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  1. FASUufb

    Updates: Out Now - ESO - Ascending Tide DLC & Update 33

    The latest DLC and update for ESO, Ascending Tides & Update 33, are now live on PC. We will now have account wide achievements so don't forget to login on each of your characters to get their achievements logged to your account. See "Ascending Tides & Update 33" for more information.
  2. FASUufb


    Come and join us for the "Daedric War Celebration Event". The event run Thursday, January 20 at 10AM EST, and runs until Tuesday, February 1 at 10AM EST. There are many new items to include non-combat, skins, motifs as well as the ability to get 2 tickets a day for doing daily event. See...
  3. FASUufb

    News: ESO Plus Free Trial till Oct. 25th.

    For anyone that does not have ESO Plus "The ESO Plus Free Trial" is now active until Monday, Oct. 25th at 10am EDT. This is overlapping with the Explorer event so load up that craft bag while you can. Access the in game crown store, then ESO Plus tab, and you should see something to activate...
  4. FASUufb

    Event: The Bounties of Blackwood

    There is a new community event starting this this Thursday, September 30 at 10:00AM EDT, and it runs until Tuesday, October 12 at 10:00AM EDT. Explore Blackwood for community event prizes awarded at 33%, 66%, and 100% completion for exploring Blackwood and earning the achievement of Blackwood...
  5. FASUufb

    Event: Event Friday (8pm Eastern) - Additional ESO Event Night

    We are adding an additional ESO event night on Fridays starting 27 Aug. 2021. Looking for groups to do the new daily/weekly Endeavors, Dungeons (Public/Group), and Zone content such World Bosses, Delves, Shards, and Waypoints. When: Fridays Time: 8pm Eastern Host: FASUufb
  6. FASUufb

    Sale: ESO Sale During Quakecon 2021

    If you have ever thought about trying out Elder Scrolls online or need to get the latest chapters then there is no time like the present. ESO is running a huge sale during Quiakecon 2021. See the links below for full details. Sale Event...
  7. VALAK

    Event: If anyone needs a tank for dungeons lmk @jiinc

    im 207 cp love running dungs if anyone needs to grind gear im here to help let me know
  8. Hoyy

    ESO Player Roster

    ESO Roster Main Game: #Member nameLast activityDays InactiveRankPost Count7Cookie2018-04-194SMA104 4Dark_Praetor2018-04-230MJR72 5Hoyy2018-04-221VM614 2Kotaro2018-04-176PFC1 3Linessah2018-04-230LTG1701 6Picasio2018-04-1013PVT2 1ScarletTheRed2018-03-0549PFC5 8Shadronium2018-04-194PVT1 Alt...
  9. Linessah

    Guides: ESO Guide Index

    Until our section grows and we can get a Guides subforum, I figured an index of the guides posted in our forum would be a better way to keep things organized. Rather than having a plethora of stickies for guides about key areas of the game, an index would suffice and allow players to quickly...
  10. Dark_Praetor

    ESO Build Sites

    Here is a list of often updated sites where hard core players and streamers will post end-game viable builds: AlcastHQ Homepage - AlcastHQ
  11. Dark_Praetor

    ESO AddOns

    As of Morrowind these are the following AddOns I use to improve my UI, gameplay, QOL in ESO. These can all be found at Elder Scrolls Online AddOns AI Research Grid - Lets you track crafting across multiple characters on an account and see unlocks/progress Potion Maker - Shows all potion options...
  12. Menicejw86

    Just downloaded ESO

    Just downloaded ESO planning on just playing to get into the game, but I was just wondering if anyone had a suggestion on which builds are worth putting time into to play.
  13. BruC0Ndr

    Going back to ESO

    So i used to play this game alot back in the day on PS4, game is amazing, i played since Tamriel unlimited so i loved the game. i just think this is the right MMO right now to play. Especially with the Morrowind expansion in my opinion this MMO still alot of fun it plays really well...
  14. Ashe

    Best looking armor in your opinion?

    In your own opinion, what do you think is the best looking armor sets? If they are not complete sets, please list all the separate pieces. :love-struck: Cheers! ~Ashe
  15. Bubberducky

    Wishes For ESO

    miss leading name but im not hoping to get Eso my wishes for ESo is if i could get in to the game as much as i want too i seem to get in game start running to a quest and maybe do 1 or 2 quest and give up playing the systems in that game confuse me story lines what quest will take me where...
  16. A

    NA ESO PS4

    Anyone still play ESO on ps4? I'm only around lvl 20-22. Would be fun to play with a solid guild! Let me know! PSN: Giladon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Sithis

    Returning ESO Player since Steam Summer-Sale!

    I'm coming back to ESO since I got a new computer within the two years it has been since I first played the game. I was VR12 (when that was cap) running speed trials loaded with gear. Excited to see some changes that have happened since they canceled the subscription model, I do see that Crown...
  18. M

    ESO PC New Player looking for a group

    I just started my first character hoping to make a Siphon Nightblade, I also normally run 'errands' for teammates (running back to town for supplies so they can keep fighting) I have the imperial edition but am for the most part clueless as to which addons or tasks to prioritize Reply...
  19. SilentMike

    New ESO Guild

    I have a made a new guild if anyone is interested in playing just message me or comment on this post
  20. nightward

    for eso players

    had an email off eso for a contest thought i'd post it in here too i entered so if ur feeling alittle lucky try it got nothing to loose :)
  21. ThomMerlin

    HELP - Looking to Buy ESO but not sure if I should

    Hello ESO friends... I have played the ES series since Morrowind on Xbox platforms. I have never truly been into any MMO's as I didn't like the pay monthly model that WoW had. I do like the ES storyline and I wanted to give this a try but I wanted some input on a few things first. 1. I wanted...
  22. Jacob811

    News: ESO Player Housing Confirmed!

    Recently on Zenimax's ESO Livestream, It was said that player housing is happening(YAY) but it won't be told when it is being worked on. Hopefully it will be released within the year but it's very possible it won't, but if they do it right, it'll be worth the wait.
  23. humandragon

    Streaming ESO

    So in waiting for Season 4 of D3 I will be steaming ESO on my PS4 let me know how I am and if you wanna play with me Twitch
  24. humandragon

    Streaming ESO

    So in waiting for Season 4 of D3 I will be steaming ESO on my PS4 let me know how I am and if you wanna play with me Twitch
  25. Turt

    PS4 ESO

    Hey guys, I have dabbled in TESO and i liked it on pc but my computer never would run it right! I have it on PS4 now and I will strongly say that it has been a funner experience then on PC. Let me know if you have it on PS4 !! my ign is DrTurt !!! :D