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    4A Games Offers Fresh Peek at Metro: Exodus with Game Awards Trailer

    4A Games originally debuted Metro: Exodus back at E3 2017. At the time, the trailer gave a small glimpse of a battle against a giant beast and a hint at a more open world than the two Metro games that preceded it. At tonight’s Game Awards show, the game got a new teaser that offered an...

    Fresh Necro Gear Progression Guide

    So, I just got my 6 piece Rathma's. What should I be looking for, and what's the best way to get it? I'm guessing a main hand, ring, ammy, then offhand? Ring-Krisbin's?
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    Modojo Rewind: PoGo Fest, Unfortunate Setbacks, And Fresh Ink-Slinging Action

    Greetings, citizens. Friday has fallen, and as we wave goodbye to the work week now quietly disappearing behind us, we welcome the weekend as it crests above the nearing horizon. Today isn't just a day for celebrating another week slain, however; it's also a great chance to check in with Modojo...
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    Modojo Rewind: Fresh Mobile Titles, Switch Voice Chat, And Nintendo Online

    It's been a truncated work week over at Modojo; like many businesses and publications, we observed Memorial Day in order to remember the valiant efforts of those who fight for our safety and for our freedom. However, the news never stops, and this week we've seen all-new details on upcoming...
  5. PsyJester

    Pending: Fresh install of windows 10 but won't run updates

    So I've been trying to help miss joker to fix this issue most of the night. Its a new install of windows 10 and she updated a number of components including the graphics card. The issue we are having is she is getting 0x80073712 every time it tries to download this KB4013418 package. I've...
  6. SLIPX

    Tip Video for Fresh New Players in Rust
  7. D

    Official Fever Minecraft Server and fresh start

    I was thinking about getting a server again and making it the official fever server where you can play vanilla or modded and also have game night were we do a custom map of your choosing. But before i try to do that i would like to restart this forum because if you look at the dates on the...
  8. NovaGenetics

    Borderlands 2 Fresh Start

    I'm looking for a group of friends who have Borderlands 2 an are willing to start a clean slate. No max characters, no guns. Nothing. Clean freshly made character straight from the character creation. If you have all the DLC that's a big plus, but if not then we can just play till you're at max...
  9. Seal

    Archeage 3.0 Fresh start servers

    Livestream 9 Sep: Khrolan on Fresh Start, preventing old wealth from entering new server, disabled marketplace items, Founders bonus : archeage Apparently Archeage is going to have new fresh start servers with limited cash shop and no linked AHs Hopefully this might revive the game that I used...
  10. PhillyConlan

    Fresh Meat

    Hey guys, Just downloading Heroes now, I've never played before but hopefully I'll see you all in game! Probably take me a while to get to grips though..
  11. K

    New Tournament For The August! FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN HOPEFULLY!

    Hey, I'm Kennizer and I'm trying to find some friends! So I thought maybe we can all pitch in and set up a small tournament for fun! This is legitimately the first tournament I've ever hosted... Tournament format: 4 Full Teams Standard Bracket Format Best of 3 For Each Round...
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    E3 2016: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a breath of fresh air

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild begins with a simple declarative sentence: "Open your eyes." Except those words don't appear on the screen for you to read. They're spoken. Aloud. In a Zelda game. Everything's the same in Breath of the Wild, yet everything's different. Director and...
  13. TekNyne

    My fresh CS:GO Loadout video

    I hope you enjoy, it was my first video ha so kind of a bit hack.. Just bought all of these skins today :D about $40 for all. Feel free to let me know what you think, and some of your favourite skins.
  14. PapaRussia

    Mission 4: Some Fresh Faces

    Alright Fighting Fever listen up! So as XCOM 2 has been out for a couple of days now and was able to invest time into it and get a feel of 2 over the original I believe it's time we set our plans in motion. When it comes to recording said game play sessions of fighting Fever I think i'll be...
  15. W

    Starting Fresh

    Anyone want to start off a new character with me? I haven't played this game in a very long time and currently installing the expansion for the first time. I'll probably try out one of the new heros, and I'm open to playing hardcore. wing#1504 Edit - meant for this to go in the Diablo 3 area.
  16. RiceBeanPowered

    Resolved: Windows 7 Fresh Install stuck in loop

    This is for my old PC Motherboard: Asrock P55 Extreme4 Processor: I5 760 Graphics card: GTX 470 RAM: DDR 3 Kingston Hyper X Beast @ 1333MHZ (2x4GB) Hard Drive: 60GB SSD Sata 6gb/s Power Supply: Quiet 1050 W Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium So... To start this off, This is...
  17. F

    Starting fresh today.

    Today I start a new journey and get myself to stick to a diet plan with weekly exercise. I have always been big for the majority of my life I have lost and regained so much weight it is crazy. The last few years have been rough for me and I am the highest I have ever been about 320 ( I am about...
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    Heroes of the Storm smells fresh meat with Butcher spotlight video

    The Eternal Conflict is set to begin in Heroes of the Storm tomorrow and one of its major draws is definitely the classic beast known as The Butcher. To help prepare players for his imminent arrival, Blizzard has posted his official character spotlight trailer. Yes, The Butcher remains as...
  19. D

    Fresh seasonal level 70

    Hi all, I've been a clan member for a bit but my main game is Heroes of the Storm so I haven't posted over here yet. I play a bunch of other games on the side when I have time including diablo. I just got my seasonal crusader to level 70 and I've tried to do some research but I get so many...
  20. Spectre

    Starting Fresh in ESO and looking for players!

    As we ESO players know that ESO is "unlimited" after the purchase of the game. Well, i am here looking for players to play with to quest, grind, dungeon, and ect with with fresh new characters i play in NA server and my UserID is @Assydius I currently have a lvl 24 Templar (pure heal)...
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    Dying Light Season Pass keeps zombie-killing fresh until May

    Dying Light’s first Season Pass content drop, called Cuisine & Cargo, is launching today on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The drop will include two extremely challenging new missions as players investigate buildings that were sealed off in the very first days of the outbreak. Players...
  22. Asperous

    What builds will you start fresh with???

    So I'm curious what builds people are looking to use to get to end game and start farming? I'm thinking about going with my old incinerate build, or a molten strike build. What are your thoughts???
  23. D

    Day Z - The Fresh Prince.

    Day Z - The Fresh Prince. - YouTube Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Transistor review: a fresh voice

    Bastion was one of the strongest indie studio debuts in recent memory, but it also set expectations high for Supergiant Games. Nothing short of excellence could live up to those lofty heights. Transistor is an outstanding sophomore effort and shows a maturation of the graceful tone and style...
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    Godus to have fresh take on microtransactions, says Molyneux

    Project Godus will have microtransactions, but creator Peter Molyneux shies away from the term "free-to-play." In a recent interview, he promised its monetization strategy will be something "that hasn't existed before," distancing it from the traditional F2P model. More...