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  1. TheFrenchGuyzLive

    NA 1000 games of Chen Dota2

    + 10k hour of chen Dota 1 360 apm+ ChenX - Overview - DOTABUFF - Dota 2 Stats North Americain Player , 3 accounts first is 6.1k second is chen only 4k third is calibrating , ( keeping that one to help people rank) if anyone wants to climb msg me !!
  2. McGrover

    Summer Games start Thursday

    Here's a friendly reminder not to do your Arcade games for loot boxes until the Summer Games event starts on Thursday, so that the lootboxes you earn will have more goodies available. Maximize your chances for the Lifeguard McCree, BBQ Soldier, or any of the new skins they've been teasing out...
  3. Phoenix_Ace

    Overwatch Custom Games

    This is a Quick Guide on how to set up the most used custom games we use in Fever Game Nights. Feel free to tweak them and try them out yourselves! I Recommend saving the custom games with the appropriate names! Area's Marked with a * Is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Random Free For All Human VS...
  4. W

    Chill/Competitive Games

    Hey guys! I'm new to the community. My main game is OW, but I play a lot of Fortnite as well. I'm pretty inactive this season, but I played almost everyday last season. My ign is wokeupasian. Feel free to add me on discord too if you ever wanna play! My discord is wokeupasian#1608. Hope to...
  5. Loyalbdog

    How is Your Ranked Games Going?

    as the time of the post I'm doing my qualifiers and im 5wins and 1 Loss but i have found my games pretty Balanced so how are your games?
  6. Spartankun

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Games

    I started Play Re;birth 1 again lately and was wondering who all has played any of the Hyperdimension Neptunia games or seen the anime?
  7. G

    Reasons as to why paladins does not have a group?

    I’m an active player of paladins:Champions of the realm. I’ve recently noted that although paladins has gone to p2w, there are still game modes that do not use the new features. Although I’m starting Overwatch, paladins seems to take precedence over it. Any reasons as to why paladins is no...
  8. Tef42

    Ubisoft : Multiple Free Games

    Free Games: Ubisoft Free Events
  9. K

    EU Anyone wanna play some games of hots?

    Anyone wanna play some qp or unraked draft?
  10. G

    Custom Games

    Does anyone here have access to host Custom Games yet? Would be fun to try some variations such as pistols only, melee, or zombie. Most of the existing custom games are kind of a shit show w/ team killers, afk's, and general weirdos that sing into team chat etc...
  11. TurtleStrong

    Selling/Trading Games for RP/Mystery Champ Gifts

    I am selling/trading these games so that I can get the RP I need to buy my final 12 champions in league. I'm going to provide links to each of these games so you can look at them, they are in alphabetical order and they are from Humble Bundles for the most part. Add me on League of Legends to...
  12. GaReBeaR

    Free Games

    I buy a lot of games from humble bundle so I get a lot of copies of games I already have. So I figured I would keep a list of copies I have ever for people to request. I was going to ask if i could sell them with fever coins but i am not that greedy. SteamWorld heist - P9VLQ-N6VRT-NEZAZ -...
  13. Belos

    Chance for a Beta Keys Ubisoft New Games

    The Crew 2 Ubisoft - The Crew 2 A racing game from ubisoft that's shows up on E3 Skull and Bones One of the best shows of E3 show was Skull and Bones that is a multiplayer survival pirate game with islands and seas everywhere.
  14. Belos

    Need to buy ehacking academy discount for exchange of Coins + steam low cost games

    Hello as the tittle says i need to exchange 20.000coins for this discount costs only 49$ Lifetime Access to | Online Cyber Security Trainings – EH Academy many of you saying now when you read this why you don't buy it yourself here is why, i can't buy it because of capital controls visa is...
  15. M

    EUW Support Main looking for team for fun games, as well as Ranked matches also.

    Hello all, my name is Mark, my gamertag is magiccarrot. I am a support main looking for a team to have some friendly fun and climb the ranked ladder together on league. please message me if you want a dedicated support player. I play on the EUW servers
  16. Pudge Nubbins

    Browser Games Go! (Text Based old-school-ish)

    I am playing a couple of text based browser games and was wondering if anyone would be interested in joining? I have started my own clan in one of them, have not done so in the other. Let me know if you register! Land of Nevard: Land of Nevard - Signup Relics of Avabur...
  17. SunKenRock

    Free Games with PS Plus

    With april now started ,and as with everyone month there are games that are free to play and keep. Course you have to keep up the ps subscription
  18. T

    NA Squad for clan vs clans, Ranked games, Chilling with a full team

    Hey guys, i am making a full squad for a league of Legends team, we need some psotions filled, please remember that this is primarily for those who love teamwork in ranked over solo Q, We have everything but support and Jungle filled, We would be practicing in normals, and doing ranked matches...
  19. ActualJosh

    So I just bought a hmublle bundle...

    So I just bought the Assassin's creed humble bundle, and there are a couple of the games I already have: Assassins Creed 3 They are up for grabs to anyone who wants them. If you want the codes feel free to message me on here or find me on the teamspeak
  20. crimsonfate

    News: Sledgehammer Games tease era for Call of Duty 2017
  21. TurtleStrong

    Buying Elder Scrolls Online. Have coins + 100 games to trade

    I have roughly 100 games/things from the Humble Bundles + 18k coins I'm willing to park with in order to get my hands on a copy of The Elder Scroll Online: Tamriel Unlimited Gold Edition. I want it so that I can play with my girlfriend. Yep, that's legit the only reason I am now interested in...
  22. Rylok

    Tabletop Simulator Board Games

    Anyone play board games on tabletop simulator (or tabletopia, or any other game/site/etc)? I'd like to play some fairly strategic games (Dead of Winter and Viticulture are my 2 favorites) and might even like to start up a weekly game night if there is enough interest. What say you? Hmm?
  23. Sir-Dome

    NA Free to play games

    I don't just play battlefield I play alot of other free to play games if anyone wants to play any I am down to play anytime just message me in Teamspeak or come down to the channel that I am in your Recruitiment Team Member Sir-Dome
  24. H

    Make your games easier, knowledge is power.

    Knowledge is power! Do you have difficulties with coming up with an item build? Do you no longer want to alt+tab to browse google for one? Would you like to know how strong your opponents are on a specific god? Do you want to know their score? Overwolf allows you to see all this...
  25. BigPun

    Rolling code for RP games - Learn how to

    Rolling code for RP games - Learn how to We now have a dice roll code for the forum games & rp games. This follows the AdX+B format, where A= number of dice, X= number of faces on the dice and B= modifier. E.g. if you want to roll two dice of 6 faces, and add 5 to it, you would...