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  1. KR4KEN

    Godfall game (Nov 12)

    There is a game for PC called Godfall coming out on Nov 12, it's an RPG style game, look pretty fun. Was wondering if anyone else is getting it or if interested in getting it and starting a group. I am definitely going to be playing the game. :)
  2. Ballbuster

    LoL Game Night 7pm EST NA!

    League Game Night When = Thursday @ 7pm EST Where = League of Legends Lobby What = Aram / Summoners Rift / One For All How = NA Toon -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our first game night saw some great success! We will stick to our Friday...
  3. KR4KEN

    Does anyone play Maple Story 1 or 2?

    I was thinking of getting back into MP1 or MP2, I was wondering if anyone plays or would like to play either one, I'd love to start a new character and group up and level up together . If you're interested let me know
  4. Bogo

    Gaming Sections -- Patch Notes

    We haven't been touching on this point in the past little while. So just to cover the bases; All the gaming sections should be posting the patch notes for their games. There are some sections that do, don't, and/or won't post the patches. So we have tasked the MOTF section with starting to...
  5. MustangPunk

    Just Getting back to gaming

    Hey Diablo Fever players, Some of you may remember me others not. But I was an officer and had to take a leave of absence due to poor health. Not much has changed except I'm mentally adapting to my situation better. Anyway, I have applied to Clan FeverClan 2. I have 2 almost 3 season 13 70s, and...
  6. C


    CYBERPOWERPC EXTREME GAMING SERIES WINTER 2017 ANNOUNCED Eight North American teams have been invited to the $25,000 CyberPowerPC Winter Invitational, that will take place online on December 1-2. Another Extreme Series event, hosted by CEVO and sponsored by CyberPowerPC, is set to take place...
  7. D

    I won the Paul's Hardware Gaming PC Giveaway!!!!!

    YouTube There is the video, I am Zech T. that he announced is the winner. I got the email this morning and I am waiting to hear back from him on what I need to do to claim the prize. I will post a video to my YouTube channel when I get this beast in the mail! This is the only thing I have...
  8. BadFishSC

    Zwift - A gaming way to stay fit

    I'm a pretty avid triathlete. Living in Indiana does present a set of challenges to training since the lakes freeze over in the winter and the roads get covered in snow. This makes it difficult to swim, cycle, and run year round. I usually swim at a nearby pool in the winter and run outdoors as...
  9. IceBear

    Budget Gaming Pc

    Some of you might be suprised at the prices I paid for these parts. All parts were purchased from a reddit group called hardwareswap. The parts and price paid are as follows I7 4770k - $195 Asus z87 pro - $60 16 gb ram - $40 1tb hdd - $30 Evga 500w - $30 Parts I already have and what I paid Case...
  10. M

    Looking for new Gaming Monitor

    Hello folks, I'm Michael a game lover, gaming is my passion and I want to upgrade my gaming monitor. My budget is $250 not more than this. and I want gaming monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. Can anybody suggest me some options?
  11. Baum

    Wednesday Cross-Community Game Night hosted by Castle Gaming - 7:30 PM EDT

    Hey guys! Our friends at Castle Gaming enjoyed hanging out on Monday, and are hosting a Game Night tonight @ 7:30 EDT in their Discord. All comers are welcome! Fever Code of Conduct is still in effect - let's be good guests. Discord link is Discord DM me on Discord if you have any questions
  12. Ranis

    Loot Boxes - The Numbers and Gaming the System

    Hi guys, I saw this article shared on the HOTS Reddit and thought it would be really useful for everyone here. These guys have crunched the numbers and this whole thing is a very solid and honest assessment about when to reroll your loot boxes in 2.0. Always important to start this off on the...
  13. G

    EU New to PC gaming : New to SCII : New to Fever !

    Hi all :) Just signed up for an account and looking to see what's happening here / what you guys do when you get together. I started playing SCII around one month ago and am consistantly gaining ground on ladder. I've not got a mic or teamspeak but can try to obtain these if they're...
  14. Kazik

    Gaming keyboard and Mouse

    I know Razer is nice and pretty and a known brand. But Brood introduced me to this company, they are newer and cheaper and have a great product. So just passing a long the word check em out. Redragon USA
  15. daxious

    Survey about gaming (In Dutch)

    Hey fellow dutch fever members or members that would like to participate in my school project thing , i need some datas off this survery Gamegedrag I very much appreciate every body that participates and this is annonymous
  16. FloriLucem

    Spawn Party Gaming

    So for anyone that may be interested in playing SC2, but, have not had the chance, or been swayed to purchase all the expansions, SC2 now hosts something Blizzard calls Spawn Party. It is where you can party up with someone who has all the expansions for SC2 and play multiplayer games, Co-op, Vs...
  17. WASP

    20 Years of Sony Gaming for me.

    I was sorting through some boxes of my stuff, and stumbled across these relics, and thought I would get a photo of the whole family together! [emoji12] Sent from my Kayak in the middle if nowhere!
  18. BeetleBaily

    New gaming rig

    Got all the parts in for my next gaming rig. I-7 6850k, 64GB RAM, M.2 storage, MSI 99A Godlike Gaming Motherboard, 1TB SSD, etc. The bad news is the company I ordered my EVGA 1080 GTX FTW graphics card failed to notify me that they were out of stock. Now I'll end up putting my old graphics...
  19. FloriLucem

    Gaming on Days Off

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted to toss this out there. I have Thursday and Friday off this week, so if anyone would like to game together tomorrow and/or Friday, all are welcome to come and join me. I have LoL, SC2, HOTS, Diablo 3, and a few others. Have a great night everyone and see you...
  20. Lustrum

    Dungeons and Dragons 4E Gaming Oppurtunity

    Hey there! So recently Lustrum reached out to Roll20 looking to expand the Clan's interests into Tabletop games. We have talked and it seems like one of the games that I play in and run for would be a good match. If you are looking for a game to play, take a quick read through this and see if...
  21. Salamander

    Konvict Gaming

    I am in konvict gaming as a guest. I do not use it but realize it is against fever rules. Has anyone got any idea on how to delete my account?
  22. PROPANE666

    Start of a gaming family!

    Hello everyone! I just recently joined the Fever family and I got to say that it seems like a great choice. Everything i'v seen so far is very well organized and thought out which is the basics for any clan/guild that makes it big. Looking forward to meeting and playing with many of you and game...
  23. Bang


    ALL GRILL TEAM Hey I'm trying out something new and I'm looking for a team composed of all ladies :'D First and foremost, I play in NA and EUNE. I'm currently lvling a new account at the moment that will be eventually become my main. On the other hand, I currently have a Diamond III acc on...
  24. M

    Well I thought I was leaving the gaming world for a bit :(

    Well Yesterday I left on a new adventure. I moved house to over an hour away into the mountains of Colorado. Didn't think I would have the world best internet with the location and everything. But last night I test everything out across all games I play an it was great. So tonight I will be...
  25. Kunezite

    Outbreak Gaming - 1000 Subscriber UL-3 "Hitchhiker" Giveaway **Citadel Server** 1000 Subscriber Giveaway! - APB:R Legendary: UL-3 "Hitchhiker" & XCOM: Enemy Unknown In the spirit of great giveaways, here's some for any Clan Members up North and/or play on the Citadel Server! Outbreak Gaming is another APB streamer/youtuber...