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  1. Ian

    Stardew Valley MP is here!

    I'm thinking about picking up Stardew Valley again and trying multiplayer. Anyone else wanna get in on this? Been waiting for MP for forrrreeeever.
  2. M

    Another new guy here!

    Hi all, my battle tag is Mcfetus#1636. Just wanted to say hello and that I am down grouping up anytime. I mainly play ranged assassins, tanks, and bruisers.
  3. noctemdracone

    Put your necromancer transmog pics here!

    I was fiddling around with mine and made this sort of Vampire Lord look for him:
  4. sparkis

    Gwent Friend List - Share your ID Here!

    Share your GoG ID by leaving a comment on this thread and I'll look to update it in the list below. Name Gwent/GoG ID BruC0Ndr BruC0Ndr(GOG)/BruCondor(PS4) Cybernetcrash Cybernetcrash MoeC MoeC MutterSchwein MutterSchwein sparkis sparkis U_Mage U_Mage VanwMark VanwMark
  5. KING3Rzz

    Event: The Twisted Tournament is here! Come Sign up now!!

    The Twisted Tournament! There will be laughs! There will be fun! But best of all there will be chaos amongst us all! The BIG reveal is finally here!! What is it? Its The Twisted Tournament of course!! The Twisted Tournament? Yes! Essentially its a Very weird yet fun tournament! :D So what...
  6. KING3Rzz

    New to HoTS? Come here!

    If you're new to hots an you feel like you don't wanna join peoples games because you would just make them lose or you feel embarrassed I'm here to tell you please come to me I'd love to teach you the game! Give you any pointers an tips that I can! I know most hero's an would love to help in any...
  7. Linessah

    [Spoiler Alert] Post your Necromancer Beta experiences here!

    So I was one of the lucky folks that got the Necromancer Beta invite. Necromancer was one of my favorite classes in Diablo 2. I loved all the abilities and to command an army of skeletons and golems was something that I loved - in Diablo 3, I felt that the witch doctor was a half-hearted...
  8. Grant

    Ganesha is here!

    Hey FC! So yeah, this happened: Ganesha God Reveal. I'm not sure what to think. How about you guys? - Grant
  9. Battles

    Wut wut!! FNG here!

    Hey guys, just wanted to post and say whats up to everyone. I play a lot of HotS and D3 so hit me up or add me Battles#1311 if you guys wanna play - I still need to join the clan on D3 so I'll probably hop on early this week. I do have a season DH at 70 and my normal paragon is 785 I think, on...
  10. Linessah

    Season 10 Class Leaders - Sign Up Here!

    I have received overwhemling response to folks interested in having or being Class Leaders. This is something that has fallen by the wayside. I can only see a benefit from reimplenting this. We have a lot of newer players and nothing frustrates me more than not having pointers for them because...
  11. VileKnight

    Winter Veil 2016 is here!

    It's that time of the year! Heroes has started its winter event that includes rewards of a special mount and portrait. Check out the details here, and tell us if you are planning on picking anything up in the store. Don't forget that we also have a 25% bonus XP following each game during...
  12. Z

    Happy to be here!

    Happy to be joining the Fever Clan team! I've been playing D3 for a while, but recently have come back to the fold, thanks to Robilar. Look forward to seeing you all out there!
  13. sparkis

    Tournament Replays - Share your games here!

    Share your tournament games here for all for enjoy. Hope you've all had a fun time. I know I did :)
  14. sparkis

    Replay Repo - Share your replays here!

    Post your Hearthstone replays links here. Share your awesome wins, epic fails and RNG madness for all to enjoy! Replays can be posted using HSReplays via Hearthstone Deck Tracker.
  15. Archimedies

    Inglorious Banthas - Roster - Apply here!

    Inglorious Banthas - Guild Roster Guild Info: Guild Name: Inglorious Banthas Faction: Sith Empire Server: Harbinger XP-Bonus: 6.4% Rep-Bonus: 1.4% Character Name Forum Name Class Role Archimedi�s [Leader] Archimedies...
  16. Karlo

    Finish your placement matches? Post the results here!

    Went 8-2 today in my ranked matches. Ended up only making it to Silver 4 (Halfway through 4). Pretty disappointed overall. I don't understand how winning 8 games out of 10 leaves you only 5 levels above someone who would have the worst rank in the game. Maybe they're just being stingy, I...
  17. neondevil

    Weird/ funny music post it here!

    I got the idea to start this thread because of a certain song and i wanted to hear more things like it. The German opening for Naruto Naruto german opening - YouTube And a little extra funny for it
  18. D

    Hi Guys i am new here!

    Hello guys My name is Doods1034 as you know i came from Philippines and i am PC Gamer sadly i dont have cool PC also i played certain games like :CS,DOOM (oldest game),League of Legends :calm: :peaceful::calm:
  19. J

    let's show the HS community is the best in here!

    POW post. you should take a look and vote for the most awesome player.
  20. Ignis

    News: Wintersday is Almost here!

    So for those of you who missed the guild chat on Wintersday, there are a few new things mixed with the old coming to Divinities Reach on Tuesday 12/15. As far as the new things are concerned, there are new gifts that you can get from the presents. Most notable is this skritt pet that you can get...
  21. M3thusalem

    New guy here!

    Heya! I ran across this clan trying to find a group to play Diablo3 with, but I also play a good bit of HOTS so I figured I'd introduce myself! Feel free to add me on Battle.Net, user name M3thusalem#1139. Murky's my favorite hero, but I play a wide variety. Haven't focused on HL much...
  22. D

    Need Cho'gall? post here!

    Not sure if this is a thread somewhere but I didn't see it. I have cho if anyone needs to get him, just add me/message me and we can play 2 games. Anyone else willing to help spread the cho virus feel free to post here as well! Fred#1540
  23. amoretpax199

    Event: Vote for our clan icon here!

    These are the icons that our members have nominated.
  24. Aethoryn

    The huge changes are here!

    Since the patch is huge I really dont know how to write the most important notes here, better have a look by yourself: OMG PRESEASON IS HERE I am adding thoose if you are interested: GRAVES SPOTLIGHT: KOG'MAW SPOTLIGHT...
  25. amoretpax199

    FeverClan Star Wars: The Old Republic Roster - Post your in-game name here!

    Please fill out the blank template below and reply to this thread... In-game Name: Main Server: Alignment (Galactic Republic/Sith Empire): An example of a filled out template... In-game Name: amoretpax Main Server: The Harbinger Alignment (Galactic Republic/Sith Empire): Sith Empire...