fever clan

  1. Linessah

    Fever Press: Fever Weekly Issue #357

    Issue 357 Index: (Click on any of them to be re-directed) Editorial Announcements Fever Events Special Events and Tournaments Fever Jobs Inside Fever Fever FNG New Releases Tech News E-Sports Game News Miscellaneous...
  2. SilentTheBro

    Event: Game Night: Rust - 1/3/2017 @7:30pm EST

    Greetings Fever, I would like to announce that I am hosting a Game Night for Rust :D I am brand new to the FeverClan and I was told some folks play Rust! I have my own personal server that we can all use. It has some basic mods on it just to enhance some game play :) Gathering rate has been...
  3. Kai

    Feverclan Chat

    Hello everyone. I would just like to talk about the website messenger. Its been working very well and I enjoy much better than the older version. But I feel like it is very difficult to use on a mobile phone. I often find myself checking the forums during breaks in my university or if I...
  4. PoohManDu

    For Fever Members and Friends is the current fever server We are looking for more people to come play The server is growing at a very steady place and we have a very friendly community who is always willing to help others all experienced and new players please come and join us
  5. HisMightyShield

    Let's make a clan Comic!

    Hey all So I'm a big comic book nerd and I have tried to make my own comic. However, I have no artistic skill whatsoever. What if we did this as a team? Created a concept and just ran with it Leave feedback below :D
  6. F

    dawngate clan

    hey i wonder if we have a dawngate clan or if we shood make one? i just have 75 dg wins but i was dia on lol so i know how to play mobas every one thats intresed on a dawngate clan, write in the coments how many wins you got and if you hav playd lol hon dota dota 2 smite os somthing if we...