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  1. V


    Is it just me or are Hackers becoming a real issue in PUBG? i've been killed several times now by AimBotters/Speed Hackers. Anybody else running into them?
  2. Damien

    PUBG hackers - submit a report!

    Hi folks, Anyone who plays PUBG knows that there has been a serious problem with hackers/cheaters. Between BattlEye and general moderators/administrators, over 320 000 accounts have been banned as of last month. Even with all of these bans, there is still a problem with them in-game. We all...
  3. Zecr

    Hackers or Hacktavist? Doing Right or Wrong?

    TBH I like what they are doing, although I do not agree with hacking, but if it is for the right reason as to get our freedom and internet rights back I am all for it let me know what you think about this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ku9edEKvGuY
  4. DrSmitherine


    guys please for your own safety, do not click on links or add people to your friends list that there profile is private. Just block all communication, it is not worth the risk. Lots of there scammer messages says something like this... Hey check out this skin i am selling (link) are you...
  5. B

    News: Latest News On Hackers

    Hello everyone, I wanted to lay out some things for you regarding our progress on cheaters. We recognize this is a top priority and we're acting like it. We've put people on this bigtime and it's paying big dividends. We've banned over 5k people. so far for cheating. You may think the system...
  6. 0yme0

    How to bait hackers

  7. xSagaRx

    Not sure if Persistent Loot or Hackers Warehouse...

    what u guys think? :P
  8. H


    Yo guys if you are any attached to your gear DONT play DayZ for a while... EVERYBODY is hacking.
  9. Chemistry

    NEWS: "Our ongoing efforts to remove hackers from the game!"

  10. Stealth

    Hackers gunna hack


    facebook hackers

    I was notify that some asshole in japan trying to go on my facebook account. I dont have any japan friends so iono how. Then couple my friends tell me they got same thing to them. So facebook is now unsafe. Wat is safe now dam facebook needs to wear condoms.