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  1. Requ1em

    For Honor: Upcoming Gameplay Improvements

    We are excited to see that our game is finally out there and that players are enjoying their time on the battlefield. Our team is also actively listening to the community and we would like to update you on a list of improvements that will be deployed in upcoming updates: Bots Replacing...
  2. Requ1em

    For Honor: How do we fight cheaters to ensure fair gameplay on our battlefields

    Hello Warriors, we wanted to give you more visibility and information on how we’re dealing with players who try to use cheats to get the upper hand on the For Honor battlefields. Ubisoft is dedicated to creating a level playing field in our games, and the full For Honor development team is...
  3. News Bot

    For Honor: How to Earn Reputation and Scavenger Crates

    For Honor charts your progression according to reputation. Higher reputation translates to bragging rights, but it also opens up in-game benefits: the better your rep, the better the gear you receive from scavenger chests you can buy from For Honor's customization menu. Read on to learn how...
  4. News Bot

    For Honor: Kensei Moveset

    For Honor's Kensei hero class is the Vanguard of the Samurai faction and are an easy hero to pick up, but a tough one to master. They are adaptable in the extreme and can switch between mid-range quick hits to slow powerful close-in strikes. This adaptability comes with a price, though; the...
  5. S

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    anyone getting that game it look so boss!!! this game is going 2 be so sick
  6. B

    Medal of Honor: Warfighter

    This game is starting to look really good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1chLNTEUuVI