1. P

    EU LF People To Play With

    Hey guys :D I'm new here and I would love to have a team. I'm gold level at the moment. I used to be diamond then plat then gold :D I quit the game for a while and when i came back everyone was incredibly better. If you wanna play add me.
  2. N

    EU EU Fever Clan

    I realise most people will never join a second D3 server. Not everyone is going to be interested. However, I would like to mention a few key points on why 'some' people may want to consider it. The first point, for me, was the second seasonal journey / second additional stash tab. Along...
  3. H

    EU Looking for people to play with

    Looking for people to play with. Playing casual games. Looking for a clan if possible. People with experience and mature to have fun and play some games! add me: HardcoRGS
  4. Furycain

    EU Any supp monks in EU?

    Generally, I am thinking if there are any monks in the EU region for the current season? I was hoping to find at least 1 support monk, so we can try to make some GR runs in the evenings. It is like a dream to think about wizz, monk & supp barb but still if there are anyone who is runing as monk...
  5. Thundernut

    EU Silvermoon BFA ready

    Hey guys; This is for EU PLAYERS ONLY Before BFA release we would like to know about people who are considering playing a character with us, so we know what class, spec and if you want to raid or just play casual. Firstly you best bet is to join us on silvermoon now as a casual anyway...
  6. trep

    Trep's Game Night for EU players

    Trep is hosting a game night Friday 12pm US EDT Join in on the fun on Discord :)
  7. M

    Diablo 3 - EU Server Chapter

    Hi all, i want to let you know, that there is getting a growd together which is playing on EU servers with EU times ; ) We don´t have one who is "responsible" for this, but it would be nice to have one who even takes care of gamenight events etc. (I´ll not, cause I´m traveling around the world...
  8. drynyn

    EU Looking for a Conan Exiles server

    I have had a ton of fun with this game the last two weeks, though public servers are a pain to get onto. Anyone here know of a good private server (EU preferably)? I am more into PvE then PvP but I am open to either.
  9. A

    Important: Eu Guild on Silvermoon

    To all those european players the play wow and don't have a home. Thundernut has started working with Order of Entropy on Silvermoon(EU) alliance. If you need a place to call home this will be it. They are currently working on mythic progression. I don't know exactly what they need but if you...
  10. Moonkhan

    EU Players

    Hi! If anyone on the EU server needs power leveling, bounties, speedfarming, items etc, add me: Moonkhan #2801 I'll try and help as much as I can. Also I'm a zMonk so we can push grifts if you want. The highest I've gotten up until now was solo Monk 89 and 94 2-man with a friend (Wizard)...
  11. AGenomeSoldier

    Possibility Of EU Game Night?

    The times and information from the weekly indicate that it's all going to be happening on the NA servers. Sunday would be the only arranged time that would suit EU players, but that's been marked as NA Non-Seasonal. I was wondering if any other EU players would be interested in playing at a...
  12. Loyalbdog

    EU SMITE Season 5 and the Impending Doom to come!

    Hi its Me |Fever| Loyalbdog and I am currently fresh off the block new to fever and I feel like I should throw my 2 pence in how the current situation of smite going forth into the long-awaited season 5 but the issue here is that for the last 2 patches (currently patch 4.22) there have been many...
  13. K

    EU The rating of our community

    Hey, everyone! I'm relatively new and I just wanted to ask for ratings. I'm sitting around 3300 SR. What is your rating? I'm playing around 8 pm CET, so if you want to duo please message me! Thanks for the replies, in advance :)
  14. Linessah

    Sunday Game Night!

    I will be hosting a game night in parallel to Sendain for our EU-server players! Join us for seasonal character fun on Sunday at 1:00PM EST. Activity will be decided by player vote at the start of the event.
  15. T

    EU Looking For A True Team!

    Hello, and my name is Quang Le or EpicnessGaming in LoL. I am looking for a serious team to be competitive with, either in ranked or in tournaments online. I am currently in Gold 5 and I am a mid / jungle main. But I can play as filler for any team.
  16. Kolew

    EU BNet Group For EU Players

    Hello guys, I saw that someone made a bnet group for the NA members of the clan, it seems like a pretty cool idea, so i just made an EU group on my own, if you want to join : . Hope we can get some EU players going in the group and maybe play some games...
  17. K

    EU Looking for some people to play with and have fun!

    If anybody wants to chill and play tell me your battlenet name and ill add you.
  18. KierenG

    EU I need your help!

    Hello all! I need EU Recruiters to help me build the EU HotS section into something magnificent. We already have a small, but solid base to use and now is our opportunity to expand on that. The work is not strenuous, and as a matter of fact the majority of it comes from giving off a good...
  19. ironWisp

    EU Looking For TEAM For TL Or Qm

    I'm serious and skilled player , Plat 5 Playing Support , Tank Or Some Assasin ironWisp#2242
  20. S

    Looking for a full squad EU

    I am looking for a fortnite battle royal EU full squad to play with,I am lvl 34 and 20 years old,add me on fortnite Seto_Kaiba96 and also add me on steam couse most of my communication is on steam kaiba963
  21. K

    EU looking for raid mates

    Hello i am new to the clan i see the clan has already raid time but it's 6 AM my time, so i am looking for ppl to do it in more friendly time to me, i can play from 12 AM GMT till 9 PM GMT mostly every day :joyous: edit: i am a lvl 181 hunter and i can bringe two friends with me. my Bnet is...
  22. F

    Hi all!! New member here :D!!

    Hi all fellow Diablo community memebers. My name is Michael and i just joined fever last night with D3 as my main game :D Looking for ward to see you server side and when EU clan is formed in joining you all there. Feel free to say hi anytime and drop in for a chat :D
  23. ArchaicLord

    EU season 12

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say. I cannot commit to an exact night each week. (work and family commits are very sporadic) But when I can, I will be willing to offer to run a party of 4 every evening I am available. I should generally be on anytime after 17:00-20:00H...
  24. Rem

    EU LF-Group PUBG

    I'm looking for a group of players to play some PUBG duos or squads with just playing for fun but we can also try to win. We can talk in Fever discord, I have mic. Comment on this thread or friend me on steam at Steam Community :: |Fever| Rem full disclosure for some reason which I think is...
  25. ironWisp

    EU Players

    you can add me list for QM or if you have good team I'm support , tank or some assasin ironWisp#2242