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  1. KittyMae

    TV: Good Girls Revolt: Season 1 - Trailer
  2. KittyMae

    TV: Good Girls Revolt: Season 1 - Trailer
  3. Jam

    Can guys and girls be friends?

    ignore this
  4. Bang


    ALL GRILL TEAM Hey I'm trying out something new and I'm looking for a team composed of all ladies :'D First and foremost, I play in NA and EUNE. I'm currently lvling a new account at the moment that will be eventually become my main. On the other hand, I currently have a Diamond III acc on...
  5. F

    Twitch Girls

    So I have been noticing a lot of videos or articles popping up lately about girls on twitch doing streams that are comparable to pg-13 cam shows. A lot of people are outraged by it for different reasons. I decided to ask my wife who has minored in women's studies what her opinion is on it...
  6. Gaudkiller

    Discussion: Monthly Girls Nozaki kun

    IMho this is the hidden gem of the season, I think it's also funnier than Baka and test was. Thoughts?
  7. S-god

    Whats uppp! I am back boys and girls :)

    Hello my dear friends...i was a bit inactive,cuz i was on some kind of holiday :))) But i am back and i and ready to shake the world :) had some RL issue`s but i am like a new man now :))) What is new and How r u my friends? :)):bwave:
  8. orienz

    Why guys have more fun than girls on the inter webs!

    Kirbz PirateMaal Kesa
  9. Z

    LF Single girls to game with

    lol my friend said i wouldnt post this so i did lol.... HMU On Teamspeak poke me... i play everything... dont ban this post
  10. lokela

    Beautiful Girls In The Middle Of Nowhere Are Always Dangerous

    Beautiful Girls In The Middle Of Nowhere Are Always Dangerous - YouTube :wtf:
  11. Jester

    I'm afraid of girls :(

    I saw the most beautiful girl at Starbucks, this morning. She's a brand new employee, my age probably a year younger. She looked like an angel. I'm too scared to talk to her :( how do I introduce myself to her during the morning hustle and bustle. -Sent from my iPhone by screaming violently at...

    im back baby girls

    Hey everyone, ive been gone for like 5months. Now im back to come chat with you ladies and boys lol. Well i got hired by a company and sht has gone real. They told me i get weekends off but nope ive been working 70hours a week sweating my ass off lol. Well all paid off that over time lol. Got...
  13. Raiiken

    Tsundere Anime girls

    I just realized that when I watch anime with tsundere girls in them I usually like them the best I dont know what it is about that lol maybe Im a little tsundere myself except the violent part.
  14. L

    Are you really addicted? Girls know what to say to get you thinking

    So the last few weeks I've been playing a bunch of different games but, I try to play one for a solid week than switch to a new one just so I don't get to warped in. I play from 3-8 hours a day off and on. My fiancee is starting to say things like you dont wanna spend time with me and your...
  15. E

    Best way to get the girl of your dreams

    What is the best way to get the girl of your dreams? (Short or long term relationship) Have you guys tried to employ any tricks taught by relationship experts? Do you guys have tips or strategies that you've employed? Where do you think is the best place to look when searching for that special...
  16. ShmeeZZy

    Music: Wonder Girls ft. Akon US release

    Will this be the song that gets english speaking people into kpop groups? Inquiring minds want to know! Song is in english.
  17. WASP

    Photo: Stream of Memes

    Ill restart this thread k Do not post here without having a image to add to the thread. Inside Jokes are fun and all but not if you're not on the inside of the conversation.
  18. Bogo

    Photo: Sexy Beautiful Women! (pics)

    Please post up pictures of Sexy Beautiful women for all to enjoy! Hopefully we will get a wide range of beautiful women to suite all eyes. It would be very appreciated if you could caption the pictures you post, but its not a must. We just want to see some beautiful women for all! Photos...