1. R

    Looking for new Fortnite friends [PvP]

    New member to Fever, looking for some people to play fortnite with I am from the UK [GMT 0]Active all day apart from the few days a week I work around 4pm. Feel free to pm me your Fortnite usernames and we'll go play.
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    Voice Chat Live In Latest Fortnite Battle Royale Update

    The Fornite Battle Royale development team dropped a new video update today and discussed the latest patch, the future of the mode's weapons, and more. If you've already downloaded the latest patch on PC, voice chat has been enabled and console players will have access in the near future. With...
  3. Bob_o

    Looking for a FortNite XO

    Greetings everyone! Right now we are looking for a Destiny 2 XO to help build the section. If this is something that may interest you please take a moment to read the post here...
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    Epic Games Will See Fortnite Cheat Software Creators in Court

    On October 5, Epic declared that Fortnite Battle Royale cheaters were their highest priority. For a PvP driven experience to truly take hold and have a welcoming community, cheaters have to be dealt with in an efficient manner and the company had already mentioned that thousands have been...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale Hits 10 Million Players, Adds Stats

    Fortnite's free-to-play Battle Royale mode hit 525,000 concurrent players with 3.7 million players daily this past Sunday and the milestones just keep on rolling in. After introducing the mode as a surprise for Early Access users, 10 million players have now played Epic's Battle Royale. On...
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    Fortnite Devs: Cheaters Are The 'Highest Priority' Across Epic Games

    The Epic Games team dedicated to the development of Fortnite went very public with their plans to address cheaters previously. The team didn't give out details about exactly what constitutes a ban or permaban, but it looks like quite a few players have already hit the checklist. Thousands, even...
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    Fortnite Gets Crowded with 7 Million Players Served

    Fortnite's beta has been going strong for several months, having reached one million players in less than a month. But Epic's sandbox survival shooter has blown up since then, having septupled that milestone just a mere six weeks later across all of its game modes. Thanks to over 7 million of...
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    Bluehole Studios Is Concerned That Fortnite Is Replicating PUBG

    Well. It turns out not all imitation is flattering. Epic has been pretty gung-ho in the promotion of the Battle Royale mode for their latest game Fortnite and the "Last Man Standing" experience is definitely inspired by the incredibly popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. In a press release and...
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    Players Spot PS4 and Xbox One Crossplay In Epic's Fortnite

    A big update for Minecraft back in August rekindled the cross-play conversation as it was revealed that talks between Microsoft and Sony were ongoing when it comes to bringing the Minecraft community together on all platforms. The following month, Microsoft reaffirmed their desire to enable...
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    Weekend Console Download Deals for 9/15: Tekken 7, Fortnite, and More

    With summer left in the dust, it's time to start catching up on the year that's been so far before all the fall releases start flooding in. PlayStation owners will get that chance, thanks to the PlayStation Picks sale, featuring a number of recent and high-profile releases. Xbox owners can pick...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale Mode Takes Aim At PUBG

    Fortnite rewarded their Early Access community with a survival mode after cracking one million players, though it was slightly delayed due to stability concerns. In what may be a surprise to many, they've added another new game mode and it channels the energy of another game that is steadily...
  12. D

    New member - looking for Fortnite players

    Currently level 43 looking for dedicated players to play with. Epic username = DinoRoger (add me). Looking forward to the new Survive The Storm event.
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    Fortnite Celebrates 1 Million Players With Survival Mode

    Epic Games recently reached a Fortnite milestone with 500,000 players but it came and went without much fanfare. This time, Epic is celebrating the new achievement of one million players by rewarding those players with the much-desired Survival mode. The news comes by way of a tweet let loose...
  14. Doiri

    Dev Update #2 - Fortnite in the Near Future!
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    Fortnite Has Over 500K Players Building Cool Stuff

    Multiplayer-centric experiences continue to be all-the-rage for the gaming community. Some, like Overwatch, thrive immediately on PC and home consoles while others take a bit of time to pick up steam like Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six: Siege. It looks like Fortnite is going to be more similar to...
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    How to Unlock Hero Classes in Fortnite

    Epic Games' action-builder Fortnite is at its best when you're building an awesome base and killing lots of husks. To do that, you need to unlock heroes. There are four classes of heroes, each catering to a different style of play. This guide will teach you how to unlock hero classes in Fortnite...
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    How to Increase Your Power Level in Fortnite

    Your power level in Fortnite, Epic Games' new survival-combat game, represents the level of your account. Raising your power level must be done a certain way, and symbolizes your status in the game. Our guide will help you understand what Fortnite's power level entails and how to increase it...
  18. arksun

    Fortnite Guide Links.

    This is just a little Quick start I have found to get people going in fortnite. There are some class descriptions and a brief game description. Fortnite Wiki Guide - IGN
  19. Doiri

    Fortnite Release Information + Launch Event!

    Well now that Epic posted online officially I can tell you guys all when Fortnite will be available to play! Fortnite for Alpha Tester who pre-purchased a pack can play on July 20th 10am EST Fortnite for General Public who pre-purchased a pack can play on July 21th 10am EST Fortnite for...
  20. Doiri

    1 Week Till Fortnite

    We are now at the 1 week mark till Fortnite! In recent news for the game they released a short little cinematic video at RTX. Remember if you are interested with the game there is still time to pick up a founder's pack and get the pre-order...
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    Epic Games Unveils a New Fortnite Cinematic Trailer at Rooster Teeth Expo

    This weekend at Rooster Teeth Expo 2017 in Austin, Texas, Epic Games premiered “A Hard Day’s Night,” a cinematic trailer that takes place in the universe of the studio’s upcoming action building title, Fortnite. Created in-house at Epic Games using Unreal Engine 4, the...
  22. Doiri

    Fortnite section feedback thread

    If you have any feedback regarding our Fortnite section please post it here! It can be anything from positive experiences to negative experiences, you can also post your own ideas and suggestions here. If it is something private feel free to PM me the suggestion or concern. - Doiri
  23. Doiri

    Fortnite Helpful Links

    Fortnite Social Media Fortnite Website Fortnite Twitter Fortnite Twitch Fortnite Facebook Fortnite Youtube Fortnite Reddit Fortnite Instagram Fortnite Help/Knowledge Fortnite Forums - Not Yet Available Alpha Players only Fortnite News Fortnite FAQ Fortnite Player Support...
  24. Doiri

    Fortnite Fever Playerbase

    Main Game #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count1aNger2018-01-13200MGYSGT22 2Emza9982018-04-2994PFC1 3Fabiozo2018-07-1517PVT2 4fr4ntic2017-12-08236LCPL3 5HoneyBridgieBoo2018-05-1974PFC1 6ItsStryk2018-05-0687PFC1 7Kerosz2018-03-10144PFC3 8NasteTV2018-06-2042PFC3...
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    E3 2017: Fortnite Interview With Zak Phelps

    Epic Games has been diligently working on its co-op survival game Fortnite, having just revealed last week that the game will finally be released to Early Access on July 25. Executive producer Zak Phelps came by the Shacknews E3 booth to talk about the various heroes that will be in the game...