahs(American Horror Story)

    Anyone else a huge American Horror Story fan? I just received my copy of Hotel now that it's out and available. Just a few episodes in and am loving it so far! I'm also curious what seasons are others favorites? Mine would definitely have to be season 3. The witches, supernatural theme of...
  4. Lustrum

    Movie: Blair Witch (2016) Review

    Synopsis: A young man and his friends venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mystery surrounding his missing sister. Many believe her disappearance 17 years earlier is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch. At first the group is hopeful, especially when two locals...
  5. KittyMae

    TV: American Horror Story: Season 6 - Story Trailer

  6. KittyMae

    TV: American Horror Story: Season 6 - Trailers

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBpzIPouPFk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afge_wfUpfw
  7. Z

    Horror anime.

    Hey guys, so I just recently finished watching future diary (and it was really good). So now I have that problem that all people have when they finish an anime. I don't know what to watch anymore. I started watching bleach because it has a lot of episodes so I can use it to bide my time until I...
  8. S

    Upcoming: Dead By Daylight!

    Dead By Daylight This game looks extremely fun, but seems like mainly a party style game to play with 5 friends. The beta is closed and can be obtained by pre-ordering the deluxe edition which comes with 3 beta codes. If anyone on here has extra codes, I'd be happy to play with ya! If not, I...
  9. Jam

    The Lurking Horror

    What's your opinion on this legendary? It's a 9 mana cost 1/1 that steals a card from your opponents collection. I personally don't like it because it might steal a basic card or a legendary I value.
  10. F

    Flubbles Rants: Horror Games (Part 2)

    This is the second part of our look at the history of survival horror games. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUKpPm2ic2s If you missed the first part here is a playlist with both parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCoU0xcfI7o&list=PLUxaW_9UdJioN844AFrCotEbY1VrssuiS&index=1
  11. F

    Flubbles Rants: Horror Games (Part 1)

    In this weeks episode we take a look at the history of survival horror games. This is the first part of a two part series. The next episode will be up on Halloween. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCoU0xcfI7o&ab_channel=NocturnalCoil
  12. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: The Green Inferno Discussion *possible spoilers*

    I just watch the movie last night. I wasn't expecting much of it but it turned out to be pretty good. Thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcpYPu9M3bw
  13. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Wes Craven Dies at 76

    RIP Wes Craven Source
  14. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Sinister 2 Discussion *Possible Spoilers*

    Sinister 2 just came out. I am unable to watch it this weekend and will go next. I have been looking forward to this movie. I really enjoyed the 1st one. This thread was created to discuss the movie and may contain spoilers. I will post my thoughts on it after I watch it next weekend. :)
  15. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Howl Trailer

    This werewolf movie is coming out in 2015. It looks awesome!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHm8t9fCxeY

    Movie: 7 Little known horror gems.

    Ive watched all these and IMO, they are all quite good for low budget. 7 Great Unknown Horror Gems That You Have To Watch - Part 2 | moviepilot.com
  17. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Insidious: Chapter 3 Teaser Trailer

  18. Zubutt

    Horror Stories from Solo Queue

    ZombiesOnIce: i can fill pref not top pls ZombiesOnIce: :) lets get some good initiate cc and some tank ZombiesOnIce: so what does everyone want? ZombiesOnIce: .. ZombiesOnIce: good tlk guys ZombiesOnIce: glad we had it ZombiesOnIce: ... ZombiesOnIce: ok well ZombiesOnIce: ill adc i...
  19. Cronofan

    The Horror that was Release Guan Yu

    For all of you who weren't around back in the day, I found this gem video of the release of Guan Yu Guan Yu Release Patch Notes It may not seem like it, but this was beast mode because lots of gods did not have jumps/escapes like they do now, effectively meaning that Guan could do damage...
  20. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Blood Moon Trailer

    This is going to be a western werewolf horror movie. I thought it looked interesting. You can view the trailer here.
  21. PerfectEnigma

    TV: Scream being made into a into a TV Series on MTV

    What are your thoughts on this? Source
  22. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: Favorite Halloween & Horror Movies

    I created this thread to give people ideas of good movies to watch around Halloween. My list goes like this: Horror Movies A Nightmare on Elm Street(original) A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy vs Jason A Nightmare on Elm Street(remake)...
  23. PerfectEnigma

    TV: American Horror Story: Freak Show(Season 4)

    Who is watching this? http://youtu.be/qKGwySm9nMc
  24. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: The Purge 3 gets the green light

    It should be out by Summer of 2015. Source
  25. PerfectEnigma

    Movie: I Know What You Did Last Summer Reboot

    I saw this last week and completely forgot to post about it. What are your thoughts on this? Source