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  1. DurandaL

    Hearthstone BM

    So while the emote system eliminates so much of the possible BM in the game, there are still a few things that annoy me. The 2 biggest ones are when someone has enough damage on board and still goes for the most complicated kill possible. The other one is when I've lost, emote Well Played (GG)...
  2. Baum

    Hearthstone Recruiters Needed!

    The Recruiting Team needs you! Hey everyone I am looking for members to help spread the word about Fever Clan. For those that don't know the Recruiting Team has recruitment threads on various websites. What members of the Recruiting Team do is make sure those threads stay at the top so...
  3. sparkis

    [Video] FeverClan Hearthstone Twitch Stream Live

    Baum is kicking off the launch of the Knights of the Frozen Throne with a Twitch live stream of 200 pack openings as well as offering a few giveaways during the stream. Check out the stream now at Twitch and drop by the Fever Clan Discord rts_n_strategy channel to hang out, get hyped about the...
  4. sparkis

    Hearthstone Player Roster

    Leave a comment with your Battletag ID and server(s) you play on to be added to the list. North America Europe Asia Achilleus Achilleus#1615 arksun Thoriel#1284 Aug Aug#1129 Battlecanuck Battlecanuck#1994 Flux Flux#1590 Inharmonix Inharmonix#1528 Sixxed17 Sixxed#1716...
  5. sparkis

    Calling All Hearthstone Players!

    Hi folks! For those of you out there that play Hearthstone, even on a casual basis, this is a call to action to sign up to our Fever Clan Hearthstone player roster if you haven't already done so. In the coming weeks as we move into the era of the next expansion, Knight of the Frozen Throne...
  6. sparkis

    Fever Hearthstone Player List Update

    Hi all :) As per the Fever Hearthstone update a couple of days ago, the cleanup of the Hearthstone players list has begun. For those of you already on the player's list, you should have received a private forum message regarding the update. If you're not on the Hearthstone players list as of...
  7. sparkis

    Hearthstone Fever Clan Update - July 2017

    Hey there! Just wanted wanted to give you an update on some upcoming plans for Hearthstone at Fever Clan. CLEAN INSECT! Ok, ok, easy buddy. Housekeeping Ragnaros, the Cleaning Lord is planning to do some housekeeping in preparation for the upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne...
  8. sparkis

    Hearthstone Dev Interview Regarding KFT Expansion

    A Shacknews article interviews Hearthstone's Principle Game Designer, Mike Donias, and Senior Concept Artist, Jerry Mascho. Some points of interest from the article: While Quests were designed so that you'd specifically build decks around them, Hero cards aren't so as much. Sounds like that...
  9. sparkis

    [Patch] Hearthstone Update - July 10 2016

    The latest patch from Hearthstone introduces a number of balance changes, including the long awaited nerf to Quest Rogue's The Caverns Below card, a number of Arena changes as well as the upcoming expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne being available to preorder in-game. Comment below and let...
  10. sparkis

    [Video] Hearthstone Guide for Beginners Series

    If you're fairly new to Hearthstone or wanted to play the game but were concerned about the learning curve, a video series by Asmodeus could go a long want to helping you sharpen your Hearthstone kills and knowledge. The series is very much targeted to the beginner player so some videos may...
  11. sparkis

    [Patch] Hearthstone Update - June 13 2017

    Just a few minor updates. Nothing all that significant. Well, unless giving back the epic and menacing entrance to the all powerful Prince Malchezaar (praise be the Lord of Eredar) is in any way important to you. Fixed issues that could prevent Deck Importing from functioning on mobile...
  12. sparkis

    [Guide] Import/Export Deck In Hearthstone

    With the 8.2.0 Patch release, deck importing and exporting is now available within the Hearthstone client. Export a Deck To export a deck, you simply go into your deck, hover over the deck portrait at the top and click on the copy button. Once you copy a deck it goes into your computer's...
  13. sparkis

    Hearthstone Pack Drop Rate Announced

    If you've been following the news regarding China's new gaming regulation on pack/loot box drop rates, Blizzard have released their info on Hearthstone packs on their official China website. A post on Reddit translates the post from Chinese and breaks down the details as follows: This info...
  14. sparkis

    Hearthstone Chat

    Hey folks! Looks like some new text chat channels have been made on Discord for us to talk and share all things Hearthstone. Come hang out on the #rts_n_strategy text channel. It'll be fun! Discord
  15. sparkis

    What Hearthstone Content Do you Want to See?

    Hi Folks! For those of you that don't know me from back when, I'm sparkis. sparkis#1748 on battle.net. Go on, friend me. Don't be shy :) I've been made an official content creator for Hearthstone once more and I wanted to take this opportunity to find out what content you would like to see...
  16. sparkis

    So... it's been a while huh? (1T Lethal Puzzle)

    For those of you that know me, hi clan fam! Sorry for the abrupt disappearance. Life interrupts and all. Wow things have changed and I don't just mean with the new expansion. Seems like there is much to catch up on. For those that don't know me, hi! Hit me up on sparkis#1748 sometime. I play on...
  17. Thaumius

    Guides: How to buy Discounted Hearthstone Packs Perfect for UNGORO

    1. Download BlueStacks 2. Go on the browser and type Amazon Underground 3. Follow the instructions to get Amazon Underground 4. Make a US Amazon Account 5. Put your own US Address if you have one if not use this address PO BOX 942873 x Sacramento California 94273-0001 916545266...
  18. Stormy

    Hearthstone Autocad Drawing

    Made in less than an hour. Please be kind D:
  19. OGJosh

    Merry Christmas to you Hearthstone Players!

    Just saw this on YouTube, and I honestly really enjoyed it! Happy Feast Of Winter Veil from the UK to all of you guys, enjoy the video <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFjdpcksi4E
  20. U_Mage

    Want a Hearthstone "Clone"? Try Shadowverse!

    One of my friends turned me on to this, and I've been having a good time playing it. Some similarities include: * it's a fully digital game * has some random elements (but far fewer than HS) * dusting/card creation is very similar * similar resource system (play points vs mana crystals) *...
  21. K

    Seeking Hearthstone Help

    Looking to improve my decks, get better at understanding deck building (hows and whys) and become a better player.
  22. sparkis

    Last Call: Hearthstone Survey

    Hi folks :) Earlier this month, Jam had posted a Hearthstone survey so that we could get a sense of what sort of player you were, what sort of content you were interested in, level of interest in events such as tournaments and so forth. For those of you that have filled in the survey to date...
  23. sparkis

    Hearthstone Q&A Panel - Blizzcon

    Members of Team 5 held a Q&A earlier today at Blizzcon. Hearthpwn has posted a recap summary of the panel. Some points of interest and takeaways for me are: There's a lot of tuning being done with Arena mode. One idea is with minion synergy e.g. if you pick a Murloc, maybe you could get...
  24. sparkis

    News: Live Post - Blizzcon Hearthstone Announcement

    Expansion: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Slated for release early December 2016 Links: Mean Streets of Gadgetzen Expansion Page Extra! Extra! Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Revealed! Inside the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan at BlizzCon! Hearthpwn Blizzcon Card Reveals Watch updates live: Twitch - Over Now...
  25. sparkis

    Blizzcon Hearthstone Announcement - 4th Nov. 12:30pm PDT

    Came across this in the Blizzcon schedule. I take it this would be the likely time that they'll announce the next expansion and probably not much else given the length of time. Curious to see if they'll talk about anything else e.g. Heroic Brawl, future plans etc. Any other ideas of what...