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    The Council Episodic Review: Genre Evolution

    Despite technical flaws, the Telltale formula has propelled the studio to the upper echelons of gaming, leading more developers to leap into the episodic adventure pond following their games' success. Big Bad Wolf, a French indie developer, is latest to step up to the plate and is doing so with...
  2. O

    Music genre

    What kind of music yall enjoy listening to? I personally like Anything with a good bass.
  3. OGJosh

    Newbie to the Genre, Would Love a Tutor/Coach

    Hey guys, I've had this game for a while now, along with Europa Universalis IV, and Hearts of Iron; I bought them in a Humble Bundle - Paradox Edition. I've tried palying the games, just with no luck, I find that I have no clue what to do regardless of the tutorial. It does look like a very...
  4. C

    Esports in the MOBA genre

    Hi, as you may have recently noticed, I quit League of Legends (a post is coming with reasons) and embarked on a quest to find a new moba. Im currently deciding between HOTS and Smite (dota just has too long games) and I was wondering how is the esports with the two games? Which esport is more...
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    E3 2016: LawBreakers prioritizes character mastery in a genre founded on map control

    Dan Nanni is no stranger to building multiplayer shooters. He cut his teeth as a designer on 2005's Star Wars: Battlefront II before relocating to EA and contributing to Mercenaries 2 and 2013's Battlefield 4. Despite his experience, taking point as lead designer at Boss Key Productions poses a...
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    Dungeon Punks coins 'tag-team brawler RPG' genre, coming to PC and consoles this summer

    Technically a 2.5D RPG beat-em-up, Dungeon Punks is being developed by indie dev Hyper Awesome Entertainment LLC, and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC this summer. Attendees of PAX East will get a chance to go hands-on with the game at Booth #11233. Dungeon Punks is being designed with...
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    Fat Princess Adventures creative director talks genre shifts, humor, and cake

    A new Fat Princess wasn't among the games anyone expected to see at PlayStation Experience. But not only was Fat Princess Adventures announced, it actually turned out to be pretty fun. To learn more about what to expect in the series' sophomore effort, Shacknews spoke to Fun Bits Interactive...
  8. TallWiteGuy7

    Discussion: Post your favorite Genre bending song redo!

    Here is mine, a Redone version of Fight for your right (to party) originally by the beastie boys, but done by the metalcore band Beneath the Sky.
  9. FlutterShy

    [Discussion] preferred Genre Of music While Playing sc2?

    What types of music do you prefer while hitting up the ladders? to maybe boost your mood and or concentration? Me personally.. Hardstyle & electro & dubstep What works best for you?
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    Skylanders Swap Force, shaking up the emerging toy-game genre

    Activision always had big plans for Skylanders. Even before the series made its debut in 2011 with Spyro's Adventure, the company had two more games already in the pipeline. The first was Giants, a competent but altogether somewhat bland sequel that used larger toys as its selling point. Quietly...
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    Former Blizzard dev: World of Warcraft killed the MMO genre

    Old-school MMO players from before the days of World of Warcraft remember how the genre used to be. Games like the original EverQuest or Ultima Online took forever to go up a single level. Players would wander looking for quest givers without exclamation marks over the heads, and could struggle...
  12. Solace

    Music: Your Genre

    So these days, there is so much great content being released and we have so much access to it on the internet, that it's easy to say "I'm really into everything." But i'd be willing to put money that a good number of you still have that genre that you'll put above the rest, so my question is...
  13. Kreps

    Music: Favorite Genre of Music

    As the title says, what's your favorite music? It can be a Genre, a group, artist or even a song if you want to get that specific. As for me, I like Pop, Hip-hop, Rap, Metal, Groove Metal, Rock, Heavy Rock, R & B, and a little bit of Jazz. Pantera [email protected] (m) Chimaira Bullet For My...