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  1. G

    Season 14 goals

    For each season I normally pick up some goals and Season 14 is no different. I did hit my goals for last season barely and on the last week of season. This season I will have a bit different goals with one of the goals being much lower than last season. Complete full Season Journey Get on NA...
  2. G

    Season 13 goals

    For each season I normally pick up some goals and Season 13 is no different. On season 11 I failed my goals badly and exceeded those in season 12. I thought I would share my goals with everyone and maybe see what goals other people have as well. This season is a bit different from previous...
  3. Hoyy

    Updates: Goals for company in Antorus and beyond.

    Hello everyone. I just want to make a post to get some thought together on where I see the company going and what I would like to implement going forward. One thing I would like to say is we have done an amazing job on building a raid team and working with members to get them going. I would...
  4. Gizmo256

    Developer Chronicles: Patch 2.6.1 Balance Goals

    Source: https://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/21061008/developer-chronicles-patch-261-balance-goals-9-13-2017 Developer Chronicles: Patch 2.6.1 Balance Goals Blizzard Entertainment 9/13/2017 459 Hey everyone—Don Vu here, Game Designer on the Diablo III team. We’ve really appreciated your...
  5. Aussietye

    Extra Life Goals

    Once again I will be participating in Extra Life. This will be my fifth year raising money for the event. My goal will be 1k as I came close 2 years ago ($980). If I do end up raising $1,500 I will get the Extra Life logo tattooed on my arm. With all that said does anyone have any suggestion on...
  6. Tipherion

    Goals for Season 7?

    What are some of your guys goals for this upcoming season? My goals this season: 1. Hit minimum 1k paragon 2. Clear GR 90 solo 3. Clear GR 100 4 man 4. Complete Conquest (again) 5. Fully gear and optimize a LoN Build (not sure of class) 6. HIt minimum 500 paragon HC 7. Clear 75 solo HC...
  7. Stickz

    Season 5 goals

    Just out of curiosity, what makes you guys want to play Season 5? Other than getting the new portraits and stash space, I see no reason to. It's been two days since release, and I'm already on Conqueror where you actually unlock the stash space. It doesn't seem that rewarding and after I unlock...
  8. Vaerosi

    Season 4 Goals

    I'm curious what everyone's goals are for Season 4! ^_^ Maybe this can help us form up groups as well, for people with similar goals? Personally I'm aiming for the highest seasonal portrait frame I can possibly manage. The first portrait is unlocked when you finish the first four chapters of...
  9. Shortcutcomix

    Osu! Goals Thread

    Name Osu!Version LongTerm/ Short Term Goal Stared Finished starcraftwo #1 #2 osu!standard Long Term Rank 4 on Turkish leaderboards 2/01/16 thrump osu!standard Short Term top 35k on OSU standard 8/31/15 [/TR] ShadeLily osu!standard Short Term 5 star maps for at least Bs. 11/17/15...
  10. masterleaf

    Overview of F2P - Goals, Limitations, etc,.

    Beginner's Guide to F2P Gaming in Archeage : archeage **Benefits of F2P Gaming:** * Life is simple and the game is free. * No need to worry about land and farming. * Can focus **completely** on quests, dungeons, and PVP. *"How do I make money as a F2P player?"* Good: * Do all...
  11. Ayden Pride

    Member Activities Section Purpose and Goals

    Purpose: -Fever recruits many members on a daily basis, yet many more become inactive and end up being removed from the clan. This can be due to lots of reasons including lack of interest, lack of activity, not finding a niche in our huge clan. To alleviate this issue, the Fever Retention Team...
  12. 0yme0

    OLD Osu! Goals Thread

    Post your Osu! goals here, I'll make a table once I get a few and I'll make sure you reach them within the outlined amount of time! FelixOwnz Jungraxxx Rushmoon Gaudkiller Name Osu!Version...
  13. yoda

    Guild and goals this weekend

    I've already got a guild made with a few people in already, message Ael'wyn for an invite (we're aldmeri dominion). I'm going to be focusing on dungeons and PVP this test. May do some streaming at Twitch
  14. fred

    Aims and Goals for 2014 !!! :cat:

    Before the clock runs out on new years eve alot of people make goals for the coming year. Sometimes these goals are vague and general like "I want to be a better person this year" or "I want to be more social". Although very good goals they are very hard to measure, but when it comes to fitness...
  15. daboon

    Goals for September!

    Hi! The last few months I've been playing a lot of dota2 and I really enjoy it, except for the time spent. So I've decided to try out sc2 for the next month, to reach either Diamond or Master with Terran (I used to play Zerg). My plan is to do around two hours every day, and one hour...
  16. Cydrion

    What are your goals for the new ladder season?

    I was always told that having goals was important to getting better, so here are mine: Play More Games Watch my replays and find areas where I am weak Work on getting down fundamentals (Probes & Pylons!) Anyone else have areas where they want to improve?
  17. Soultice

    Goals in Life

    What is everyone's goal's in life? What do you want in life? More time with your family? To travel? Start a new business? I want to hear from everyone :D
  18. B

    Long Term goals for Starcraft 2

    With the recent launch of HOTS, lots of ours guys have gone through success stories and a few demotions. Some of our opponents have found out the new metagame quicker than others and it's expressed by some of our members. What I hope to accomplish here is to display what you may want out of...
  19. Bot Doc


    Do you have any goals as far as statistics go? As in do you want to reach a certain number? I've set my goals kinda high and I've hit 1 of 3 of my goals as of late. MY GOALS #1Achieve over 600 score per minute.--COMPLETE-- current - 634 per minute. #2Achieve over a 1000 SKILL...