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    Good Shepherd Entertainment and Friends Announce Dates for Indie Heaven at E3 2018

    If you're going to E3 2018, set aside some time in your schedule to walk rght across the street from the Los Angeles Convention Center around the Devolver Lot to take part in IndiE3, or Indie Heaven. It's a three-day celebration of indie gaming where you can take part in meetings with indie game...
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    How to Play Escalation Protocol with 9 Friends in Destiny 2

    Escalation Protocol is Destiny 2’s latest, and most challenging, public activity, requiring excellent teamwork, powerful weapons, and a bit of system trickery. Players who want to attempt and hopefully clear Level 7 of the Escalation Protocol will need to get together and form a 9-player...
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    Fuse With Your Friends In Dragon Ball FighterZ's Upcoming Free Co-Op Mode

    Dragon Ball FighterZ welcome the unhinged God Fused Zamasu to its roster recently and, very soon, players are getting another major update. On May 9, 2018, Bandai Namco is adding the FighterZ Cup monthly competition and Party Battle mode, which allows co-op for up to three players on each team...
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    Laugh Along with Sonic and Friends with Sonic Mania Adventures Part 2, Streaming Now

    Sega has just uploaded the second animated episode of Sonic Mania Adventures to YouTube, so that means it's time to take a break from whatever you're doing and indulge in some good, old-fashioned Saturday morning-esque cartoon time. No excuses. The smooth and vivid animation takes you back to...
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    Alien: Descent, The Wireless VR Arcade Experience, Will Terrify You And Some Friends Soon

    If you’ve been wondering when VR aliens would be coming along to scare the crap out of you and a group of friends, the time is now. FoxNext, the VR studio behind the Crisis on the Planet of the Apes VR experience, and Pure Imagination Studios have collaborated on Alien: Descent, a...
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    How to Add and Invite Friends in Sea of Thieves

    As Rare's open-world adventure Sea of Thieves continues to push into uncharted waters, more and more players have become interested in checking out what mysteries lay beyond the title's virtual shores. More than a game of simple exploration, Sea of Thieves is an experience that's firmly rooted...
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    Kirby Star Allies Gameplay Makes Friends to Fight Whispy Woods & King Dedede

    Kirby's getting ready to make his debut on the Nintendo Switch in the next couple of weeks. Kirby won't be going it alone in the upcoming Kirby Star Allies. In this 2D platformer, players will be controlling Kirby, but also use the power of friendship to recruit a handful of foes to create a...
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    Mount Your Friends 3D Gets Release Date, New Trailer

    When I was building my Most Anticipated Games of 2018 feature, I knew ahead of time that Stegersaurus Software’s Mount Your Friends 3D was clearly the odds-on favorite to be the best video game of the year. While none of my coworkers included the game on their respective lists, I think...
  9. K

    Civ VI - Looking for friends to play with :)

    Hey everyone!! I started playing Civ VI not too long ago, so I'm still pretty new to it. I've never played any of the previous Civ before, but I'm really enjoying it! I' was wondering if there were some people that would be interested in playing together! Let me know! I'll probably be on for a...
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    How To Fight Friends In Dragon Ball FighterZ

    With a lot of the excitment inherent to fighting games boiling down to the ability to pummel friends in a most flashy manner, many players were surprised to find that there's no direct way to challenge their friends in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Fortunately, there is a workaround of sorts for players...
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    Monster Hunter World - How to Play Co-op with Friends

    Monster Hunter World introduces some impressive cooperative experience for players. You’re able to head out on quests and hunt for monsters together, but you’re going to need to understand how the convoluted in-game system works before you play co-op with your friends. How to Play...
  12. Ryaunn

    Looking for friends to play with

    Am interested in finding a squad to play with
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    Zynga Announces Words With Friends 2, Live Today

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    Zynga Spells Out Sequel In Words With Friends 2

    To the right mind, everything is a game, including a zesty appetite for and gradual mastery of the English language. For folks like that — you know who you are — mobile game developer Zynga has produced a sequel to the company's breakout mobile hit Words With Friends. Simply titled...
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    You Can Now Buy Your Friends Off with Steam's Digital Gift Cards

    Valve has unveiled an expansion to their digital gifting right in time for the recently leaked Holiday sales. Steam Digital Gift Cards are now available and they allow you to send Steam Wallet funds directly to your friends. This new initiative expands on the incredibly popular single-game gift...
  16. R

    Looking for new Fortnite friends [PvP]

    New member to Fever, looking for some people to play fortnite with I am from the UK [GMT 0]Active all day apart from the few days a week I work around 4pm. Feel free to pm me your Fortnite usernames and we'll go play.
  17. B

    New to LOL Looking for friends who are willing to teach

    Hello Everyone, I have decided i wanted to get into LoL and i am looking for people who are willing to help and teach me the in's and out's of this game. I have played all different games in my life and i am a fast learner. I will be playing around 9PM-2AM everyday most likely. Let me...
  18. Ryaunn

    Looking for Friends

    Looking for friends to play HOTS and OW with hmu @ ArylaxsKwon#1878 Asking at forums since im always getting ignored in discord chats .
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    Battlefield 1 to Add Premium Friends, In Case Regular Friends Aren't Enough

    EA has a new service for lonely Battlefield 1 players called Premium Friends. Don't have enough real-life friends with the best maps? Let EA hook you up with some uber-elite buddies who do have access to play with for free. The new program, based on feedback from the Battlefield 1 community...
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    Sacrifice: Doom's Marty Stratton on Long Hours and Sending His Son's Friends to Hell

    I've been speaking extensively with id Software's Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton, for an in-depth making-of on Doom's reboot that you'll be seeing on Shacknews soon. In advance of that longer feature, I spoke with Martin on how his background in film influenced his approach to designing games...
  21. Ian

    Tetris Friends

    Back in like 2010 I used to play Tetris on this site called Tetris Friends. It's still going and running strong amazingly as of writing this, there's 10 bronze ranked rooms. I wanted to gauge interest in some battles game nights. We can do up to 6 players at a time. It's just like a basic...
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    The Persistence Will Let Friends Mess With your PlayStation VR Experience

    Horror games put you at the mercy of the developers. But a new PlayStation VR title called The Persistence not only has you battling what the developers envisioned for you, but also your well-meaning or more mischevious friends. The game itself is a solo affair putting you aboard the science...
  23. Cid Raines

    Support my friends Brother please!

    Hello everyone a friend of mine younger brother has just started a Youtube channel for when he sings and hes a really good singer in my opinion if you guys can please show some love to him sometimes and encourage him. if you mention me just say timothy shared this and here is the link for all of...
  24. Requ1em

    Updates: Golf With Friends Update - 2/15

    Level editor I have also made some progress on the level editor, ill update you guys more as I progress. Recent surveys have told us this is the most requested feature so I’ll be spending some more time on it. Saying that, I also need to work on everything else so I'm trying my best, hopefully...
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    Snipperclips for Nintendo Switch Lets You Cut Your Friends

    One of my favorite new titles revealed for the Nintendo Switch is Snipperclips. In this charming little puzzler, you work with a friend to solve puzzles by cutting shapes out of each other to interact with your environment. Snipperclips looks like it takes an intense amount of concentration...