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  1. Linessah

    Witch Doctor Set Dungeon

    Witch Doctor: Set Dungeons Index Jade Harvester Helltooth Harness Spirit of Arachyr Zunimassa's Haunt Introduction: This is a compendium of the Witch Doctor set dungeons, and some guides to get them done! If you have any tips or pointers, please leave them in a comment and I'll add...
  2. Gizmo256

    Immortal Kings Set Dungeon Mastery

    For you overachievers that want to work on your achievements, I wanted to share a really good site that shows mastering the Immortal Kings set dungeon. The build guide provided works well and there's a good layout of the dungeon provided so you know what you're getting into. The explanation of...
  3. Winterrose

    Dungeon Link

    Does anyone else play it on here?
  4. VileKnight

    Dungeon Preview: Cathedral of Eternal Night

    Blizzard posted a preview of the newest dungeon coming. Check out the Warcraft blog to see what you will be up against. Plenty of evil shenanigans to deal with! The full post can be found here.
  5. Felfizzle

    Guides: 7.1 - Return to Karazhan Quick Dungeon Guide

    Return to Karazhan is a Level 110 Dungeon located in Deadwind Pass, in the Eastern Kingdoms. The dungeon is available in Mythic difficulty only; there is no Mythic+. In order to access the dungeon, you must complete an attunement questline starting in Dalaran which involves several Mythic...
  6. hregiment

    Set Dungeon

    I am running a Multishot DH this season and cannot beat the Set Dungeon. The closest I have been able to come was two groups of 20. Is there a secret I am missing or information that could help me?
  7. W

    Event: Worggys Drunken Dungeon Run

    Event: Dungeons Date: 10-05-16 Start Time: 1900 CST End Time: 2100 CST 11H32DMW5LlXcP8zzDK1JHJc72sdZ8eH3M334NPs3LQg THE TIME FOR MY EVENTS HAVE BEEN ADJUSTED BY 1 HOUR TO AVOID THE DAILY RESET.
  8. Pudge Nubbins

    Event: Mythic/+ Dungeon runs... GAME NIGHT!

    Alright so it seems a decent amount of people wouldn't mind a Mythic dungeon game night. People seem to be okay with 800 ilevels so that i the requirement of this event. Day: Saturday, October 1st. Time: 9PM CST - Whenever we stop Post here what Class, item level, and spec
  9. Mordrius

    Dungeon Fighter Online - Steam Release

    Dungeon Fighter Online is a Korean hack 'n slash/beat-em-up RPG game made by Neople. A global server was released sometime last year by Neople themselves. The game has recently come out on Steam and it is a good time to try out and play the game. I believe people should give it a try as I have...
  10. W

    Event: Worggy's Mythic Dungeon Clear 08-17-16

    Hello all going to be running a mythic clear tomorrow 8/8 clear this norm takes 2 to 2 and half hours depending on group. I gave everyone a bit of wiggle room since many will be learning and or rusty. This stop time on this event is a hard stop regardless if were almost done or not will have to...
  11. Sir Erie

    Dungeon Defenders 2

    Does anyone here play Dungeon Defenders 2? I have been looking for others to join me in this.
  12. W

    Event: Worggy's Legion Dungeon Grind

    Hello all for about 4-5 years ive always hosted a dungeon grind event for new expansions. To sign up visit the below link make sure to read everything. If you cant stay awake that long dont sign up. If we have another WOD incident where servers arent stable then we will have to part ways and...
  13. Arilyssa

    Deep Dungeon - Palace of the Dead Preview

    In today's preview, players will catch a glimpse of the Deep Dungeon, a new type of encounter being introduced in patch 3.35. Starting from level 1, new players and veterans alike must band together and fight through a gauntlet of enemies and traps to reach the darkest depths of a subterranean...
  14. NobleLion

    Goodbye Dungeon Boss, hello DragonSoul

    I'm sick of Dungeon Boss and the limited ways of character development. So many other things are sub-par compared to another game DragonSoul. I'm enjoying DragonSoul right now, as it has more content to play compared to Dungeon Boss. Anyone else play DragonSoul?
  15. Arilyssa

    Deep Dungeon - Palace of the Dead Preview

    In today's preview, players will catch a glimpse of the Deep Dungeon, a new type of encounter being introduced in patch 3.35. Starting from level 1, new players and veterans alike must band together and fight through a gauntlet of enemies and traps to reach the darkest depths of a subterranean...
  16. Arilyssa

    Dungeon Preview (3.3)

    Patch 3.3 is just around the corner, and today we offer you a sneak peek at Sohr Khai and the hard mode of Hullbreaker Isle! New Dungeon Sohr Khai Majestic and forgotten, its existence unrecorded in the annals of man, a palace rests atop the clouds in the farthest reaches of the Churning...
  17. Ralic

    Hello fellow dungeon delvers and monster mashers

    Evening, Just popped in to say hello and introduce myself. So...Hello, my name is Ralic. I've been playing D3 for some time, and after five seasons of solo play thought to run with like minded people and see the inside of high level Grifts and live to write home about it. :) I usually...
  18. S

    How many of you guys would want to take part in a Dungeon & Dragon session?

    Answer the poll and I'll get back to you guys if this gets enough votes.
  19. ValarMorghul

    My Set Dungeon Experience, and Why I Think Everyone Should Try Them.

    Hello my fellow Diablo 3 pioneers! I have recently mastered all 24 Set Dungeons and would like to share my experience with you. Lets be honest, some of them are HARD. I admit that I spent over 3 hours on some of them. However, I really enjoyed playing all of the different classes and heroes...
  20. Muldred

    Set Dungeon Rewards

    Diablo III Set Dungeon rewards for Season 5: Non-mastery: Achievement: Basically Completely Completed Requires Completing Initial Kill Amount and 1 Primary Objective Green/Yellow Tyreal Wings Green Ascendant Class Pennants Mastery!!: Achievement: Jack of Some, Master of ALL...
  21. Muldred

    Set Dungeon Mastery Completed!!!!!!

    Thanks to jbo96, TMOE, LethalBacon, gandouf, XxReaperxX and any others that I cannot remember atm!!!
  22. Solnishka

    Draenor Dungeon Event

    Time to get that boosted Draenor rep if you are still trying to get to exalted with any of the factions! Also, completing the quest in your garrison awards an Iron Fleet chest containing a piece of normal HFC gear!! its a fast, easy way to snag a piece of gear for any toon lacking in that area...
  23. X

    Uliana Set Dungeon

    I'm having issues with the Uliana set dungeon. I've done it many many times and only a couple I was able to get the main objectives done. It's so hard to round up 21 mobs just to EP explode them. Has anyone done this dungeon yet? Do you have any advice?
  24. Faunic

    Easiest Wizard Set Dungeon

    What is the easiest wizard set dungeon? I've tried a few, but no luck on mastery. I've gotten the closest with the Tal Rasha dungeon, but I can't kill all the monsters in time-- even with an Aetherwalker.
  25. Plexx

    Elsword ( Free on Steam ) Dungeon Defender II

    Heeellloooooo and Good Morning Fever Family, Im Plexx or Thomas, :D Its always soo great waking up to a teamspeak full of gamers just wanting to game! what more can you ask for! Well ive been trying this 2D hack'n'slash game out on steam. At first i thought it was super simple and not really...