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  1. R

    charge barb build help?

    RN i have a charge barb capable of handling GR55 i cant seem to go any higher. any ideas for gear or itemization i should be having?
  2. Grimnaut

    S8 :: Lil help?

    Looking to complete my Guardian Journey. Only missing - T13 Rift in under 4 mins - Belile in under 45secs Anyone get these yet? If yes, how? Solo? Grp?
  3. Vaerosi

    S8 Monk Help?

    I've decided that for S8 I want to play a Monk. Problem is, I haven't played a monk in forever so it will be like I'm playing the class for the first time. The Monk's set this time around is Uliana's so I went looking for a build and found this: Quinsane - Uliana's Exploding Palm GR Solo. It...
  4. Requ1em

    Need Intel Help?

  5. G473R


    Hey all, I got BDO last night after I talked with some folks on TS who were playing. I made a Musa on Eden and I'm lvl 16. I currently really have no clue what I'm doing other than following this level/griding guide I found. I have questions, but I don't see anyone in TS at all on BDO. I know we...
  6. D

    Application help? (Couldn't find correct forum for this sorry)

    Small question Turning 16 in 1 month, is it worth just saying I'm 16 (not to be the IM 6 and 3 quarters kid) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. B

    Could anyone help?

    not sure if anyone would be willing to help, but i have money on rs3 and i just started OSR and could use money there. Would anyone be willing to trade rs3 gold/items for osr gold/items?
  8. heybob

    Need a little help?

    hey guys, if anyone is just starting or what not let me know and i can powerlevel aswell as run fast t6 rifts!!! just hit me on here on forums or on teamspeak! :)
  9. K

    Anyone wanna help?

    So, I wanna come back to Old School Runscape, I have already have a account but I don't have any money, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here? I've played this alot but quit cause I got lured/raged staked.. I know... >_< sad times, But I would love to get back into it so could anyone...
  10. HisMightyShield

    LoL help?

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new at League of Legends and I want to become better. I play Cho' Gath, what do I build with him? What lane should I play? I usually go top or mid. How do I earn riot points from the ranked play? Does anyone have usefull tips? Let me know, I need all the help I can get!
  11. P

    Need Help? Add: AquaRaptor

    Add: AquaRaptor If i am on i will invite you and other people who want to learn how to get better at LoL. We will play one or two Intermediate Bots to get acquainted and give little tips. The we go into a real game through out i will try to give tips and answer your questions at the best of my...
  12. Gabriel

    League of Legends: ADC HELP? plz!

    What Game are you requesting a coach for? League of legends What Role/Race are you requesting a coach for? ADC/ Jungle When are you available for coaching? Anytime What is your current Rank/Rating (if applicable): Bronze Any Preliminary Questions? IF it's ok to request 2 positions? if not...
  13. finolex

    Streaming on Twitch help?

    How do you stream on twitch :O I tried reading stuff? I managed to set up OBS (some open broadcasting software iirc?) and it works, but do i need two screens to do it like how the other streamers do on twitch? help is greatly appreciated :D
  14. finolex

    TvZ match: Help? :D

    So i played this intense TvZ (or so i thought) and maybe this will be the best game for me to learn and improve on? So could anyone please look through this and help me out with my mistakes here? Thank you so much in advance :D 1v1 DolphinBoy vs admiralzap TvZ -
  15. aztecothewar

    New Starcraft Player, Please Help?

    Hello, Azteco here, been playing a lot of League of Legends but Picked up Starcraft II just to see what its all about. Started out with Terran and got to about 33 APM before switching over to Zerg and after some hotkey help and advice, got to 40 APM. I know this is low and I kind of just...
  16. H

    Need help? Post here!

    I am waiting for my reset. With this being said, I am looking for people who need help farming and what not. I want to see others progress! Please post here if you need help with anything in Warframe, I will be helping anyone and everyone that I can until i reset (then once im on my feet, ill...
  17. Mythil

    Want to get into Smite, can anyone help?

    Hi, I'm looking to expand out from Dota 2, mostly because I get horrible groups in it and end up just not wanting to play :D So, I was wondering if anyone could help me get into Smite, teach me the ropes and so on? My steam is |Fever| Mythil
  18. Nitshft

    need a warframe? trying to get some help? look here

    Hey guys with the new mod system now inplace we the main playing group that started Toby Krabat Raiiken are farming up mods and getting powerfull so if anyone needs help getting a new war frame or just wanna farm out some mods hit us up and if we have room in our party well help ya out.
  19. F

    Templar 2h mace build help?

    Im playing a Templar atm and I'm aiming to use mainly elemental magic attacks like Glacier Hammer, Infernal Blow, and Lightning strike with a Clarity Aura for mana regen and sweep with life on hit support. I'm not sure how I can maximize my lategame potential and I'm hoping you awesome...
  20. LordsShield

    GW2 help?

    does anyone have a copy that they dont use and are willing to give me ? ive been wanting to get GW2 for a while now.... but fucking broke as hell.... can anyone hook me up ?
  21. R

    A little help?

    Hey guys as ive been leveling ive noticed that some zones seem to be more popular and pop a lot more events. I was wondering if any 80s would be willing to post up their favorite zones to level in? My favorite zone so far was blazeridge steppes :)