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  1. BigPun

    Pre-alpha testing guide

    Hello and welcome to the Imagineering team forum game pre-alpha testing. In this guide we will try to explain the entire system and mechanichs of the forum game we developed. Being a forum game entirety of the game is being played on forums. More in depth in the text bellow. There are 3...
  2. Felfizzle

    Guides: 7.1 - Return to Karazhan Quick Dungeon Guide

    Return to Karazhan is a Level 110 Dungeon located in Deadwind Pass, in the Eastern Kingdoms. The dungeon is available in Mythic difficulty only; there is no Mythic+. In order to access the dungeon, you must complete an attunement questline starting in Dalaran which involves several Mythic...
  3. Jihadned

    Outdated: Erlang Shen Guide

    Erlang Shen The Illustrious Sage Class: Warrior Type: Melee, Physical Pantheon: Chinese Role: Solo/Jungle Abilities Passive - Howling Celestial Dog Each time Erlang Shen hits an enemy with a Basic Attack, his dog hits as well for 15% of his Basic Attack power, which trigger items for Basic...
  4. digitalblade

    Guides: Purge Guide beyond 5k for support on SirActionSlacks

    Here is a funny and useful Guide for supports. It mentions pretty much everything you need to know as support in a wack funny way and Slacks pretend as he don't know this for whatever reason. Not useful for any other position but 5. And it's too long and redundant, but it's funny. It is really...
  5. W

    Potatoe Guide

    Hey guys I made everyone a potatoe guide. This requires little effort with a few people can easily get what we need. This video wont be posted until 0700 on 09-09-16. Those that dont know the guild needs alot of potatoes.
  6. G4meBro

    Outdated: Rama Guide

    Rama Seventh Avatar of Vishnu Class: Hunter Type: Ranged, Physical Pantheon: Hindu Role: ADC Abilities Passive - Astral Quiver Rama's Astral Quiver generates an Astral Arrow every 12s. Also, every basic attack that Rama lands will reduce the amount of time to generate an arrow by 2s. Astral...
  7. ColdHeead

    Guide Published: TheDevicer Thresh Guide

    "I only want a hug!" TheDevicer 2016 Finished Hello my name is TheDevicer Im a thresh main I am currently in platinum 2 in the EUW server.Down are my win streaks with thresh. First thing I would like to show you the abilities of thresh. I love playing support so I decided to show...
  8. G4meBro

    Outdated: Neith Guide

    Neith Weaver of Fate Class: Hunter Type: Ranged, Physical Pantheon: Egyptian Role: ADC Abilities Passive - Broken Weave A Broken Weave appears at the last location that each enemy god dies. The Broken Weaves give her abilities secondary effects when used on the Broken Weaves. These weaves...
  9. Makeee

    In Progress: Educational Janna Guide (will update when I'm done)

    "I play Janna a shit ton." -Educational TV 2k16 The Basics of Janna The Storm's Fury Skills/Kit Skill Max Order/Masteries E W Q Reasoning: Eye of the Storm (E) is the most important aspect of Janna imo. The shield is massive if you are running Windspeaker's Blessing (See...
  10. G4meBro

    Outdated: Hou Yi Guide

    Hou Yi Defender of the Earth Class: Hunter Type: Ranged, Physical Pantheon: Chinese Role: ADC Abilities Passive - Suntouched After taking a critical hit, Hou Yi can't be critically hit again for 3s.(But keep in mind that Ne Zha's ultimate is unaffected by this ability!)...
  11. Supernova

    Outdated: ADC Guide [#1] - Welcome to the duo lane!

    Hello y'all! Supernova here and i am bringing you guys a new series of guides, probably 3/4/5 guides, about the one and only ADC Role! In today's guide we will be going over some basics of the ADC role, a introduction...
  12. Requ1em

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - By Douglas Adams

    The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #1) by Douglas Adams — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists
  13. W

    Agony Resist Guide

    Agony Resistance - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Found this though it would be good for those running with us.
  14. S

    Updated: My Diablo Guide

    Hey guys; long time member here; used to be a clan member but I haven't really been on much. Anyways; I finished updating my Diablo guide; in my opinion this is the only correct way to play him; if you guys have accounts on heroesfire if it wouldn't be too much a hassle to thumb up my guide...
  15. B

    Arimil's Build Guide Notice

    Hello Fever, As many of you know I am working on a build guide for every hero in the game. While I have the talents all picked I am still working on the description for each build. I have been asked by several members to let them see the guide while I am working on it and because I am a nice...
  16. G4meBro

    Outdated: Cupid Guide

    Cupid God of Love Class: Hunter Type: Ranged, Physical Pantheon: Roman Role: ADC Abilities Passive - Lovestruck Every hit with a Basic Attack gives Cupid a Stack that increases the damage and healing of his abilities. At 8 Stacks, Heart Bomb and Fields of Love will also apply a...
  17. neondevil

    Outdated: Tyr Guide

    Tyr The Lawgiver Class: Warrior Type: Melee, Physical Pantheon: Norse Role: Solo/Jungle Abilities Passive - Unyielding Stuns, Taunts, Fears, Intoxicate, and Mesmerize cannot affect Tyr for longer than 1s. 1st Ability - Fearless Tyr charges forward, immune...
  18. Tigeax

    Outdated: Vulcan Guide

    Vulcan Smith of the Gods Class: Mage Type: Ranged, Magical Pantheon: Roman Roles: Mid, Solo Abilities Passive - Master Craftsman Whenever Vulcan successfully hits an enemy god with an ability he gains 15% bonus to Movement Speed and 15 MP5 for 5s. 1st Ability - Backfire Vulcan blasts a...
  19. pressurd

    Best GUIDE TO DIAMOND! Lil-Dro [Premium Edition]

    Use your brain. GG
  20. Tigeax

    Outdated: Kali Guide

    Kali Goddess of Destruction Class: Assassin Type: Melee, Physical Pantheon: Hindu Role: Jungle Abilities Passive - Marked for Death A random Enemy god is selected as Kali's Death Mark. Kali gains a Physical Penetration bonus against that god: 10%+ 1% per level, and Heals 80% of her Max...
  21. Muldred

    Pre Expansion Patch Survival Guide (by Blizzard) Also, Here is a link to the Survival Guide Page!
  22. ColdHeead

    How to Improve at LOL platinum 5 main supp guide

    Hello my name is TheDevicer and I have played for 2000+ hours and I wanna make a guide to help people improve in league of legends. First thing you can improve in CS when I play I see many people just farm at the beginning and forget at CS in the late game. I smurf often and I see in many elo...
  23. W

    Guides: WOW Legion Boss Guide

    These are boss guides for The Emerald Nightmare. Nythendra Ursoc Dragons of Nightmare Il'gynoth Elerethe Renferal Cenarius Xavius
  24. NeedmoreRage

    Chromie Guide (Deleting enemies off the map)

    Posted on Heroesfire for formatting reasons Heroes of the Storm Build Guide: Chromie - Deleting heroes from the map since 2016 :: HeroesFire. Please upvote it if you like it!
  25. N

    Thrall Quick guide

    Hello everybody,Nestrew here.With the new season I'm bringing you a quick guide to one of my favourite and most played heroes Thrall. Summary: 1.Introduction 2.Abilities 3.Talent choices. 4.Combos 5.Playstyle 6.Laning 1.Introduction Thrall is an amazing hero who is great as a laner early and...