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  1. FASUufb


    Come and join us for the "Daedric War Celebration Event". The event run Thursday, January 20 at 10AM EST, and runs until Tuesday, February 1 at 10AM EST. There are many new items to include non-combat, skins, motifs as well as the ability to get 2 tickets a day for doing daily event. See...
  2. FASUufb

    Event: The Bounties of Blackwood

    There is a new community event starting this this Thursday, September 30 at 10:00AM EDT, and it runs until Tuesday, October 12 at 10:00AM EDT. Explore Blackwood for community event prizes awarded at 33%, 66%, and 100% completion for exploring Blackwood and earning the achievement of Blackwood...
  3. FASUufb

    Event: Event Friday (8pm Eastern) - Additional ESO Event Night

    We are adding an additional ESO event night on Fridays starting 27 Aug. 2021. Looking for groups to do the new daily/weekly Endeavors, Dungeons (Public/Group), and Zone content such World Bosses, Delves, Shards, and Waypoints. When: Fridays Time: 8pm Eastern Host: FASUufb
  4. O

    Fallout 76 Atom Farming Night - 6PM Eastern

    Need Atom points for those awesome skins in the Atom Shop? Don't worry! Join us in the Fallout 76 Discord for our weekly Atom Farming Night. Every Saturday from 6PM Eastern to midnight we will be completing the daily and weekly challenges and even some of the more difficult regular challenges.
  5. Gizmo256

    Feedback Requested on the Leveling Event for Season 14

    We hope you all had fun with the leveling event. The Diablo 3 staff really put a lot of effort into trying to bring changes and a twist to events that were held in the past. While change can be a good thing, there can also be problems associated with that. What I'd like to do is ask feedback...
  6. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition - Team List

    This thread will be updated to show the teams for the event. 1 hour before the event begins we will display members who have been paired up. This will give you time to talk to your teammate and develop a strategy. 30 minutes prior to the event start this thread will display the teams of 4...
  7. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament List (so far)

    This is who we have singed up as teams so far: 1 Ghist / Violet 2 Diane / Entropian1960 3 Lycan / DarkMantra 4 Shaenie / Trep 5 Bob_o / Kimenu 6 Niklas13 / Lowrah 7 Medic / Glib 8 Robilar / Sendain 9 Qzuar / Jander 10. Davetheepoch / Phorceful 11. McGrover / Ondee45 12. IrvineFF8 /...
  8. Shiny

    News: Echoes of Alterac event (Warcraft themed)

    Join the Battle for Alterac Pass
  9. Gizmo256

    Season 14 Leveling Tournament & Competition: "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell"

    As Season 13 ends, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 14 Leveling Tournament! The "Diablo 3 Couples Leveling Event from Hell" WHEN Friday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on June 15, 2018 Please be there 30 minutes early to begin setting up groups. This season we're looking at...
  10. Hastyb

    Nerdy DnD 5e Night? All welcome this sunday.

    Im new to the community and primarily a colossal nerd. Figured a fun way to get to know some people and have fun BS'ing would be an event. My name on Discord is Hastyb#3508, feel free to hit me up on here or discord. Im a DM with 8 years experience, i play high fantasy or lovecraftian styles...
  11. D

    REQUEST: Challenge Rifts

    Can I make a request please that we have a weekly day/time slot where we can request to do Challenge Rifts? Typically I'm not strong enough to solo them (mainly because of my current situation) and therefore miss out on the additional materials each (and most) weeks. Would it be possible to...
  12. Linessah

    Season 13 Leveling Event & Competition

    As Season 12 has come to a close, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 13 Leveling Event and Competition! WHEN Friday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on February, 23, 2018 Please try to arrive 30 minutes early to begin setting up groups. As with every season, it's your choice if...
  13. Linessah

    Diablo 3 Leveling Event Results

    1st Place will be rewarded with an additional 1000 Fever Coins (1500 total) plus the Fever Competition Award. Winners are: Eximist, Ghist, Suspence, Kazuo 2nd Place will get an additional 800 Fever Coins (1300 total) Winners are: Bob_o, GHOST_AQC, Medic739, magikalo 3rd Place...
  14. Shiny

    PSA: Halloween event ends when Alexstrasza patch comes out

    So tuesday 11/14 in NA, and I imagine wednesday 11/15 in EU. Craft the stuff you want before then since it wont be available again until next year
  15. Damien

    GCC PUBG Squad Event - Sunday November 12th

    Hi everyone! GCC will be hosting a PUBG event on November 12, 2017. As indicated in this thread from Kimenu, Fever Clan has now begun collaboration with GCC and we are excited to see what is in store in the future. Fever Clan has received an invitation to this upcoming event this Sunday and we...
  16. B

    World of Tanks 10 day event with special tanks

    WoT is throwing down a Halloween event with special tanks, and special rewards. Fever Clan has a World of Tanks Guild/Clan in-game, and a Discord channel.
  17. Linessah

    Season 12 Leveling Event & Leveling Competition

    As Season 11 comes to a close, we would like to go ahead and announce our Season 12 Leveling Event and Competition! WHEN Thursday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on November, 9, 2017 Please try to arrive one hour early to begin setting up groups. Like last season it's your choice if you want...
  18. Aedric

    Halloween Event Starting Oct 10

    The Halloween event is due to start on Oct 10th and is currently planned to run until November 2nd. A new coop game mode is planned. Will be interesting to see how it goes.
  19. Sendain

    New host of Tuesday's event

    Hello folks, I have volunteered to take over the Tuesday evening event. A slight change in time due to my work schedule. Instead of starting at 8PM I will be starting at 7PM. The first event will be on September 12th and is a bounty event. I am keeping it as informal as possible...
  20. Linessah

    Season 11 Event Kick-Off: 7/20/2017

    We will be hosting another Leveling Event to Start Season 11! WHEN Thursday @ 5:00 p.m. PST / 8:00 p.m. EST on July, 20, 2017 Please try to arrive one hour early to begin setting up groups. Like last season it's your choice if you want to form a pre-made group or if you want to just...
  21. sparkis

    Midsummer Fire Festival Event

    A special brawl featuring Ragnaros, the Firelord as well as a baby Rag will start tomorrow. During this period, all quests will reward DOUBLE GOLD! PLAY, INSECT!
  22. Kunezite

    APB Happy 4th of July!

    APB Happy 4th of July! Celebrate the 4th of July and login into APB Reloaded with PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4, on each of the following day’s and earn yourself a free clothing item for you to use. July 1st 12:01 PDT AM – July 2nd 11:59 PM PDT Day 1: Patriot Jacket July 2nd 12:01 PDT AM –...
  23. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event Community Feedback

    GamersFirst is certainly taking the call for more involvement for the APB Community to heart and have created a Community Feedback Thread for the New Summer Survival Event. It is definitely a step in the right direction on G1's behalf, we'd like nothing more than more player input into Events...
  24. Kunezite

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo suggestions

    Summer Survival Event - Name and Logo Suggestions Once again, as told in the Blog Post, G1 is hosting another event to gather Name and Logo Suggestions for the Summer Survival Event. This one is definitely for the creative types who want to input more than just a few titles and a great chance...
  25. Kunezite

    Contagion Event - Title Suggestions

    Contagion Event Title Suggestions As per the Blog Post, G1 is looking to us, the players, for suggestions for New Titles as rewards for gaining progress during the Reloaded Contagion Event. Love it or hate it, I think this is a great idea, I mean if anything it gives G1 a break from having to...