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  1. Psychotikah

    Guides: Basic fundamental mechanics: a novice player Starcraft II guide

    Salutation to all Fever clan members or Starcraft 2 enthusiasts. I am Psychotikah and I wish to offer everyone this beginner’s guide for the usage of the newer or older Starcraft II players that feel stuck in their development. I am personally a very mediocre diamond league player and I vividly...
  2. R

    Guides: Basic Zerg builds.

    Hydra Ling Bane. This is mainly a Z v T or P build. you want to absorb any attacks and macro up with constant counter-attacks unless you know you are far ahead at which point you should go across the map and kill them. 13 0:12 Overlord 17 0:46 Spawning Pool 18 1:13...
  3. R

    Guides: Basic Terran builds

    The 2-1-1. This build is meant to put on some pressure early on with the 2 medivac drop by sniping any workers you can and constantly pushing back creep. then you go into marine maurader medivac with libs. Late game is ghost mauraders. This build doesn't tell you exactly what to build but is a...
  4. BruC0Ndr

    Guides: PLAY NOW Marvel End Time Arena, the successor of Infinite Crisis.

    I've played it for a little while, it's deffinetly nostalgia. I can see this becoming IC's successor, it has the feels of a good moba, awesome characters and great design. You can download the game on Steam trough Korean VPN. You can find the VPN...
  5. Dark_Praetor

    Guides: New Player's Guide

    Hello everyone I will be organizing a variety of great info here for players new to Warframe. Anything from simple guides, 3rd party sources, useful links, etc! Free In-Game Items: First I will start with one time redeemable codes, these are either entered under "Codes" in-game from the Market...
  6. G

    Guides: Season 15 group builds primer

    As season 14 start looms ahead (June 15th) one question on people’s minds is usually group builds and how to play those. In order to support healthy group play, I will break down some of the more popular Meta & experience run combos and needed builds for those. There will be 3 posts total. Rat...
  7. BruC0Ndr

    Guides: Deck guide: Curse an Craite

    Here with another deck guide! In this 3rd guide we cover Curse an Craite If there are any questions feel free to comment or PM me :) Previous guides: MONSTERS Deck guide: Consuming in the Moonlight Deck guide: Frostu
  8. Linessah

    Guides: Stardew Valley Bundles & Buildings Spreadsheet

    Here's a simple spreadsheet I threw together on the Stardew Valley Bundles, it helps in multiplayer games as people gather/turn things in, so you are all on the same page as to what is needed. Currently the inventory view of the community center only properly works for the host. Stardew...
  9. Linessah

    Guides: Crafting all the things!

    Work In Progress - Please keep checking back, I'll also announce in #elder-scrolls-online in discord when it is complete. Navigate! Introduction Add-Ons Gathering and Refining Research Professions - Alchemy - Blacksmithing - Clothing - Enchanting - Jewelry Crafting (Coming soon in Summerset) -...
  10. Linessah

    Guides: ESO Guide Index

    Until our section grows and we can get a Guides subforum, I figured an index of the guides posted in our forum would be a better way to keep things organized. Rather than having a plethora of stickies for guides about key areas of the game, an index would suffice and allow players to quickly...
  11. seraphimxx

    Guides: Shaco: The demon jester W.I.P.

    Introduction Runes Build Pre-Game Strategy Early Game Mid Game Late Game Shaco mechanics INTRODUCTION: Hello everybody, I am a mid diamond Shaco player from the euw server and I'll be showing you the ropes of the demon jester in this guide. I have played shaco since season 5 and...
  12. J

    Guides: ZvT

    This is just Astra, whipping the hell out of me. I don't really do zerg too well so Astra feel free to comment, what you did and what you were thinking for any Zergs out there that want to improve (probably Diamond and below). For Terrans, don't get caught unseiged... and macro some more? :D...
  13. J

    Guides: TVZ Examples

    Sorry I haven't been around a lot guys, real life stuff really hit hard, but here are a few games that could give some ideas on TVZ for terran players. Its hard to fight a horde of z-lings early game but here is an example of a zerg just getting out macro'd with a little bit of Hellion control...
  14. BruC0Ndr

    Guides: Deck guide: Frostu

    This time I made a video with 2 games of gameplay. Hit me up with questions if ye have any or if you want any help
  15. G

    Guides: Rat runs explained

    Questions about Rat runs will pop up during the season for sure and quite quickly too, so I figured out I would give 2 links, one to written in-depth guide and one to great video with additional information on positioning etc: Written guide Video
  16. Callandor


    Hi, Callandor here I'm new in FeverClan and this will be my 1st post. I consider a Noob to be someone, like myself, new to the game and unfamiliar with the mechanics and other intricacies of PoE even though you may be an experienced gamer otherwise. I have recently given up playing D3, may...
  17. BruC0Ndr

    Guides: Deck guide: Consuming in the Moonlight

    Hey GWENTFRIENDS got a nice deck for you all, this is going to be my go to season 4 deck. Season will only last 1 month so get the most out of it! My goal as always will be to atleast get Master again. I'll see after that. Still need to build up my collection on PC. This is going to be my...
  18. C

    Guides: Recruitment Thread

    CEVO Forums: (Click Here) Bump at least once a week!! ESLGaming (Click Here) Bump at least once a week!! Steam Forums (Click Here) Bump at least every other day!! Please make sure that you read the forum rules if you decide to help bump these threads. Also make sure that the thread was not...
  19. madslane

    Guides: Guild Stash Tabs

    We have several guild stash tabs and we want to keep it organized and proper as best as we can. Therefore making this post, to give all members a more in-depth reasoning behind each tab and how we would like to keep it moving forward. we have been have some problems in the guild stash so for now...
  20. Target

    Guides: Curse of Osiris - Lighthouse Chest Guide

    For those that haven't gotten it yet.
  21. Hoyy

    Guides: Antorus, the Burning Throne - Argus the Unmaker
  22. Hoyy

    Guides: Antorus, the Burning Throne - Coven of Shivarra
  23. Hoyy

    Guides: Antorus, the Burning Throne - Varimathras
  24. Hoyy

    Guides: Antorus, the Burning Throne - Kin'garoth
  25. Hoyy

    Guides: Antorus, the Burning Throne - Imonar the Soul Hunter