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    Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack Dresses Up Jonesy

    The fight for survival continues for Fortnite players. But as players gear up for their next survival excursion, Epic Games and Twitch want to give them a little something extra to take along with them. In particular, they'd like to give Jonesy a few keen additions to his inventory. On Wednesday...
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    Happy Hour: Fortnite Battle Royale With Cheese

    Welcome to Happy Hour, our brand new Twitch gaming talk show. The show normally airs on Mondays and can be viewed in a VOD after we go offline. This week, the gang will be discussing a random assortment of gaming news and events while playing some Fortnite Battle Royale on the PS4. Watch live...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale 3.0.0 Patch Adds 60 FPS for Consoles, Season 3 Battle Pass, and More

    Outrageous outfits, dope dances, poppin' pixaxes, glorious gliders, and all new back bling highlight the latest Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass. Epic Games just announced the latest update to their Battle Royale game mode. Fortnite's Season 3 Battle Pass is available to purchase right now on PS4...
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    Fortnite 2.5.0 Patch Update Celebrates Lunar New Year, Launches Spring Event

    The latest patch for Epic Games' Fortnite adds a new quest line for post-Valentine's Day, some Lunar New Year heroes, and brand new weapons. Save the World and Battle Royale both get some thematic new treats and we've got the breakdown, some pics, and a new video for you below. Fornite never...
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    Fortnite Competitive Ladders System Revealed By Esports Hub

    Without a doubt, Fortnite has quickly become one of the biggest success stories in video game history. It's ballooned so quickly that the servers have had trouble keeping up, and it's not even out of its beta yet. Fortnite's free-to-play PUBG-style Battle Royale mode has been no small part of...
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    Fortnite Celebrates Valentine's Day With Cupid's Crossbow

    Fortnite is consistently bringing players new content, especially when major holidays come around, and things are no different for Valentine's Day. Hopefully, you've already set your plans with a significant other but, if not, Epic Games has got you covered. Fortnite Battle Royale will introduce...
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    Fortnite Devs Compensates Players For Downtime With Bonuses For Both Modes

    There are a few constants across genres with a large online presence. Patches and downtime are a couple of those and, while Fortnite hasn't developed a pattern of unwarranted downtime, the developers are attempting to curb any ill will early on by making good on issues with the most recent...
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    Fortnite - Why Am I In Queue, Can't Join Party

    Epic Games and People Can Fly's popular survival title Fortnite has been kicking around for about half a year now, and since that time players have been treated to some of the more exciting co-op gameplay to grace modern consoles. It's not always easy to enjoy, though, particularly when players...
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    Epic Games Shifting Dev Resources From Paragon Over To Fortnite

    Going with what works is not a new concept. When people see one thing succeeding and another effort faltering, it's not unusual to shift focus away from the latter. While Paragon has been a mild success for Epic Games, the free-to-play MOBA has struggled to find mainstream popularity. In the...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale Map Update Launches Tomorrow, Gets New Trailer

    There are about 40 million Fortnite fans who have been waiting patiently for the game's Battle Royale map update and it looks like their patience will be rewarded tomorrow. Epic Games has also released a brand new video to highlight some of the map's updated features. While there's no specific...
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    Fortnite Battle Royale Reaches 40 Million Players Ahead of Map Update

    There are almost daily reminders of just how big the Battle Royale craze has gotten in video games. The latest one comes from Shacknews Best Early Access Game of 2017 Fortnite and Epic Games. On Monday, Epic announced that Fortnite Battle Royale has reached yet another milestone, prior to its...
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    Shacknews Best Early Access Game of 2017: Fortnite

    Fortnite made a lot of noise in 2017, mostly when it turned out to be the most popular title emulating the match style that has grown wildly popular due to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. While the development team's quick implementation of a sound copy of PUBG's Battle Royale mode is worth note...
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    Shacknews Best Loot Crate of 2017: Fortnite Llamas

    It was a rough year overall for the mere concept of loot crates. They took a beating in both mainstream and social media, but not all loot crates are created equal. While EA and Battlefront II's pay-to-win took the issue to the dark side, Epic Games' Fortnite took a different approach with their...
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    Fortnite Reveals Season 2 Battle Pass

    Whether you're into their PvP or PvE modes, Fortnite has some new content to keep you occupied this winter. The game has kicked off its "Survive the Holidays" event and has announced a brand new battle pass for their Battle Royale players. Fans of the PvE "Save the World" mode are getting a new...
  15. aNger

    Fortnite | Late Night God Squad | LF NA | 18+ | Playing for the W | Squads Members

    Currently Looking for some more individuals on around 11pm CST - 4am CST several nights a week. I already have several team members available different nights so there will always be a team or two available for everyone. Just need to get us all on a list in one place with our availability...
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    Fortnite Adds '50 Versus 50' Game Mode for 10 Days Only

    Fortnite is about to get a lot bigger. During Thursday night's Game Awards show, Epic Games announced that Fortnite Battle Royale would debut a new game mode that is exactly what it says it is. It's "50 Versus 50." If the name didn't already give it away, this game mode splits 100 players into...
  17. R

    Fortnite custom matchmaking

    Now that Fortnite are looking at adding Custom matchmaking we could possibly in the near future look at hosting Fever clan private tournaments as well as hosting games nights as we haven't been able to do so yet. As well as being able to do these things we could also create competitive Fever...
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    Fortnite 1.9.1 Update is Popping Smoke

    Fortnite's Fortnitemares event has come to an end, but Epic Games' sandbox survival carries on with a whole new update. This one should be of particular interest to Xbox One X owners, but Epic has a little something for everyone else, too. So what's the biggest addition? That's right, it's time...
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    Fortnite Infortmation

    This thread will be for displaying information about in-game topics for Battle Royale/Save The World. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS THREAD, IF YOU WANT TO YOU CAN LIKE OR THANK THE POST :)
  20. R

    Fortnite Leauge Scrim Team

    Would anyone be interested in a Fever Fortnite Scrim/League Team? I have found a Discord that host Leagues for Fortnite teams you play a game take a screenshot when you die and post it as proof [2 players per team must provided screenshots]. I am looking for 2 more players to represent Fever...
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    Fortnite Goes Airborn with Launch Pads in v1.9 Update

    Trying to survive the treacherous world of Fortnite Battle Royale? Need a little help to stay alive and stay one step ahead of the competition? Epic Games hears the player outcry (although those could just be death cries. Who knows?) and is offering up some new tools with this Tuesday's 1.9...
  22. Eliminator

    Anybody Playing?

    Does anyone here play Fortnite? I hopped onto the discord and none was there. :offended:
  23. R

    Fortnite Roster

    Alright boys i'm the new XO for fortnite. Could you please leave your in game fortnite names below so I can create a roster showcasing everyones website names along with your Epicgames usernames. If you play battle royal only let me know as well as if you play just horde only let me know so this...
  24. R

    Fortnite Battle Royal

    First group match played first win ayeee, metal umbrella here we go.
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    Fortnite BR Subreddit

    I recommend checking out the Fortnite BR subreddit. It's specifically for the battle royale part of the game, and can be found here: Fortnite Battle Royale Often tips, tricks, guides, and good clips to learn new things can be found there. The Devs also respond to redditors and it's pretty active.